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Chrysalis Silhouette Wall

"That pony with the holes in its legs." - my special somepony

I somewhat consider this series as an ongoing experiment in color theory.

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Here is a large PNG with transparency; please mind the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License terms (no commercial usage; no derivative works; personal usage is okay; sharing with credit is okay).

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Wow... I’m speechless

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I favorited all of them because of the colors and designs :)
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Luv queen chrysalis  and  this is a really cool pic good job :3
Fluffle Puff? To go with this?
SambaNeko's avatar
Fluffle Puff doesn't have much of a shape to work with, heh ^^;  Might be fun tho, if I venture into OCs.
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its so Awesome !!!! your really good
these are devastatingly good i mean just look at them their amazing!!!! these beauties could be made as posters or covers to lauren faust's book these re incredidable great no execellent job!!!!
 your welcome!!!!!
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Your works are awesome!!!
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OHHHHHHHHHH THESE ARE ALL SO COOL! I love how the background's are for each pony!!!
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None of the good wallpapers come in the right size for my screen, some of the lovely art is always cut off.
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What size are you looking for? :)
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Though, the smallest size you have here works alright.
I just saw your art in WLF's Vilains Design Contest, but it is written that some Samba Neko designed it. Is that you ? I truly hope so ! I gave it a 5 out of 5 :)
I wish all your designs were on WLF because I want them all !
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Yup, sambaneko is my other alias. :) And thanks! :D
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I absolutely love everything about this piece.
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O M G!!!!!!! this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant get over how amazing this it, you did an amazing job
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