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Maud Pie Silhouette Wall

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Oof, wrong cutie mark! I saw your example in the comment below but I must say you are mistaken. A higher quality shot reveals it's actually Tom the rock…

The gem cutie mark was made by a random fan before there was enough quality to tell it was actually a rock. In addition, the toy you linked is made by Taobao, a chinese retailer which is rather questionable when it comes to some of their merch.
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Well, the toy is official as far as I can tell, even if the images of it initially came from Taobao.  Here's another photo from an eBay auction showing the gem-like mark.  There's also this official trading card with it too... I agree that the screenshot you linked is definitely Tom, but perhaps they retconned it to the gem mark afterward?
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It's unfortunate that we didn't get a straight answer from any of the show staff about it (and the question was asked, it just got a dodgy reply). Until this is cleared up, I'll just consider show canon to beat merch canon as it did in the past. After all, we got stuff like this with CMC's cutie marks being completely different than the actual things.
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It seems like there's a logical series of events here: when animating Maud's first appearance, the animators used the pre-existing Flash symbol for Tom, in lieu of there being any predetermined official mark.  Then the toy design team was tasked with making a Maud brushable, and Googles "maud pie cutie mark," where they end up finding the gem mark, and assuming that's it.  Enterplay follows suit, possibly referencing the toy or their own search.  You'd think Hasbro would have oversight at some point and say, "hey that isn't her mark," but it may be the case that there isn't an official mark for her - just what the animators decided to use vs what the toy makers did.

So, yup, that all boils down to show-canon vs merch-canon. :)  It'll be interesting to see if it's ever visible in the show again, and if they switch it out, or keep it Tom.
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Quite possibly, but in the end, we have two unreliable sources and one unreliable source that happens to be in the show. =P Until proven otherwise, I'd say show canon beats merch canon. Maybe somehow the finale will offer a glimpse at her rump somehow. One can only dream...
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Did you give her a cutie mark?
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Nope!  She's got one; it was briefly visible in an episode (…), and now it's on toys too (…) :)
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Ha, when i saw this picture, i immediately had to go google her cutie mark and found the same thing. i should have just scrolled down and read the comments...
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it's a rock...😔
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GASP! Beautiful rocks!
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I love the colours! Great art ♥
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This rocks!  Ba-dum-tssss.
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I love her hair. Great job SpaceKitty.
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One of my favorite silhouettes you've done. Nice job!
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