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Daydream Shimmer Silhouette Wall

Sunset Shimmer's magical girl makeup from Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.  Deviating a bit from true “silhouettes” here to include costumes this time, and this one's left-aligned for Midnight Twi pairing.

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Blood Heck! That is awesome!

What kind of software do you use? How to do it? I am interesting to creating some wallpaper, though.

Great job!
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THIS IS SOO EPIC ! Iz mine wallpaper now !
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Put both your Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle wallpaper on both of my screen as so :

It works fine (thank you for making them facing different direction). Could be better if both of my screen are at same size or at least both of them are 16:9.

However, sorry but I'm not quite a huge fan of this pair and decided to switched back to my previous wallpaper set.
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How can I get you to make one of these for my oc?! *A *
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The coloring is just awesome!
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thank you so much for making a UHD version :) They are beautiful! 
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I'd like to see a combination of the two, for those of us that sadly don't have dual monitors
FlameRat-YehLon's avatar could be better if I have both of my monitor in same size and both in 16:9. 

Didn't keep this as my wallpaper though.
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This + the Twilight one + dual monitors = winning
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One of the best Daydream Shimmers on DA.
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That moment when you realise that you would like to see some artwork from SambaNeko. You know you want it. You think you are ready for it - believing you can handle it. Determined Emote 

Then she posts... And you find yourself lying on the floor, swept clean off your feet, and you tell yourself: "Wow, I was not ready for that." :o (Eek) 

Love these! Sparkle, Sparkle, Sunshine. :D (Big Grin) 
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Wonderful to see Sunny get this. Her angel form deserves the appreciation, and she herself, even more so. Thank you for applying your talent!
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