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General Iroh: Mulan
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Published: August 17, 2012
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not even a single panel or part of the piece.. EVER...




Just read the "About The Art" part and the three paragraphs below and then skip everything else if you like.. I made sure ALL your questions and assumptions will be made clear :)
[I understand the info is very long, it is because I also inserted a fairly short caption-summary version of the story to go with the art. Without the summary, this should've been shorter. Don't worry, I won't require you to read the story (srsly)]

Important Notice:
I do not intend to offend anyone through this piece or whatsoever. I'm just trying to have fun with this. If there is anything canon from the respective series which contradicts such as events, ships, personalities, characteristsics or features, it is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL The PnFxTT concepts doesn't entirely prioritize what is canon but rather make things go south with twisted and unexpected get ups to achieve possible maximum humor. So please I'm just politely asking you guys to enjoy the piece without bad thoughts... Keep Calm... :D

This is a concept within the PnFxTT crossovers. Unfortunately, I WILL NOT take any suggestions of switches aside from Phineas and Ferb and Teen Titans. If I ever choose to make crossovers that involve other fandoms, it is because I do them in my own will and not because it was a request.. If you have your own opinion of how to switch them, there's no need to tell me, take it as your own idea and draw it as you please...

But if you were thinking of Phineas and Ferb vs. Teen Titans switches, there's always a complete list of other different switches I made right below the part I want you to read...
I may not take (insert-other-fandomXinsert-another-other-fandom) Vs. PnFxTT switches, but if you want to request or suggest to me your desired Phineas and Ferb Vs. Teen Titans switch, please double check what's been already finished because your suggested switch might have been already done... but if not, please do not hesitate to share suggestions for the PnFxTT's improvement by posting a comment on Slade's Fabulous Corner :D

yep... let's get the scarring started :evillaugh:
... Well.. I think my crossovers may have gone a little too far... <hides in the corner>
"Unable to pass as an honor student in the Republic City University, while his parents go to the dentist, Iroh Jr. attempts to maintain his grandfather Zuko's honor as he takes his grandmother Mai's place as a Kyoshi warrior to fight the war against the Equa-Huns who are planning to rid of Emperor Tenzin's airbending, and soon, of the world... But everything changed when ASDFGHJKL.. attacked."


(the most informal way possible to tell a story)
(Most scenes from the movie are shortened or not mentioned to keep the art description as short as possible. Rely on your imagination)
(unless you're healthy and stable enough to handle damaging plot twists and nonsense, just look at the picture and DO NOT read this section)
Once upon a time in a Fire Nation villa in Republic City...
<Iroh starts his day drinking tea in bed while writing cheat notes on his arm for the honors' class exams of the Republic City University. Afterwards, he gets up and looks for Little Pabu. He ties a rod on the ferret with crackers dangling to chase. A sack of feeds was also tied behind Pabu to feed the turtle ducks>

<Meanwhile, in the ancestral shrine, the old Zuko prays to the ancestors>
Zuko: "HOOOOOOONOOOOOORRRRR-able fatherlord, while my daughter and her no good husband are at the dentist, please help my grandson Iroh impress the principal today...."
<Little Pabu runs around the retired Firelord, leaving traces of the feeds. The ducks surround Zuko>
Zuko: "Please.... pleeeeeeease help him."

<Eventually, Iroh finally arrives at the shopping mall where Mai is waiting with her daughter's "uncle-in-law" Sokka, who bought a "lucky" cricket named Bolin>
<Sokka drags Mai and her grandson to shopping before the exams>
<Soon, Iroh makes it in time for his test, now looking like some smart scholar with all the items Sokka bought for him. The boy also brings Bolin with him for luck>
<while the exams were ongoing, Bolin escapes his cage and causes mayhem. Iroh tries to take the cricket back, eventually making the situation worse, getting him kicked out of the examination room>

<the principal storms out of the room with weird inked facial hair and burnt pants, kicking out Iroh>
Principal Doorman: "You are a disgrace! You may look like a hottie, but you will never be a part of the class of honor!"

<Iroh comes back home>
:new:<singing to his despair>
Iroh: "Look at me, I will never pass for the honors' class
Or a future Fire Lord
Can it be I'm not meant to be that smart?
Now I see that if I were to cheat for the exams
I'll be worse than smelly fart
Who is that boy I see,
Looking hot? Oh, it's me
Why is my reflection someone I don't know?
Somehow I cannot hide my cheat notes, though I tried
When will my reflection show honor I desire?
When will my reflection show honor I desire?"

<Zuko, upon hearing the sad news>
Zuko: "That's rough, buddy."

<Later, Counselor Tarrlok comes to the neighborhood to announce that daughters are needed to be recruited as Kyoshi warriors to fight the war against Amon's anti-bending revolution. He also mentions that they need the retired Firelord to accompany them as an ally in the war and Mai to be a Kyoshi warrior again despite of the fact that she was only pretending those days>
<Sokka freaks out because he wasn't invited>

<Although old and retired, Zuko accepts the request>
Zuko: "I am ready to protect the emperor."
Iroh: <interrupts> "Gramps! You can't go!"
Zuko: "Junior!"
Iroh: <to Tarrlok> "Please, sir. My grandfather blaarrgghaallaarghh —"
Tarrlok: "Silence! You should hold your tongue in a counselor's presence."
<Iroh shuts up>

<later that night, the family had dinner. It was silent and all that can be heard was Sokka slurping his Flameo noodles>
<No one knows why Sokka had his dinner there>

<Iroh throws his teacup on the floor like Thor and shouts at his grandfather>
Iroh: "You shouldn't have to go! There are plenty of young people to fight for the four nations"
Zuko: "It is an... HOOONOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRR-uh... to protect the rights of bending and my family."
Iroh: "So, you'll DIE for honor."
Zuko: "It sounds awesome the way you say it.."
Iroh: "But if you —"
Zuko: "I KNOW MY PLACE! It is time you learned yours."
<Iroh walks out pwned>

<Iroh stays out all night until it rained. Before the dawn came, he decides that he will take his grandmother's place as a Kyoshi warrior and redeem his honor for his grandfather's well being>
<Iroh dresses up as a Kyoshi warrior complete with the armor and make up. He brings his grandfather's dao swords with him... and also some cantaloupes for spare "breast implants">

<Mai catches her grandson about to leave>
Mai: <dryly> "... just take the polar bear... dog"
<Iroh freely runs off with Naga>

<With Sokka's... intuition, he senses that Iroh is gone. Zuko tries to run after his grandson but it was too late, so he argues with his wife for letting his grandson go>
Mai: "YEAH..."
Zuko: "WHAT?!"
Mai: "YEAH!!!"
Sokka: <pops in the conversation> "Did you say chocolate?.. CHOCOLAAAAATE! CHOCOLAAAAAAATTEE!!!! GIANT... FRIENDLY ...CHOCOLAAAAAAATE!!!!!!"

<While the three maniacally fangirl over chocolates, Roku's spirit appear in the ancestral shrine. He awakens Mako the Dragon>
<Mako awakens the spirits of the ancestors, dead relatives and fandom resting in the shrine>
(that's right, we are all gonna be part of this scheme)

<the spirits argue about Iroh's dishonor and how to get him back home before bad things happen>
Roku: "We must send the most powerful of all."
Mako: "Okay, okay. I'll get the moped. I'll go."
<everyone in the shrine laughs... including you>
Mako: "Oh, you people don't think I can do it?"
Roku: "You had your chance to protect our family."
Gran-gran Azula: "Your misguidance led Lu Ten to disaster!"
Lu Ten: <holding his severed head> "Yeah... thanks a lot."

<after a few arguments, the fandom agrees that the Great West Dragon must do the task. Mako is commanded to awaken the spirit, accidentally causing the statue to crumble down during the process>

<Roku thinks the Dragon of the West is awake>
Roku: "Great West Dragon, have you awakened?"
Mako: <holding up Iroh Sr.'s stone head, imitating his way of speaking> "Uh-uh... Yes, I just woke up. I... I'm the Great West Dragon. Good morning! I will go forth and fetch some tea.... and Junior as well..."
Roku: "Go! The fate of our family rests on your breath."
Mako: "Don't even worry about it. Little soldier boy's gonna march right back hoooome..."
<Mako trips and falls>

<Mako is now scared of the ancestors going to kill him for what happened. Bolin comes to him and suggests he should go fetch Iroh Jr. himself.>
<Suddenly, Mako comes up with a new plan, to help Iroh become a great Kyoshi warrior so he can redeem both their honor>
<Bolin insists he's lucky and he should come with Mako in his quest. Mako agrees and they leave>
<Eventually, the two catch up with Iroh who was practicing how to act like a girl while Naga watched>

<Mako introduces himself as Iroh's guardian sent by his ancestors>
Iroh: "My ancestors sent a little Pokemon to help me?"
Mako: "Hey! Dragon. "Draaaahh-goooohn", not Pokemon. I don't go with that 'I CHOOSE YOU' thing....."

<After getting to know each other, they enter the Kyoshi warrior recruits' camp>
<because of Mako's misguidance, Iroh comes to a rough start, unintentionally starting a fight with a few of the recruits, Korra, Ikki and Jinora>
<after a few punches and teasing, a girl riot starts>
<Counselor Tarrlok, General Lin Bei Fong and her adoptive daughter, Commander Asami Shang, come out of the tent after discussing plans for the war against the Equa-Huns. They see the camp is all messed up and the girls were fighting>
<While General Bei Fong and her metalbending army leave ahead for the mission, Asami calms the girls down and everyone blames Iroh for starting the fuss>

<confronts Iroh>
Asami: "What's your name?"
Iroh: <talking in a girly voice> "Uh, yeah.. I've got a name. Ha! And it's a girl's name, too."
Mako: <hiding under Iroh's collar, whispering> "Ikki, how 'bout Ikki?"
Iroh: <looking at Ikki> "Her name is Ikki."
Asami: "I didn't ask for her name. I asked for yours."
Mako: "Try, uh... Ah-hah!... Ku."
Iroh: "Ha Ku."
Asami: "Ha Ku?"
Mako: "-na matata! What a wonderful phrase... LOOOL"
Iroh: <a little pissed off> "Ariel"
Asami: "Ariel?"
Mako: "Did you just call me Ariel?"
Iroh: "No."
Asami: "Then what is it?"
Iroh: "It's Beyonce Timberlake"
Asami: "Beyonce Timberlake?"
Iroh: "Yeah, my name is Beyonce Timberlake"
Asami: "Let me see your conscription notice..." <reads Iroh's notice> "Zuko? The great Zuzu?"
Tarrlok: "I didn't know Zuko had a granddaughter!"
Iroh: "Teehee... he doesn't talk about me much."
<Iroh tries to hair flip, but fails... So he tries whipping his hair back and forth>
Tarrlok: "I can see why. The girl is an absolute lunatic."
<other Kyoshi warrior recruits laugh in the background>

<Asami commands the recruits to clean up the mess and that their training begins tomorrow. From then, Korra and Ikki make Iroh's days miserable; Jinora reluctantly goes along>

<next day, they start training, Asami sings to their training progress with an awesome montage>
<click here for the parody song>
Asami: "Let's get down to business to beat 'Equa-buns'
Honored brilliant daughters, we don't ask for sons
You're the saddest chicks I ever met
But you can bet before we're through
Honey, I'll make a girl out of you

Armor, green as forests
Wearing paint on skin
True Kyoshi warriors
Are real tough within
Wash your hands after using restrooms
Or I will dishonor you
And your cow for the girl not in you"

Jinora: "Wish I was reading books instead"
Korra: "Should've worked on my airbending"
Ikki: "I will run away, change my name to Pablo"
Mako: "This girl's got 'em scared to death"
Iroh: "Hope she doesn't see right through me"
Jinora: "If this ends bad, jump into a volcano"

Kyoshi warriors: "Be a girl"
Asami: "You must be classy like your eyeliner"
Kyoshi warriors: "Be a girl"
Asami: "With all the mad skills a dude can't do"
Kyoshi warriors: "Be a girl"
Asami: "With your foes' blood and some facial powder
Mysterious as the mustache of Haru

Don't drink from the cactus
Till Amon arrives
Use Kyoshi's lip gloss
And you might survive"
<to Iroh> "Girl, you do not have what it takes to
Run the world, dishonor you..
How could I make a girl out of you?"

<after the awesome music video, Jinora, Ikki and Korra are now friends with Iroh>

<Soon, Iroh begins to fall in love with his commander>
Iroh: "'For what it's worth, I think you're a great captain', I whispered, as I watched her curvaceous body, graceful as she walks out of her tent."
Mako: "Yeah, right, sure. GO TO YOUR TENT!"

<poop happens and they go travel to General Bei Fong's location. Along the way, the warriors motivate themselves by thinking about a man worth fighting for>
<Passing through rice fields, the farmers take notice of the warriors>

<a farmer notices "Beyonce Timberlake" and attempts to flirt>
Tahno: "You know.... I can give you some private lessons.."
<Iroh gets scarred and hurries away from the farmer>
<Korra randomly throws a chair, aiming at Tahno's face>

<in the end of their journey they find General Bei Fong's location burnt down and there was no sign of survivors. Bei Fong died along with her army. Despite of the heartbreaking loss, Commander Asami and her army continue their journey to Emperor Tenzin's Imperial Temple>

<along the way, the Equa-Huns ambush the warriors>
<more poop happens and with Iroh's quick thinking, he runs towards Amon's way and firebends an enormous flame to a mountain nearby, causing an avalanche. Amon is displeased of Iroh's action and attempts to strike him with his sword. The hero gets away but hurt. Naga runs to the boy to save him>

<Snow was burying the Equa-Huns. Mako attempts to search for Iroh while penguin sledding through the snow>
Mako: "IROOOOOOOOH!!!!!!" <sees hair sticking out of the snow from a distance> "...Iroh?"
<with the clump of hair drawing near, Mako pulls it up and realizes he's pulling the Lieutenant's facial hair>
Mako: <puts hair back under the snow> "LOL nope... IROOOOOOOH...."
<sees Bolin's antennas and pulls him out of the snow>
Bolin: <weird cricket noise that translates to "YES MAKO! I LOVE YOU">

<Iroh, while riding Naga through the snow, sees Asami unconsciously being swept away. Fortunately, he was able to pull her up to safety>
<All the Kyoshi warriors found a safe spot and they were okay. The Equa-Huns seem to have been defeated. Asami thanks Iroh for what he did for her. However, Iroh was wounded, and because of the blood loss, he begins to pass out>

<Later, Korra heals Iroh and silently leaves his resting tent. Asami sees if her warrior is okay. Upon seeing him without the armor (and the cantaloupes), It was revealed that the Kyoshi warrior was a man>
<Asami dishonored him for mocking the way of the Kyoshi warrior and the army went on to the Imperial City without him>

<Iroh is left alone out in the snow. Beside him was Mako who felt like a failure for not being able to prove himself to the fandom of his worthiness>
Mako: "I was this close. This close to impressing the fandom, gettin' the top love, an entourage. Man. All my fine sexy bod. Pfffffft.."

<meanwhile, Amon is still alive and snowbends his way out. Angry with what the "Kyoshi warrior" has done, he lets out a roar as if he were Mufasa, and his surviving Equalists come out of the snow>
<Iroh heard the roar and acted quick. Instead of heading back home, he, Bolin and Mako follow the Kyoshi warriors to the Emperor to warn them that Amon was still alive>

<Soon, Iroh catches up with Asami, Iroh informs her about Amon but she doesn't listen>
<Eventually, the warriors reach the Imperial temple. Emperor Tenzin comes out to honor the heroes>
<Asami was just about to hand the sword of Amon, but the Hiroshi hawk swoops down to take the sword and flies to a rooftop where the masked man was watching. Suddenly, The Equa-Huns appear out of nowhere and hostage the Emperor, locking themselves in the palace. The Kyoshi warriors attempt to break the majestic door to catch up, but it was useless, so Iroh calls out to the warriors and says he has a plan to sneak in the palace. Korra, Jinora, Ikki and Asami come along>

<The airbabies and Korra remove their armor and dress up in chi blocker clothes and they all sneak in the palace>
<While Asami and Iroh wait for the right moment, the kids and the Avatar greet the Lieutenant while he guards the door to the high balcony were Amon took the Emperor. They successfully deceive him into believing they were just harmless newbie chi blockers, especially Jinora and Ikki, who were freakin kawaii in costumes>
<The Lieutenant lets his guard down, fangirling over Ikki and Jinora's cuteness>

<The girls beat the poop out of the Lieutenant by surprise. The few surviving Equa-Huns come to rescue the poor Lieutenant>
Lieutenant: <to Korra and the airbabies> "YOU TRAITORS!! I DEDICATED MY 'ASDFGHJKLKJHGFSA-ING' TO YOU!!!"

<while Iroh, Korra and the airbabies continue to beat up the Equa-Huns, Asami catches up to the Emperor, just in time before his bending was about to be taken away by Amon>

<Iroh, Jinora, Ikki and Korra come to the balcony. The airbabies save the Emperor by sliding down a rope to the palace grounds away from harm. Korra follows>
<Amon's attention switches to the Emperor's escape. Not wanting Amon to take the bending of the last airbending master-slash-Emperor, Iroh cuts the the rope to keep the enemy from following the airbenders and the Avatar>
<Amon accuses Asami for his defeat, but Iroh gets his attention and confesses it was him who caused his downfall. Amon realizes that the boy was the crazy Kyoshi Warrior who took his men down.>
<Amon giggles and he attempts to take Iroh's bending>

<Iroh quickly leaves the balcony and Amon catches up. The boy tries to lure him to the rooftop of the palace. Iroh had a plan>
<Amon is still giggling, by the way>

<Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin attempt to take a huge firecracker from a nearby fireworks tower. Mako is dressed up appropriately to scare the fireworks men>
Mako: "Citizens, I need firepower."
Fireworks man: <shocked> "WHO ARE YOU??!"
Mako: "Your 'goddamn-sassy-mama-equa-Bat-cow-tomato-fashion-merma-cop-NIGHTMAAAARE'... Dragon."

<Now on the rooftop, It's a dead end for Iroh and all he has is a fan. Amon tries to strike the boy with his sword, but Iroh quickly uses the fan to block his attack and take the weapon>
<Suddenly, Amon sees Mako and Bolin out of nowhere with a huge firecracker propelling towards him. Iroh quickly pins Amon's cape to the roof's ridge with the sword>
<Amon stops giggling>

<the firecracker sends Amon flying off the roof, and before he explodes, Iroh takes Mako and Bolin and quickly jumps away>
<The firecracker propels Amon to a nearby fireworks tower, creating a "giant mushroom" of fireworks>

<Iroh slides down to safe grounds, accidentally landing on Asami. Amon's mask falls at their side>
<Counselor Tarrlok comes out with most of his hair burnt off his head. He threatens to have Iroh punished for what happened. Asami, the Avatar and the airbabies defend the boy>

<Emperor comes out safely and confronts Iroh>
Tenzin: "I've heard a great deal about you, Iroh Jr.. You stole your grandmother's stolen armor, ran away from home, impersonated a Kyoshi warrior, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored your grandfather and Avatar Kyoshi, threw off my groove, destroyed my palace, and!!!!.... you have saved us all."

<the Emperor humbly bows down to the hero. The Kyoshi warriors, Tarrlok and all the people who have witnessed his noble act followed. Afterwards, Tenzin gratefuly appoints the hero as a member of his counsel, firing Tarrlok in the process>

<Tenzin honors Iroh by giving him the mask of Amon and his Imperial crest as gifts. Ikki hugs Iroh to congratulate him, Jinora hugs them as well and Korra joins, effortlessly lifting them; She picks up the Emperor too>
<Asami tries to tell Iroh she likes him but struggles. Instead, she ends up telling Iroh he fights good>

<as Iroh leaves..>
Tenzin: "The tea that smells good in adversity is the most sexy and hottest of all."
Asami: "Sir?"
Tenzin: "You don't meet a boy like that every Sozin's comet!"

<Soon, Iroh reaches home. He finds Zuko in the garden drinking tea>
Zuko: <surprised> "Junior..."
Iroh: "Gramps, I brought you the mask of Amon and the crest of the Emperor. They're gifts, to honor our family"
<Zuko drops the gifts and hugs his grandson>
Zuko: "The greatest gift and.. HOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRR-rrrr... is having you for a grandson."
<Zuko takes the crest and bites it, breaking a tooth>
Iroh: "Gramps, why did you do that?"
Zuko: "Wait, your grandma told me you went out to buy some chocolates.. WHERE WERE YOU ALL ALONG?!"

<in the background, Sokka and Mai are observing>
Sokka: "Great. He brings home a mask and a bling... If you ask me, he should've brought home a girl"
Asami: <out of nowhere> "Excuse me, Does Iroh Jr. live here?"
<Sokka is surprised and Mai still manages to maintain a poker face. Both are pointing to the path in their garden>
Asami: "Thank you" <approaches Iroh>
Sokka: "Whoo! Sign me up for the next war."

<Asami introduces herself to the retired Firelord>
Iroh: <to Asami> "Would you like to stay for tea?"
Sokka: <in the background> "Would you like to stay forever?"
Asami: "Hehe... no thanks... but there is one guy I would do anything to have tea with... The Ice King."
Iroh: "What?"
Asami: "Ice King is the hottest hottie, and I can't wait —"

<insert ripple sequence here>
Ice King: <now telling the story> "'—to marry him!' said Asami. Then she turned to Iroh and said, 'I hope Ice King will sweep me off my feet and take me to the bay of Republic City, where we will do nothing but kiss and eat a whole bunch until we get fat and die.' The end."
<Ice King puts down his draft>
Ice King: <to Finn> "So, what do you think of the fanfiction I wrote about Irosami?"
<Jake and Finn are trapped in an enormous ice cube>
Finn: "Huh?"
Ice King: "Tell me you thought it was good! TELL ME YOU SHIP THEM!!!"
Finn: "Uh, it's good! It's good! It's really good, dude! It was... Wait, are we still in that multi-fandom-crossover?"
Steve Rogers: <also trapped in the ice cube> "..zzzzZZZZZZZzzzz..."

<Suddenly, Omi breaks into the Ice King's lair, armored in probending gear>

Omi: "Ice King, I challenge you to a Xiao Lin SHOWDOOOOWN!!!"
<the whole frame turns to black, as if a TV was just turned off>

<All this time, Perry the Platypus along with the Teen Titans were forced to watch a crazy film while trapped in a "TitansandPlatypusproof-Inator">
Doofenshmirtz: "So, what'd you kids think?"
<Titans are in awkward silence>
Starfire: <cries>
Raven: "TV rots your brains...."
Beast Boy: "No, the fandom does..."
Cyborg: "I dunno 'bout you guys but I actually like the ship.."
<more awkward silence>
Robin: <secretly "whelmed" of the story> "You know what, let's just escape, take this guy down, get some pizza and forget this ever happened..."
Perry: <Platypus noise>
Robin: "No, we don't need the Justice League's help!!!!"
<meanwhile, all the fandoms involved in the messed up story are having a shawarma party while Impulse and Meelo sing a duet of the Bacon Pancakes song in the karaoke>

Again, I'm sorry..
(you can still make captions for this if you like :D)

About The Art:

Why the switch?.. and other questions...
*Iroh jr. as Mulan (Irolan) - Because he will bring honor to us all
*Mako as Mushu (Mashu.. Omashu?) - since the ancestors 'hate' Mushu and he just wants to prove himself, I thought this could parallel how part of the fandom feels for Mako... So I used that as a part of the story... In a twisted way though... Plus, Mushu was like a sassy mama and dressed up somewhat like Batman before Mako even existed. Justified. (don't get me wrong though, I'm a Mako fan)
*Amon as Shan Yu (I dunno.. Shamon Chacarron) - coz he's the bad guy.. duuhhh
*Korra as Yao (just Korra..) - they're both brawly and the kind of people who like punching stuff
*Ikki as Ling (Ikking ^_^) - they both talk a lot.. I guess
*Jinora as Chien-Po (Chienora... now that's a decent name) - I was looking at their spiritual side
*Tarrlok as Chi-Fu (Tofu) - they're both political jerks.. but at least Tarrlok changed :D
*Zuko parallel to Fa Zhou (Fa Zhuko); Mai parallel to Fa Li (Fa Mai.. meh) - because I'm not sure with Iroh's dad or "Honora" in this story, Iroh's parents went to the dentist so that they have nice teeth while ruling the Fire Nation...and Zuko and Mai had to parallel the role of Mulan's parents.. plus Fa Zhou says "HONOR" a lot. Partially justified.
*Sokka parallel to Grandmother Fa (Wang Fa Yore) - Iroh's granduncle.. Or.. However it goes...just in case Bumi Jr. really is Iroh Jr.'s dad... If not, I'll change it to god-grandfather... like.. sorta thing... Other than that, I was able to make a joke about Sokka's intuition from the episode "Jet" (it wasn't funny but at least I tried)
*Iroh Sr. as the Great Stone Dragon (Great West Dragon) - it has something to do with the West Dragon thing... Heh...
*Doorman parallel to the Match maker (Principal Doorman) - i don't know but it was perfect
*Us fandom people and Fire Nation royal family tree as the ancestors (Wee...) - we all love Iroh, deal with it
*Asami as Li Shang (Asami Shang); Lin Bei Fong as General Li (Li Bei Fong); Tenzin as the Emperor; Bolin as Cri-Kee (Bo-bo or Li-lee?); Naga As Khan (Camarines Sur); Pabu as Little Brother (Little Pabu); Hiroshi as "Dat Hawk"; Tahno as a random farmer - Idon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknowIdon'tknow...
*"What happens in part 2?" - Iroh, Asami, Korra, Jinora and Ikki have to escort Emperor Tenzin's sons, Prince Howl, Prince Skoochy and Prince Baljeet across the kingdom and be betrothed for alliance..... Heh... Yeah
*Other questions - just read the story-caption to find out why (I won't recommend you doing that though... )
*"The story doesn't answer my question" - nothing is suppose to make sense, just go with it...
I thought since team Avatar 2.0 have their own fairy tales like Kuzkorra, Mermako, Bo White and Megasami... Iroh should also get a Disney crossover tale... Heh.. Anyways, All drawings and most gradients are done in MS Paint. Additional effects are with Realworld Cursor Editor. In an artistic perception, this is by far very challenging because I got to try being a little more realistic in drawing, halfway genderbending characters and also improve my skills in aging known characters in their senior ages... looks like I failed this time though.. :/

I really wanted to add Principal Doorman, Sokka, General Lin Bei Fong, Korra's creepy female cousin as another Kyoshi warrior recruit and the Lieutenant to the picture, but I couldn't fit everyone in the piece anymore coz.. heh.. resolution... Also, I was actually planning to have this crossover with just Mulan and Legend Of Korra, but since I doubted my twisted story, I made it a crossover-ception just in case to save the work as a whole (I think). Since the crossover is within a crossover WITHIN the PnFxTT crossover, I chose to include it in the main list, even if they played a small part in the artwork. I would have wrote a full length fanfic version to go with the artwork, but I'm just too busy... And I still have to work on my writing skills. But if you want to make a full length quality fanfic for this, I'll be HONORED :D
Other than that, hope you liked it :D
WIP: [link]
Sokka drawing reject: [link]

You guys were right, I should've continued with my artistic hiatus... I'm sorry, I will never make crossovers like this ever again.. I hope :evillaugh:

Other Phineas and Ferb-Teen Titans or Teen Titans-Phineas and Ferb Crossovers
:bulletblack: "He Wants To Be A Real Boy"
:bulletblack: A Twisted Dress Up*
:bulletblack: The End: "Doofsday"
:bulletblack: Teen Titans: Wizard of Odd
:bulletblack: Apprentice's Aftershock: Busted
:bulletblack: Summer Belongs To... Who?
:bulletblack: Doof Side Of The Titans Rising
:bulletblack: Nevermore: The Gateway To Ferb
:bulletblack: 'How Long Is The Quantum Boogaloo?' .. Don't Ask
:bulletblack: The Quest For The Run Away Runway
:bulletblack: The Legend Of Isabella*
:bulletblack: Happy... Somewhat... Evil Love Song
:bulletblack: General Iroh: Mulan (you are here)
:bulletblack: Bunny Ferb (How to make Slade do the Oppa Gangnam Style)
:bulletblack: Wreck-It Doof*

If you want to see the complete list including in progress, future and pending concepts, click here

I have no intention to infringe copyrights through my fan artworks/ ideas/ concepts or whatsoever

Phineas And Ferb is owned by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Teen Titans, Young Justice and Justice League are owned by DC Comics
Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra are owned by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network
Xiao Lin Showdown is owned by Warner Bros.
American Dragon: Jake Long is owned by Disney Channel
Pokemon is owned by Satoshi Tajiri
Mulan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and The Emperor's New Groove are owned by Walt Disney
The Wild ThornBerrys and Spongebob Squarepants are owned by Nickelodeon
The Avengers is owned by Marvel Comics
Run the World (Girls) is originally by Beyonce
Whip My Hair is originally by Willow Smith
50 Shades of Grey is owned by E. L. James
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when there's fandom trouble you knwo who to caaaal!
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SaurusRock625Hobbyist Artist
Why'd you put the Teen Titans and Perry the Platipus chasing Doofinshmirtz at the bottom?
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starwolf626Student Artist
In real life, my friends consider me Mushu.
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SwiftySwooStudent Filmographer
It's amazing how much work you put into these. The parody song was pretty funny btw ;D
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CharlieIndigoalpha76Hobbyist Artist
It would be so funny if someone made a full animated version of this mulan song and named it "I'll make a girl out of you" from the original "i'll make a man out of you", I sang it and it sounds better with girl rather than "woman out of you"
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samapitongzabalaProfessional General Artist
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CharlieIndigoalpha76Hobbyist Artist
Well, if that is what you wish, the don't make the SFM video
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Nicely done great cross over only problem is I don't know what folder in my favorites to put it in 😂 
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mytheralminHobbyist Digital Artist
so wrong yet so right
samapitongzabala's avatar
samapitongzabalaProfessional General Artist
mostly wrong
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MislamicPearlHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just skimmed through most of it but I was dying from laughter XD
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animekittycatStudent Traditional Artist
I would like to post this or reblog¿ this to my instagram account for Child cancer awareness Week and for entertainment. Of course I will give credit if your name but I'm just checking am I allow to ?
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samapitongzabalaProfessional General Artist
samapitongzabala's avatar
samapitongzabalaProfessional General Artist
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Creative-ChaiStudent Digital Artist
Hahaha! This is great! XD
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omg seryoso hindi ko pwede ishare sa friends ko?! ang awesome nya pa naman! ang galling!!!!
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Mako is Mushu! This is Funny! Giggle 
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kraxchetStudent Digital Artist
Love it!
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Hey Sama, can I ask you something?
LOOPIEGIRLStudent Artisan Crafter
Love did one 😁
LOOPIEGIRLStudent Artisan Crafter
I like the last part LOL
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natin123Hobbyist Digital Artist
The drawing at the bottom looks like TUFF Puppy
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