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King Sombra Silhouette Wall

This design now available on shirts at WeLoveFine!…

Ladies and gents, King Sombra! Eh, I feel fairly apathetic about him, what with his rather underdeveloped character. I like how he turned out though.

On tumblr

Other sizes:

Here is a large PNG with transparency; please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

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I noticed that this image is cut off from the image used on T-shirts (and many others).
Is there any way you can add the full art?

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Yup, just added a link in the description for the full-res PNG.
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Thank you, I love your wallpaper
Any way we could get a transparent background version of this guy? I just like seeing them as wallpaper on my desktop.
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Yup, just added it in the description!
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...Estableciendo conexión...
...Protocolo Sombra v1.9 iniciado...

...Transmitiendo información a ómnicos activos... 

...Terminando conexión...
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I really enjoy this kind of wallpapers! Great work as always :)
Can I use this one for a song on YouTube? I'd credit you and provide a link!
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Yup, go for it! Thanks for asking :D
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King Sombra is one of my favorite characters in mlp, but he is usually forgotten. Amazing wallpaper. ^_^

King Sombra (FEAR ME) 
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Is it just me or is he... missing a leg?
Now that I noticed it, I can't unsee it :(
Other than that it's an amazing wallpaper, just like your other ones!
SambaNeko's avatar appears so.  Or it's just perfectly aligned with his other back leg, such that you can't see it.
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I love the art style   
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I'm sad that there is not a wallpaper of Hoity Toitybut otherwise I am very happy that you got Shadow KingThat is my other favorite character. I will use as my wallpaper.
Are these your really cool wallpapers! I congratulate Apple bloom jumping 
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Thanks! :D  Hoity Toity, eh?  Anypony's possible. :]
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On a t-shirt, it will too class !
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Poor King Sombra, never really got the love he deserved. Even Sauron gets more love...
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I think the same
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