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Luna Silhouette Wall - Black

This design now available on shirts at WeLoveFine!…

Alternate background color; I like both.

Also available in white:…

On tumblr

Other sizes:

If you're looking for a particular size that's not available, feel free to leave a comment or note me.

Here is a large PNG with transparency; please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

See all silhouette pony walls here!
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Marlenatelep2Loader's avatar
Amazing computer wallpaper^^.

(Dell Inspiron).

(Screen He could smear *gimp 2*).

Bez nazwy by Marlenatelep2Loader  
Marlenatelep2Loader's avatar
Ahh Minecraft By Zyczu. Now i have probably purchase From sorry behind linked From Phone.
AngelForAdoption's avatar
These are Gorgeous, would you mind if I used some of them for my Decoupage project? 
Marlenatelep2Loader's avatar
For what?
You wrote it under the commentary.
AngelForAdoption's avatar
I would like to use these for decoupage. I am making a set of nesting jewellery boxes and need a celestia luna and nightmare moon
HarmonyBunny2021's avatar
I sure love to wear this; to signify myself as a pegasister.
LionpersonAnimatez's avatar
ahh this this is so cool!
ravenrobin123's avatar
amazing i love it :D
AstralFrankie's avatar
This is beautiful.  I saw this in a story and I had to click the source link.  I have to see what other pony stuff you got.
ABronyAccount's avatar
This has been my go-to desktop for years!
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Outstanding work!
jeymina's avatar
Absolutely insane :D
Love this wallpaper, thanks a lot to the artist :D
MLPAristiscCSketch's avatar
Totally awesome wallpaper =D
Blue-Molasses's avatar
I may be using this as inspiration to paint on my daughters bedroom wall.  <3 
Greenstorm33's avatar
 No exaggeration, this pic has been my desktop wallpaper for at least the past 2 years :)
YunaLovesMusic's avatar
can we get this as a very large wall scroll
UntitledSpy's avatar
This really cool! Absolutely amazing!
SambaNeko's avatar
Ugh, so lame. Usually thieves just repost it, but this one seems to have erased my URL and put their watermark on it. :/

Thank you for letting me know! :)
PariahLycan's avatar
No problem, and your work is lovely, btw :D
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
I love this shirt design! I'm glad the source, so I can use it as a wallpaper!
(I can't afford this and pay for books) Your wallpapers are awesome! =D
SambaNeko's avatar
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
*I'm glad I found the source

My pleasure =)
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