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Hello, if you have been browsing round my gallery then you would probably have noticed the different topics I have drawn. When I say "I love to draw anything" I mean it!

But I would like to thank everyone who has liked, favourited and commented on my work so far on Deviantart. I find it gives me a great sense of motivation when I am drawing.

I love traditional work from the likes of Da Vinci, up to the likes of Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade. Any artist who shows skill, talent (always important) and thought in the work is always appreciated!

Art shouldnt be about what the artist looks like because I dont see how that would affect the work itself. The celebrity culture of the artworld should never be about the 'shock-factor' on what they do in their spare time. I find the 'celebrity' in art comes from the skill and imagination of the artist. But the work should be able to speak for itself!

Also, art doesnt need to be commercialised to be 'great'. A good drawing, painting, sculpture or installation can be admired by the smallest crowd.

Oh, I guess you have noticed my love for Disney and its classics too. I will be drawing more characters all in good time. Disney is my favourite thing as I find that it is a kind of 'escapism'. If I could draw the world and bring it to reality then I would look towards Disney, Disneyland and all its parks and designs so I could create what I conside the 'perfect' world.

Thats all for now

Back to work I go!