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Daybreaker Silhouette Wall

"We get it, you're sad." We finally get a Luna and Celestia episode, and it rocks! It was also amusing to see this particular character - that the fandom had already "created" a million times over - join the canon.

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I'm surprised you haven't put nightmare Moon and daybreaker together
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Very nice, but any chance we'll get an updated version of her in her normal appearance?
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I found you!
so attracted by your wallpaper artwork
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It was cool!
This is a beautiful wallpaper! Thanks for sharing it! :)
XxPrincessluna2007Xx's avatar
omg a daybreaker desktop background already holy shit!!!!
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Daybreaker is definitely my new favorite MLP villain.
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This wallpaper's fire! I'm on fire! 
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Can i use this for my desktop background ?
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I was wondering how you would do this design.  Heres how I came up with my own rendition. Nice to know we were thinking the same way with her mouth expression. Nice work once again!  Daybreaker Wallpaper Minimalist by Samoht-Lion  
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I saw this at We Love Fine and really thought it was SambaNeko . You emulated their style quite well.
Samoht-Lion's avatar
I know.  I hope that artist was not upset I did that.  
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Love it like super
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AMAZING! one of the best new characters to be canon in a LONG while
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Daybreaker in the show just seemed so ruthless and bad ass! 
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