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It's somehow quiet here again, sadly, but that doesn't mean that I'm not drawing. I've been sketching for practice, as I found it somehow easier to focus on it even when I return home late and tired from work... But I wanted to try at least partly to join the Mermay challenge - mermaids are pretty creatures (no matter that they can be pretty scary) and fun to draw ^^ So hopefuly, there will be more soon.

I noticed many journals about people leaving deviantArt - that's really sad to see, even more when they leave to places I'm not much using so it's difficult to continue following them. So I just wanted to make things clear for my account as well - I am NOT leaving. DeviantArt always was (and probably will be in the future too) my main gallery, I happened to find here many people like my art, many artists to follow at one place, many friends and I even met with my beloved partner Dreit thanks to dA (and llama badges, wow, it's been 8 years). I'm not happy about Eclipse and sad about how we are forced to move to new site which is still somehow unfinished and many actions are there difficult instead of easier and more natural than at old site. I sticked to use old version as long as I can and later it's going to be big fight. Mainly because the way we are forced to move to new site I joined 3 days of quiet and log off from 1st to 3rd May, so even my traditional Magnolia picture was submited later (even I had it prepared on time this year).

Also... that Corona thing, I'm tired to read about it all the time and on every place I visit, so... let's say that I'm fine, my family and friends are healthy. Hopefully, you are okay too ^^ Stay safe and be positive! :)

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personal web, including TO-DO list

Although dA is my main gallery and most active place:

Other active places to find/follow me

instagram.com/artofsamanthadragon (new to this, maybe will be more active here)

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I use my Scraps for sketches and small things: www.deviantart.com/samantha-dr…

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One thing fascinates me. Everybody, check out Furaffinity and e621. I know, those are different kind of sites than DA and you have to look closely what are you stepping into.


= Furaffinity did major change of design and probably even code underneath. It still looks very similar to what it was before. Just small things changed but majority stayed where it was. I'd say it works well.

= e621 was practically made brand new from scratch! And guess what? It still looks same! Yes, some buttons are more colorful, some things work better than before, but users know how to use it because PRACTICALLY NOTHING changed for them! Evolution instead of revolution!

Meanwhile, do you remember when DA changed their previous design to one we have now? A lot of artists decided to go somewhere else, because nothing was like before, everything was moved to different places. I remember how this version of DA got incredibly slow compared to original one. I'm still confused about some decisions.
And now they are doing it again. I'm pretty sure they took NOTHING from past and new Eclipse will be same disaster like previously. I don't say Eclipse is bad. I say it's different (which is good), but there are too many changes at once!
When you're reconstructing your house, you do it room by room. DA just hires some strange architect, burns your house down and next day builds new one that makes no sense to you, because you got used to old one. Washing machine is in living room, toilet is in main hall and microwave is in bathroom close to ceiling.
That's not good idea if you want your trustful users to stay here. That's way to say "So long and thanks for all the fish!"
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selling to WIX was a big mistake... it's clear WIX does not care... and their primary market would be hiring that strange architect. rather, they ARE that strange architect. i never took them all that seriously just from a web design perspective alone, and i overall have even less respect after what they've done here...

i'll probably be staying here for the time being, but i wouldn't be surprised if DA falls hard shortly after or before eclipse becomes the new "normal"
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I had no idea it was sold o.o So maybe some boss just wants to see results of work and it's simpler to show "we made totally new interface" than just "we optimized site to run 10x faster than before".
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if they're like most 'bosses', they're out of touch with how anything works. this is one reason why despite interest in software development [especially for games], i have NO desire to work for any of the major players in the industry. crashes and data breaches happen for a reason... it's not just faulty code but that programmers are encouraged and more or less forced to write it sometimes just to meet the unreasonable deadlines.

this site is certainly not optimized, not the eclipse version, at least. same with the staff journals. i should see what HTML/JS/CSS nightmares are responsible for that. it "looks pretty" , and many would attest for this site, it's just ugly, and the UX is horrible...

at least i seem to have that "Saved to new deviantart" folder now at least... but i think when moving stuff i'm gonna double-check, cuz i have notes with permissions or urls i really don't wanna lose...
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Honestly, you said it really well. Luckily I have some time where I work (industry automation) but it takes me quite long to finish project, because I want it to be perfect and idiotproof.

I remember how I tried to run DA many years ago on Atom netbook. Had to block and hide few elements to make it at least fit on screen and it was slowest website I ever used on it. Maybe facebook would be slower. Really, developers should have "slower than average" computers for testing. When I was trying to program software UART for AVR, I was searching how to spare every clock cycle and it took me a while. Seems like modern developers don't even care.

Totally make backup, a lot of things can ho wrong with every migration. And I guess DA will be testing in production
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perfect and idiot-proof, yep... i am not quite as forgiving on the idiot-proof one, but i suppose with something like automation, it needs to be done... there are things with my game library i TRY to work on [mothers...aren't they lovely? >.<] which tbh, if a user/developer is dumb enough to do something that causes a freeze/crash, i don't exactly pity them [like overwhelming the keyboard/mouse input systems]

developers should have to use a "crappy" computer at least on occasion, yep. they'd probably find they could make the beefy ones jump even higher, too. modern developers definitely don't care, or basically aren't allowed to. i have a bone to pick with the security community, too. getting REAL tired of the solution to every exploit being "you can't do this anymore because a hacker could abuse it". this also while simultaneously failing to address issues like phishing in a way that might actually combat the problem. [for example, the HTTPS badge/lock icon telling you the site uses HTTPS. why not use the same thing on urls and email addresses "microsoft tech support" [fake@fake.com] suddenly will look a LOT less credible because it's not a legitimate address and won't be labeled as such. the unicode visual look-alike trick also then shouldn't work since the character codes won't match what the browser or email server/client is checking. and unfortunately, since the average user/person is pretty clueless these days [me thinks by design of certain parties...], the current method of warning them over and over clearly falls flat on its face] but no, seems weaponizing penetration testing to eliminate unpopular tech and its supporters, and knee-jerk "this is banned now" reactions are more favorable... some of the technology used for "security" reasons also slows performance or acts malicious, itself.

yep... i've certainly reverted code before for this reason. not so much migration [don't really touch servers/networking, don't want to...], but had some refactors go bad and ruin the whole thing. and LOL! pretty much exactly how it goes... i love open source so much better, and that's one reason. [well, true open-source and not the corporate pissing match called "web standards" >.< and my game library is currently an HTML5 thing... blek!]
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I can tell you that many of our machines aren't idiot-proof at all. My first taks was to make machine which needs to be small, do one thing and if it stops, it will stop all manufacturing line. So I'm trying my best to make it as idiot-proof as possible. Sensors at all places where it might make sense. Display showing state of machine and all timeouts. Simple controls (on/off switch, start button, emergency stop button).
All mechanical parts much more robust than would be ever needed, to make sure it should work for years with no need for readjusting or repairs.
But thanks to limited space, I bought parts and started thinking how to make it differently. It also have to be 100% safe which is quite problem here - it's really small and it can't be well covered as other machines, so I decided to use minimum pressure everywhere where possible (you should stop it by hand), have big gaps at all places that might press your hand etc. I really wonder how it will end up, because I have basic frame, no pneumatic parts installed and already think I might do it somehow better. One movement is quite problematic because of lack of space I thought was here. And because I really want it to be robust, I can't just put it anywhere like machine makers in Italia do it.

I'm tired of that too, you have great functionality and then you're not allowed to use it, because it's not sucure in 1 of 252343 cases that will probably never happen.
That idea about emails have same problem as HTTPS - you were forced to buy certificates. So Let's Encrypt was made and if you make certificate for Microsoft.biz, then it will act like valid. You'll have green key in address bar and that's all you need, right? Right? :D And with emails same thing will definitely happen. Maybe email provider (for example Google for gmail.com) could verify you via post or sending of some small amount of money from your bank account. That way you'll get "verified" email. But other non-verified emails addresses have to work too and email clients mustn't warn you about danger. Because in that case, every will need that and Let's Mail will appear.

I love open source and :tux:!
About HTML, I'm still fascinated you can't have some kind if DIV element working as iframe. I found out it's possible to put all content of website into one div and then use links to hide and show various parts of it. One day I really have to try it for my website. It makes website larger, but you download just index.htm and have all content saved :) Also funny thing, you can make simple progressbar that way - as code loads, it will show squares over your page and at end of page finally diasspear :giggle:
Also, did I noticed I really hate JavaScript?
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yep, programming is basically the digital equivalent of all that... at least i am not having to worry about explosions and severed/crushed limbs...

email thing could honestly be implemented differently than SSL certificates were [yeh, HTTPS everywhere was arguably a mistake, but beforehand, some browsers had that lock icon or green highlight to tell you "it's safe"] , possibly even at user discretion. i have whitelist filters in my spam-catch email address [i kinda have used it for actual emailing lately] that behave similarly.

HTML is just... ugh... HTML5 made a mess of things. What's commonly called HTML5 is a mixture of HTML5 tags, JavaScript APIs, and CSS3. It's all very unpleasant to deal with. Larger websites/apps is actually something i HATE. And believe me, I don't like JS, at all. In my opinion, it should be used exclusively for small macros as it originally was. Add small, simple, FAST things to spice-up webpages just a bit. It's not a professional-grade programming language unlike Java, ActionScript, C, C++ [blek!], Assembly, etc... Making webpages [and even the back-end of websites/servers] near-completely dependent on it was a BIG mistake. [ofc thanks to apple and the security CULT, everything besides JS is off the table if heavily interactive apps were your goal]

due to time constraints [i was not made aware of till like an hour ago... THANKS MOM...] , i have rushed this reply and it may not be too coherent, sorry...
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