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Flutterbat Silhouette Wall

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OMG, this is soo awesome! Seriously your wallpapers are amazing! :happybounce: Clap 
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Awesome work! Flutterbat definitely deserved one of these :3 Especially in light of the new episode. That smile confirms that she's actually liking it!
Happy Nightmare Night to you too! :3
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Totally digging those colors dude!
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Oh yay! I love these vector walls and I love flutterbat.
I can't seem to get the bigger sizes to open though
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Hmm, which one's giving you trouble?  They seem alright for me... sometimes my webhost can be unreliable, could've been a temporary problem.
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i've tried most of them get connection timeouts. I seem to remember this happening before
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Happy Nightmare Night!  Great job!
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Your avatar matches ur comment XD
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I get told that a lot xD
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