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Adam and Eve

Here's the summary... God creates Adam, but concludes that "it is not good for him to be alone..." for the first time in creation, God is dissatisfied. However, we see God's patience and respect for Adam, in that He doesn't address the problem immediately. What does He do?

He gives Adam a job: They must catalogue and name all the animals. As Adam goes about this gargantuan task (there were more animals back then!), he notices that, while the other creatures in the garden pair for mating, "no suitable mate could be found for him..."

Now, God and Adam are on the same page! Only then does God put Adam to sleep and get to the business of creating his mate...

whew! so this is that fateful moment, just as Adam is waking up...
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very creative guy
nicely done, and accurate. lol ur right, micheangelo used his uncle as the model for Jesus.
technicaly adam and eve would have been black because black people have the genotypes to create many variations. thats y there can be so many different races today.
kudos bro
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thanks, Fam!
glad you liked it!
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absolutely beautiful piece.
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What kind of paints do you use? I love the brush strokes in this. :nod:
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i am cheap. these are those big, giant tubes of acrylic paint you can get at el-cheapo arts and craft stores like "michael's", "hobby lobby" or the now-defunct "mj Designs"... the pink is a liquid acrylic. i always buy the cheapest white, black and primaries, and splurge on cool wierd colors...

i will check the brand-names when i get home (i am laptoppin' it right now...)

i generally use my colors right outta the tube, rarely mixing them... but i do use mediums. on this i used a medium mixed with a silicate (glass) for the shiny/grainy parts, sometimes applied to the canvas under the paint, sometimes on top, sometimes mixed on my pallette (aka paper plate!)

i paint with brushes a little. most of the paint is scraped on with plastic or wooden spatulas. i like the way it goes on... feels good to paint with!
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Ah, so you like the "paint knife" method as opposed to brush. :nod:
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yeah! that's the word for it...
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fabulas work man! VERY well done! i'm working on a creation of eve at the moment as well. i understand what your saying about painting your figures in your same race, after all, that's what we're most familiar with usually,,,ourselves... :shrug: i bet devinci (& more than a few others of his time) had a blast hiring local prostitutes to sit in as models while they turned them into famous saints! :lol:
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word... that's what i'm sayin'!
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This is gorgeous, amzing colours and vibrancy... I love the way this angelic glow of pinkish white, seems to radiate out of Adam's face as he awakes... This moment is made special by a sudden burst of light, and you've really painted a burst too I think, lovely textures, they really explode - and I think that's what creates this spontaneous event more special... This technique is quite like a typical Byzantine mosaic almost, but instead of the customary gold strip to indicate the "Holy ones", you've created another light above them. And it's right out of Adam's forehead too - as if he has been "enlightened". You've captured Adam's weariness too brilliantly, the moment he wakes up - very well captured. And also Eve's love and care... Most of all - and what initially attracted me to this, is the movement and texture of the image. Everything is moving, and that helps a lot when dealing with a "scene" I think... Adds more life and story to it.

Proper diamond this, bloody good... Thanks for sharing it!
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thanks for the analysis, ajf!
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it's really great how you changed the skin colours..I'm not some racial ranter or anything but I appreciat how there's a diverce skin tone cuz I the versions of adam and eve it's pale white skin. I'm not exactly religious at all but I appreciated the little history.
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i took a medieval art course, and i noticed that the artists were more concerned with communicating with their peers than being "accurate"...
so i don't even sweat it. i do a lotta biblical pieces, and i just portray them however i want, and since i'm black...
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what do you mean since you're black?
you don't need to be a certain race to appreciate culture and divercity.
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the continuation of that elipse is "since i'm black, i make the characters black." just like da vinci probably used one of his neighbors to portray jesus, instead of wearing himself out trying to be accurate.

it's fairly obvious to me that one needn't be black to enjoy my work, anymore than i have to japanese to enjoy gundam wing...
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thanks! stay tuned... more to come...
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