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Luna Silhouette Wall - White

Hi season 3! Will you be bringing me more Luna?

Also available in black:…

Here are some additional sizes that have been requested:

If you're looking for a particular size that's not available, feel free to leave a comment or note me.

See all silhouette pony walls here!
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This is simply gorgeous! What program did you use and how did you do it!
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Could I try to paint this? I won't post it on devaintart, it will just be fit practice and to hang in my room ^^
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Sure! If you'd like to post it too, please just link me in the description :)
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Your silhouettes are just mindblowing
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could i use this to make a mouse pad for my own use pretty please?
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We need a 9999x6249.375.
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I'm tempted to download all of these silhouettes and just have my desktop shuffle through them every ten seconds. Sooooo tempting...
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Heh, that's what I'm doing now XD
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Already done XD
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Any chance for a 1366x768 Version?
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I like how you did one with the silhouette and how she contrasts with all the details like her hair and background.

Plus, I"m using this work for my desktop background. :D
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love your mlp art work!
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I'm using this photo for a background of a song I made. I've made sure I credit you. If you have any problems let me know.
LoreaMStudios's avatar its awesomeee/ es asombroso xD. FavouriteS xDddd
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that's awesome 
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this is so awesome! it is faved and made my new desktop wallpaper
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Nice work <3
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