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By SambaNeko
Not satisfied with the previous rendition, so I made music pones again.  Some experimentation and some familiar ground.  Download for 1920x1080; other resolutions available upon request.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

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I love your pony desktops and this one is no exception. Can you do 2880x1800 please?
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Oh, so you're one of those people who's like "99%?! WHAT?!" and then goes and changes it to like a 114% or something.
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Wow, great work!
I just found myself a new desktop background!
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Music time!!!!! Great music time!!!

Awesome work. Time to drop the bass!!! The one you want.
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Really love this. Nice job!
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Beautiful yet epic! I need this as my new computer background. :D
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1366x768 please, if that's possible. :)
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Thank you, happy holidays! :D
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2560x1440 please ^_^ epic work like always though the background on this one is a little more chaotic than usual.
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Indeed, more to the chaotic side this time; thanks :)
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