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Cutie Mark Crusaders Silhouette Wall

For the first time, a combo silhouette wallpaper! My original intention was to make only one CMC wall, but as I was working on each pony, I enjoyed building up their individual characteristics and decided to give them each their own. But I still wanted to try the group version. :)

Yay or neigh?

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This is absolutely amazing! You wouldn't happen to have any speedpaint videos or WIP shots of these silhouette ponies you do, would you? The technique is gorgeous.
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I haven't made any videos so far... I tend to work in short bursts these days, so I'd probably end up with a ton of little clips to stitch together :)  I posted a couple of progress shots of the Rainbow Power ponies on my tumblr.
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Man - they are just absolutely gorgeous! So artistic and interesting. Really neat, seriously.
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Are we able to download to print on a canvas???? I would love to do this for my toddlers room. Love your art 💕
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Yup! Prints for personal use are okay by me :)
your awesome I know my lil girl will love the cutie mark crusaders for her room. =D
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You planning on updating this due to the recent episode?
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I plan on leaving the existing CMC ones as they are, and making some new ones to include recent developments. :)
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cool, Awesome, 

Great silhouette art Piece
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I wonder what this would look like on a multi-monitor setup.
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I like how the three Cutie Mark Crusaders silhouettes were all grouped together, I love it this way more than them being separate!=D
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Amazing as always miss kit
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This is awesome I'm using is as my desktop background 
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Ohh Yeah! This is awesome! :D

Great Work on this one. The combination of the three character's silhouettes are fantastic and I really like how the colors blend so nicely between them. You should try this combination of characters once again, sort by type or something like that. :D
An Excellent Work! Keep it up :#1:
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Adorable! set my background to it.
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These are always so lovely.  The minimalist style but with such amazing color work.  
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Great work with this composition! I love how you lead the viewer's eyes around the piece.

-Starting at Sweetie Belle due to highest contrast
-Following Sweetie Belle's horn over to Scootaloo
-And following Scootaloo's near hind leg and wing designs over to Applebloom
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BEAUTIFUL!!! :love: 
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