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Icons of the Library 3 - BIG



Icons of the Library
Third Edition

Samantha Wright
18 October, 2010

It's been two years since Library Icons 2nd Ed. came out. This is, of course, too long, but things came up as they so often do. This release includes 918 icons in three different formats (Windows, PNG, and OS X), supporting the maximum resolution of Windows (256×256) and Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (512×512). The PNG release is also 512×512. There are also prepared packages for Gnome and GTK, with a KDE version coming soon.

As always, if you create something with these icons, please let me know! More details about usage are on the PNG release's download page.


Mac OS X Version
PNG Version
Windows Version
Gnome Icon Theme
GTK Icon Theme
Image size
6300x3500px 11.87 MB
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Well shoot.. everything is non-functional with 404 errors saved in the referenced downloads now. It's now 2022 .. Are you still around.? Possibly a new location to download from.? I've a much earlier download of this from the very early days of the collection and would really like to get the current state of your work. Thank you.!