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Update: I'm way more busy these days - you know, life of graduated adult and job-things. I don't want to completely close these but getting one will be pretty rare (just to be warned before). Also, updated info a little, check it please :)

Passed days I didn't have much taste to draw although after long I have free time enough :( but I'm not laying on my back and wathcing ceiling, I make more artisan now. I know I know, trades and commissions are waiting but I'm affraid of continue to work on them because I feel like destroying everything what is done now. ^^; Artisan I mean what I wanted to try for a long time, making more jewellery for sale too, sculp from polymer clay and making my own plushie :3 you will see when I will feel to be done with it.
But back to main title - I want to open few slots for practising "freebes" (or maybe trades). Here I will try to put down everything about:

Why is it called practising?
Because I feel I really need to practise more anathomy for better anthros and humans. And there is probably no other way how to make me to draw some easy poses and make them better and better... I can't be surprised now that difficult poses have wrong/bad anathomy or I don't draw it well from mind without reference photo. So I wanted to try " to kill two flies with one hit" and practise anathomy and digital drawing/painting.

Rules & Facts

:bulletgreen: one character, feral, humanoid or anthro (furry) - but you can grab more slots for you, your character -</s>groups allowed now - just please warn me if the character/s is/are only anthro/furry/feral
:bulletgreen: will be done in digital way with my Wacom Intuos3 and Photoshop (bitmap), Ilustrator (vectors) or Paint Tool SAI</s> no more fixed just to digital, let's there be some experiments!
:bulletgreen: avaiable for mature content (nudity only) or for fan-art too
:bulletgreen: everything will be drawn in my "style" so not like Disney, Sonic, kind of manga, anime etc. (but I might try to, if I like it)
:bulletgreen: humans (mainly human faces) are on your own risk - I will do my best but I'm not human-artist
:bulletgreen: I need at least one fullbody reference picture (I don't like drawing along description because I still ask about something then) and some info about character such as what they like, something about their story, life, etc. (even something like "she loves to wear really short shorts" can help me) - just keep it simple please!
:bulletgreen: for some reason I enjoy to draw "soft" pin-ups (no mature) so if you/your chacter don't like it, tell it before I start
:bulletgreen: info I will get after I start is only additional I don't have to care about it (status about each one picture I need to draw is on my main profile, right side above comments, with color bullets legend)
:bulletgreen: if I accept to trade with you, your part will have to be finished first
:bulletgreen: I will draw along reference photos, probably
:bulletgreen: poses will be easy "peasy" because of training, same for backgrounds
:bulletgreen: it's up to me if it will be half-body, two-thirds-body or full-body picture
:bulletgreen: it's up to me if it will be rought sketch, detailed sketch, lineart or even flat colored picture (only trades will be choosen before start)
:bulletgreen: if we don't agree different I'm authrorized to submit it here on dA and on FurAffinity, on my website, give it later as example picture and add it to my portfolio
:bulletgreen: please, if you are interested and/or want to know more just write comment here or send me private note ^.^
:bulletgreen: this is about free art and training so there is no time limit for me to draw something (but trades have), or even to draw for everybody who comments - i will pick randomly, random amount (until i feel like to do) of charas - you can check my Art list on profile time from time, i write here everything about art for others
:bulletgreen: send me here as comment all info and i will pick randomly someone :3
:bulletgreen: only for my watchers - and if you fav this journal or/and send your own with link here there is a bit higher chance i will choose you =P
:bulletgreen: and last thing - you will have to agree with rules & facts before I will start - so please copy paste into comment/note: "I agree with Rules&Facts."

Reserved slots for most active watchers i can remember ;)

here is complet line of pictures i have done in this challenge for me :3
  1. ManicMindsStudio -
    Freebie: ManicMindsStudio by Samantha-dragon
  2.  (still submited on FA only)
  3. tomcio199214 -
    Freebie: Teansi wants more attention by Samantha-dragon
  4. Lowrider-Girl -
    Freebie: Stretching by Samantha-dragon

Edit: I will hide comments with requests I have finished so I can easy track unfinished :]

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Yes, sadly, I don't have much time so I hardly pick any of these :( 
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Thanks, I bet there may be a time when you can pick one! :icondragoncomfort:
I hope your doing well!
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Can you draw my Furry Fox OC?
  Amorous: Kervin by Ratwo619

I want to see him wear this outfit and have this hairstyle full black (Ignore the gun and red aura)
Anime Character Maker 2.2 Ratwo619 by Ratwo619

And he wears his glasses full black like this…

I just want to see him walking in the beach with the beautiful orange sky and sunset with a song vibe like this…

Oh and "I agree with Rules&Facts."
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Okay, and don't worry, my request is in the roles. I want simply that you draw/color Hibiki Tachibana from Symphogear a dragon form. I have a base of it, but i want it without any armor or gems:

Here is her human form so that you can see what her hair and eyes colors are:…

Oh! And "I agree with Rules&Facts." Almost forgot about the magic word!
Pimsan0's avatar
An you do w drawing for my Fursona, Guthrie:…

He's a 8 feet tall dark orange color Anthro Dragon with a dark brown underbelly and have long dust brown hair. He also have other tricks, but I'll explain what does are in the note if you want.
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Please, read rules, there is hidden magic words ;)

Would it be big problem to place all posibble details here? Searching for references on too many places are time consuming and not fun, it's easier to go there, pick comment which contain all I need and draw.
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Also those extra involved mating, and if Guthrie have two girls were he can enjoy in bed.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Well... okay, we might see but it sounds like more mature/adult than what I'm usually drawing. But maybe I will get idea, who knows :)
Any more ideas about what it should look like or more about character(s)?
Pimsan0's avatar
So does that help or is this too much?
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I don't have any plan right now, so it still depends on you ;)
Pimsan0's avatar
So still going for a pic in the story i sent you? 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I haven't checked it, I don't have enough free time now to draw requests. I go through references here when I feel like drawing for fun :)
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Well... maybe this story can help:… it's a thank you story for Desert Fox for making a drawing for my OC, it's about him having sex with Fulvus and Deana.
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You mean "I agree with Rules&Facts."
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Wondering the same as the person bellow, is still open? 

(Oh, i took my time to watch your gallery, really i can say that your works are stunning! this is something i saw and, wondered if is still available! i respect your choice and any answer is fine)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I wasn't able to reply all the messages I got, I was pretty busy getting myself ready for university finals...
This is still open, you can give it a try :)

And thank you! :hug:
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Can you draw angry Shulmanu? (I love yout arts^^) I agree with Rules&Facts
Jonural :  Free requests by Samantha-dragon
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Sounds okay for me, so why not :)
Also, excuse me for late reply ^^; 
Anna-IgnisDraconis's avatar
It's okay^^ And I forgot to say that I don't like pin-ups, mature/adult art etc.
And here is Shulmanu's new ref: Shulmanu The King Slayer - Ref (Animal form)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you for update info and pointing out that about what you don't wish to see :)
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Are your requests still open?
Samantha-dragon's avatar
They are, just please note that I'm pretty busy now because of university so I'm barely do any now. But adding your request here is fine, at least it won't get lost :)
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