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Friendship is Magic: From Pillars to Ponyville

I've always wanted to try doing a large, sequential piece with abundant detail, so sometime last year I started sketching this out.  I was going loosely on significant events of Equestrian history starting from the Pillars, up until Twilight's fateful move to Ponyville.  While working on it, season 9 was confirmed to be FiM's last, and it took on a bit of a series tribute aspect as well.  FiM has been a source of fun, inspiration and artistic development! :D

This was fun to make - little by little over several months - while also being a test of endurance.  I'm generally happy with how it came out, though I feel that the Pillars' area is overly dense in comparison to the rest of it.  I started from the bottom, so this didn't really occur to me until much later.  I tried rearranging it to create more space, but was somewhat thwarted by having reached the canvas size limit in Illustrator! (I didn't know there was one; Adobe, why?)  Illustrator also started exhibiting some buggy behavior when the file got large.  So I decided it was finished!

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Individual sections:
The Pillars
Vs Discord
The Rise of Sombra
Nightmare Moon
The Mane 6
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I just like to say that this is a really amazing piece of artwork! I love each section that's part of it, especially the part with the Pillars battling the Sirens!! 10/10
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Oh my god, this is so good. I have such a lore-boner right now.
...and then, Kefka, er, I mean, Grogar!!
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Oh my goodness! This is massive! :wow:
This piece is absolutely stunning! :love:
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... wow. That is more epic than most church windows. Well frigging done.
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This is epic and amazing! I wish and hope you would sell this as a huge hanging banner at Bronycon.
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holy moly that's insane that you hit the Illustrator canvas size limit. Kudos this is amazing!!!
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Absolutely incredible!
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THis is like 10 wallpapers in 1.  That's insane!
Man that is so good. I saw a piece like this for Fallout Equestria, and I'd say this one does as good a job summing it up as that does. :D
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... just wow. That is incredible mate!
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That's simply amazing! Great job! 
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well done.
great piece, with so much character to it.  the transitions are wonderful.
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aahh this is so beautifully illustrated!! <33
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This seriously looks like a medieval tapestry.
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I am genuinely at a loss for word on how completely majestic this fine artwork is.
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This is pretty epic. 
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I would spend hours trying to make money just to buy this as a print or wall-scroll. This is marvelous!
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