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Fluttershy Silhouette Wall

"Yaaay~" Excited for Comic Con next weekend, where they'll most likely release some season 4 clips. :D
Moving along with the mane6, Pinkie is most likely going to be next.

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It is beautiful!

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Wow you made this in 2013! MLP is OLD WOW!
Maybe remake the main 6? since you have more experience now
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There will probably be some sea-pony mane 6...  And I still want to do a unicorn (not princess) Twilight, but I can't say if I'll redo the rest of the manes - still plenty of other ponies I haven't done yet! :)
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This is Awesome and beautiful. keep it up! :D
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How do you make these ;^;
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Well, I posted a tutorial (Silhouette Background in Illustrator - Tutorial) for how part of it is done :)
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Oh my, this is so beautiful!
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this is now my wall paper!!!
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I love these designs.. would you do such as commission with an OC? *_*;
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you make the best pony desktops by far

the palettes, the composition, it is all just right AND they don't interfere with icons AND they're not ruined by text

thank you
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Oh, it's so nice! :D
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Hi! Do you mind if I use this in my Fluttershy mod for Civilization V? I give you full credit.
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Sure!  Thanks for asking. :)
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Is it possible to commission you for one of these? I would love one of my OC
This is to awesome, to awesome. Is this clop ?
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I don't even... :iconfacehoofplz:
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...what?  No.
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have great imagination, that's very good ...
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