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Hi there! I'm a web developer and hobbyist artist! I love design, animation and games. I usually work in vectors, and I've been doing a lot of MLP: FiM art recently.

You can also find me and my work on my personal site, tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint
Hi all! I know I've been a bit dead on DA lately - I've been dealing with a few time-consuming and stressful things in life, but it's starting to calm down so maybe I can get back to art'ing soon. MLP may have ended, but I'm not done with MLP art! And I'm delighted to announce that my Autumn Blaze art is now available on officially licensed apparel over at For Fans By Fans! Use coupon code MLP15 to get 15% off MLP merch until Nov 1st, or use code FANOFMINE for 15% off site wide.
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Season's Greetings, all!  Since I'm utterly terrible at replying to notes/comments/carrier pigeons/etc, and it looks like my last FAQ post was in 2014 (yikes), I wanted to post a couple of FAQs! Q: Do you take commissions? A: Generally not :(  I'm not a full-time artist, so my art time is pretty limited, and I don't feel like I could fulfill commissions in a timely manner.  If things change and I've got more time for it someday, I'll definitely make an announcement. Q: Can I use your art for ____? A: If it's for personal use, yes!  Please credit me, and include a link back to one of my sites (DA, tumblr, twitter, FB, or
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Hi all! I'm back from a vacation you probably didn't know I was on!  Still kinda recovering from jet lag and getting myself organized at home, but wanted to point over to For Fans By Fans' Black Friday Sale: 25% off site wide, use promo code "BLACKFR...
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les dessins eeveelution que tu à fait sont excellent, beau travail ^^


About 8 years ago now I was a huge brony. I had so many of your backgrounds on constant rotation. It was my first introduction to the minimalist vector art style that I have come to love. Thank you for sharing your work, you inspired me to do the same :heart:

That is wonderful! ^^

Honestly your silhouettes are beautiful and displays each characters really well ^^ Hope your not too bogged with suggestions, but I would suggest doing the flower ponies Roseluck, Lily and Daisy if it isn't too much trouble.

I was searching some MLP on amazon and I found a mousepad but I recognized your art, not sure if is art theft or not. I link here or via private chat?? ;^;

That'd be art theft. If it's still up, private message is better; Amazon's awful about responding to this sort of thing tho -_-;

Sent a note, tell me if it worked! ;o;

And yes you're right, I've seen some are art theft on Amazon, mostly on poster and puzzles, yikes...