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Applejack Silhouette Wall

Poor Applejack. I've had this in a near-finished state for a long time now, but felt that the color scheme and design were lacking. Then I moved on to some other pieces, and AJ got a little lost.

Decided I should finish it before moving on again, so here she is! I'm still feeling a little unsure about it...

Edit: modified facial curvature; thanks for feedback!

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May I use it as a wallpaper, please?
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Yup! Please do :)
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i'm happy to know that this is also the desktop wallpaper of JHaller :)
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This looks applelicious! Awesome job!
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Hi, can i use this picture on my mug? - I need your permission :) - its awesome!
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Yes, go for it! :)
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That look so cool! I love it! :happybounce: Love Request- Free Applejack icon (2) Request- Free Applejack icon 
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This one's my personal favorite!
Awesome work!
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Super awesome!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Request- Free Applejack icon Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack 
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i love your art!!!!
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Ooh, pretty! I love it! :D
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Used on my chrome theme
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Absolutely gorgeous! You have done justice to best pony :D
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Beautiful! May I use this as a title card for a youtube music piece I wrote?
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Sure!  If you could link back to my DA, I'd appreciate it. :)
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Love the colors perfect for the fall
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I should have faved this one earlier. I like these type of wallpapers they don't overdo it, continue these please!
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