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Cadance Silhouette Wall

Pink princess pony. I like Cadance (especially as a Shining Armor-propelled rocket), even if her design just screams "girl toy pony."

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Beautiful!  Thanks to you for my new desktop image.  :)
I want this on a shirt SO BAD. Would buy it on the spot.
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And now, a wallpaper for best Princess!
Mistress-of-Nochs's avatar
GORGEOUS! I love this =w=
rds98's avatar
So can I use it.
rds98's avatar
I want to ask. I am a fimfiction writer, and I was hoping to use your silhouette as part of the cover I am creating. 
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I saw Carbon Maestros new song and I saw your art. I had to see who made this masterpiece. :clap: Good job, this looks spectacular! :D
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar
omg these are amazing and beautiful!
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I want THIS one on a shirt darnit!
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Tell WeLoveFine you'd like it on a shirt: :)  If they get enough interest, they might do it!
Oriwhitedeer's avatar
I may have to. As of late the designs that have been winning the contests haven't really appealed to me (not to be a suck up but your Luna was one of my 5's so I'm greatful it won :) ) so I'll add it to the list lol.
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'Tis a beautiful piece!
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These designs you come up with are truly something to behold. I love them! Excellent work again!
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What software did you use to make this? I love it.
SambaNeko's avatar
Adobe Illustrator CS6. And thanks! :)
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Just went on a faving spree - I hope you don't mind! I just loved all of them!
SambaNeko's avatar
Who would mind a faving spree? Thanks! :D
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