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Also available in Womens' fit!
And will be appearing in the upcoming MLP art book, The Art of Equestria! :D :D

I initially sketched this one in Photoshop, with the aid of the canvas rotation tool; then I brought it into Illustrator, which has no such option, ugh. ~_~  So it was vectored in quadrants with each section rotated upright, then combined.

Rarity is enhancing the fabulosity of Tiberius, Luna's pet possum in the comics.  Derpy is "bucking bolts" - in reference to Amy Keating Rogers' early script version of The Last Roundup. :)

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This is absolutely lovely, really well done! I love the little details like Rarity smiling as she adjusts Tiberius' little bowtie, while Luna prances ahead, or the way Rainbow is looking back in shock at Derpy's oblivious.... -ness.