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I've been playing some Ultimate MvC3; equip rosary, begin spamming! Ha... I'm not good at fighting games.
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OHMYGERD OKAMI!! *fangirl scream*
But seriously.. There should be more fanart for this game :D
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Shiranui! My gosh there isn't enough Okami art!
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Indeed!  I joined the OkamiGroup to see more :D
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Freaking beautiful. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the game, but either way, You have some truly fantastic (vector?) artwork.
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Beautiful job on the colours !!
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We need more Okami like stuff.
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Gorgeous, your shading is amazing. I love all the colors you painted on the sword and flames. :love:
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cool pic thanks :)
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Great Amy pic ^^, i use rosary a lot on the MvC3, even though i hated on the original game haha
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You may not be the ultimate fighting-game player, but you're awesome with vector work! :squee:
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Awesome work!
Okami is such a good game :3
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Amaterasu is by far my favorite character to play in MvC3, and not just because Okami might be my favorite game of all time.

Great colors here!
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I like her versatility and quickness, and most of her combos aren't too hard to execute (for me).
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I love that you can crouch and avoid a lot of stuff other characters have to work around. Her combos, minus a few midair weapon switch things, aren't too hard on the hands.

Issun must be napping, doesn't seem to be any sign of that loudmouthed pipsqueak
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Heh, I never include Issun... I don't like him. :P
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