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1 - 4 :points: = my visit, llama for u featured u and one ur deviation in my journal, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:
5 - 9 :points: = my visit, llama, featured u and two ur deviation in my journals, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:
10 and more :points: = my visit, llama, featured u and three ur deviations in my journal, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:

if u want to feature pics u choose just send me comment with links to them
u can also pay for featuring someone else, just comment plz

POINT COMMISSIONS: samantha-dragon.deviantart.com…

all featured grouped here from now :D
dont hesitate and browse through great galleries :la:
Saylla  Hope World by Saylla  A little fairy Tae by Saylla
AMoonRising  Space by AMoonRising
Eeben-Penta  [AT] A child of Satan by Eeben-Penta  [AT] Jack by Eeben-Penta

Mature Content

Shooting star pg 8 by Mimicryofnothing
  Ke'ara by Mimicryofnothing
16woodsequ  Dragon by 16woodsequ
Craftosaur  Crunch by Craftosaur  Moondancer by Craftosaur  Soldier again by Craftosaur
Lightning--Cat  Damaged Hearts by Lightning--Cat  Telepathy(possible comic on here???) by Lightning--Cat  Finding my light: Cover by Lightning--Cat
coolkitty633  Yay 5 points by coolkitty633
Mozdog  Flume Middle Stream - NH by Mozdog
Azraelangelo  Perun osloboditel by Azraelangelo + Azraelangelo-photo  Dendrocopos major by Azraelangelo-photo
Nellipset  Meloetta by Nellipset + Nythological  Mysterious Daisy by Nythological + Silver-Artemis-Moon  Fluttershy! by Silver-Artemis-Moon
SpectrumGuardians  SG AU #1 by SpectrumGuardians  Lord Sigwada Kulog by SpectrumGuardians  Lord Eisenscheien Blackfell by SpectrumGuardians
TheDragonsSpark  Pastel Rose with Earthy Background by TheDragonsSpark
TheAngriestHorse  ASK ICE HEREEE by TheAngriestHorse
YukiSenmatsu  Fishing In Summer Camp by YukiSenmatsu  Homesick by YukiSenmatsu  Halloween Pt.2 by YukiSenmatsu
SageOfTheStars  It'll Be Worth It by SageOfTheStars
Keyotea  Cowdrake of the County by Keyotea  Natsuakai by Keyotea  Twitch by Keyotea
FlashbackingArtist00  Flashback Reference [2015] by FlashbackingArtist00  Early Romance .:contest:. by FlashbackingArtist00  I Picked My Poison And It's You by FlashbackingArtist00
Echo-80  ONWARD! by Echo-80  Rock on Keyboard Cat, Rock on... by Echo-80  Anthro by Echo-80 no pants party
Spyroconvexity  Shade (Updated) by Spyroconvexity
Saurro  Autumn Dragon... by Saurro  Saurro ID 2015 by Saurro  Jitrenka - Night elf Hunter by Saurro
KurGuardianz  Reaper by KurGuardianz  
ElorenLeianor Wanna go home by ElorenLeianor Handy by ElorenLeianor Spring is coming by ElorenLeianor
PhotoTini A dog's expression by PhotoTini Strong hold by PhotoTini Illuminance by PhotoTini
ladyVivianne :thumb186605668: :thumb193853350: :thumb183335988:
FelynxTiger Capricorn Star by FelynxTiger HNY 2011 by FelynxTiger id by FelynxTiger
jofa2 my best by jofa2
wildjellybeans Peachy Dream by wildjellybeans Dragonflies for Elizabeth by wildjellybeans
Elyonka My lovely cat by Elyonka
DeviantSponge45 My Fursona 3 by DeviantSponge45 I + My Na'vi Girlfriend 2 by DeviantSponge45
jrtracey Forest Dragon by jrtracey Wind Dragon by jrtracey Water Dragon by jrtracey
NikiKalat The spiral of time by NikiKalat ACEO Kitsune-nyx by NikiKalat Kam sviti svetlo by NikiKalat
xXAkilaXx Yin Yang by xXAkilaXx Request: Estrellas by xXAkilaXx Request: Raineve by xXAkilaXx
K-danda X X
Avalonfang4 X X X
catalin-ad how it's made by catalin-ad fani tardini by catalin-ad bronze by catalin-ad
DragonPud Keagan by DragonPud
SilentClawDD X X X
AliceDaRabbit My mind by AliceDaRabbit Wolf by AliceDaRabbit Tawny the WOLF by AliceDaRabbit
RainySkyz X X X X X X
mhairya X X X
:iconanthro-fantasy-club: Griffin_Parus cristatus by Anisis X :thumb171155084: Above the clouds by SHAKUMl Firetyger by Goldenwolf
TMSVirtualTuning BMW Drift TMS VT by TMSVirtualTuning VW Beast by TMSVirtualTuning Alfa Romeo Chop by TMSVirtualTuning
SuprMoma Lights VIII by SuprMoma
Kindred-Dragon ZZZzzz... by Kindred-Dragon
Stelthman Fire and Ice by Stelthman
greglief Sorenson Creek by greglief
Wyvernadas X
Paranoj4 kotki by Paranoj4
PumiiH chibi naruto by PumiiH
lovelylady-x Drip Drop by lovelylady-x
snowstormj7 X

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Solid features! Haven't seen a feature journal this extensive in a while.

M1LKYTEA's avatar
I’ve sent 100 points!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
oh wow! :O What would you like me to feature for you? :)
DragonCyris's avatar
I just sent through ten.
Not expecting much, but have fun looking through my gallery ;w;
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I see them here, thank you :)
What would you like me to feature for you? I've chceked your gallery and there are so many options... :D
DragonCyris's avatar
Take your pick, the ones you like the most ^^
Saylla's avatar
Hi ♥ I sent you 5 points! ^-^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hey, I see them! What two deviations would you like me to feature for you?
Saylla's avatar
These two :3 

Hope World by Saylla   A little fairy Tae by Saylla  
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I got your message buried under so many comment, sorry to take some time ^^; 
but finally done! :la:
Eeben-Penta's avatar
hello, 9 points sent ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hello, I see them here, can you give me links to what you want to get featured? :)
Eeben-Penta's avatar
these two, thank you :la:
[AT] A child of Satan by Eeben-Penta [AT] Jack by Eeben-Penta  
Eeben-Penta's avatar
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I see, can you give me links to what you want to get featured?
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you! Which 3 deviations would you like to get featured?
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