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ROOAAAAA T_T.... one more.... i began this character one month ago... A lot of questions and problems for close it.
New technic for me on hairs, and use some opacity... more information on this [link]
Antiegoist is the CharaDesigner, you can see 2D work on this [link] and thank for him to accept my 3D request.
I'll do maybe one more in next months... but next should be a Dara's character....
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Et la fille elle est ou ???
Cherry-Kun's avatar
OMG!!!!!! this one is veeeeeeery cool dude!!!!!

sweet job!!!
Rush-'s avatar
true professional grade material! and such a cool design.
Kientero's avatar
ooo.... lots of details. *drools* XD
Love the new technique you did with the hair. It will look more real when the wind is hitting it. *nod-nod* :D

:+fav:io! XP
kurocrash's avatar
the model & textures on this kick butt! i think i saw this somewhere else other than deviantart, maybe cgtalk? but i liked it on there & i like it here! great work

samavan's avatar
Nop, only post on my DA and 2 other french page.
Ammotu's avatar
wow, amazingly awesome work. Great job modeling and texturing such a detailed character. It's positively brilliant work!
Ke--Y's avatar
really nicely done model, it has a very close resemblance to the original concept art. Very nice poly count too, Great Job! :+fav
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Thanks all for comments!!
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this is awsome work Im still learning and onw day I want build my charchters like you I llove your style your great if u are kind visit this link and tell me, am I far away ??? [link]
I would be honoured if u visit this pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase :)
Calined's avatar
omg soooooooooooo much details o.o
i think a bit too much .,.
Bal-Bafu's avatar
Tres sympa, bon boulot sur le skin. =)
BrokenWindmill's avatar
it looks super good, and its a great 1:1 copy of the artwork :)
I like your style a lot, and the poly-count is really good for this model too, with all this details.
*both thumbs up*
gungrave515's avatar
that really good
it seems better then the rest of your 3d work
somehow you got better
the graphics are more
ps2 or gamecubeish
nice job none the less
JaiBiz's avatar
dammmmn.. bravo! sick character design!!!
i like those boots yo! nice spurs!!! word!!!
that sniper rifle... can i borrow it? just for a little while?? plzz
hehehehehe.. j.k.
Augh's avatar
Still loving your style man, and the gif previews muhaha.

Rawk. Another +fav ^_^
MediaViolence's avatar
Very very cool design and wonderful rendering! Your 3D characters always impress me so much!
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