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Quad Damage

Quake 3 fan art
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Love the strokes and the industrial backdrop.
I haven't played Quake 3, but he sure looks like Duke. Awesome work.
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Captured the mood perfectly...!
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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Woah you made him look like Mickey Rourke. Totaly..
Prospass's avatar
Haha, that's badass!

Nice work :)
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Oh my god. I looooove this. :heart:
VyCMaN313's avatar
Great... i want to see visor or slash
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Nice stuff dude great job on the rocket launcher!
Samarskiy's avatar
It was real fun to work on this piece.
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Damn man, thats badass! More quake 3 art!
M0nk3m4n's avatar
Holy hell! I keep finding kickass Q3 arts lately! This is EXCELLENT!!
Tyger18's avatar
Someone is a Quake player lol :)
kheng's avatar
Ah the memories, i remember back in highschool LANning the Quake 3 demo like one map for 8 hrs :D
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outstanding =D i loved that game, the character and all the gore, which you visualised pretty well =D
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"Let's see them stealth field out of this one...Heh, heh, heh."

Ye old Quake, I loved the random skins people made for it.
CuFtaMaSter's avatar
da cigar is a fine touch :XD:
Artelfic's avatar
Impressive, mate!
DeathLink6-0's avatar

Great work!
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