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Dr Hooves Silhouette Wall

I think I avoided him for awhile because I'm not part of that particular fandom, which made it vaguely intimidating...  But I like how he turned out.

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Whoops, 666 likes to 667 :) I love this art with a passion
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I thought it was Dr. Whooves and Derpy Hooves?
very cool!
the doctor is in!
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This is definitely my favourite of your silhouette walls.:) (Smile)  And if you don't mind, I used this in one necklace, that I made for myself.
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So, here it is:…
I still wish, you don't mind.
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Absolutely love this! :D Great job!
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Erh mah gerd its de docter!
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can you do Bulk Biceps? The albinos bodybuilder pony. please:happybounce: 
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For one who's not a fan of it, the fact that you added some Gallifrey writing is hugely appreciated!! :D
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It was suggested by someone who'd requested a Dr Hooves wall :)
So I found a translator app to help with the "lettering" :D
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Awesome! :D Thanks!
Oh that is top notch! All of your wallpapers are awesome, and this is no exception!
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You included some Circular Gallifreyan, nice! :thumbsup:
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Thank. YOU! XD
This- I got NO WORDS. This is Beautiful- and as a MEMBER of this particular fandom, I can whole-heartedly say that this is FANTASTIC! .....

.... *Cricket Noises* ....
... No one? Seriously? .... Eh- Never doing that again....

Anyway- this has been WELL worth the wait- thank you! This is AWESOME- so THANK YOU.
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I agree, this is FANTASTIC
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Yay! I remembered you'd been waiting on this one; glad he's up to snuff! :D
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really nice one^_^
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You never cease to amaze with these.
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If I turned this wallpaper upside down would time go backwards?

But wait, if time went backwards, then it would reverse me turning it upside down, but then time would go forwards again, and since I would have lost that memory that I never got, then I'd just turn it upside down again, and we'd be forever stuck in the loop!

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I'll go ahead and get the obligatory "It needs a Tardis" comment out of the way. 
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Was considering it, but added the blue colors into the palette instead.
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