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Oc´s Request please??
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May I request Tirek and/or Starlight Glimmer?
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Tirek's on my list!  I'll probably wait at least until the end of season 5 for Starlight...
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These are so cute and creative! ;w; I was wondering if you had made one for Button Mash by chance?
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Have not made a Button Mash one yet.  I've been a little reluctant on Button since he's kind of an OC (design is from the show, but majority of his personality is OC by JanAnimations).  The show kind of re-asserted his canon status by featuring him in the Slice of Life episode though, so I can probably add him to the list. :)
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Gods be praised, another Big Mac wallpaper!
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Just perfect! Now i must find a way to use it!
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Yay finally! I've been waiting for this one :)
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It's so beautiful.
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