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My actual status about commissions/trades/etc. is on my profile page (right side, in the middle). If you are interested in craft trade simply Note me please and we can talk about it (even when art trades are closed).

If you would get lost at all the informations or want to know something I didn't write here, feel free to Note me with your questions :)

What can I offer

I primary offer making of button from given data. That means you already have some picture you want to use on button, send it to me, get the preview PDF and pay. I make the button and send it to you. Sometimes I'll open special type of commissions when you can order picture drawn by me especially for your button + making (one or more) button with that picture at the same time.

Why me?

I hate making advertisement on myself but without it bussiness simply doesn't work. So here we go. I can offer you personal approach, help with choosing right picture and some simple editions of that picture. If you are really interested in ordering button from me, I can make you PDF with preview of cut out visible on the badge for free, tell you if given picture is useable - such as image size, resolution, if there is enough space for some overlap of picture around the sides of button…

I'm detailist so I always do my best to get the highest quality - in button making it's colors on button the most similar to colors on monitor and cut out similar as much as possible to the one I gave you as preview. I can promise you I won't give your data to anybody else and that I won't sell any other button from data you gave me. So you can have the one unique button that nobody else can have! Isn’t it great?
It's okay for me to keep your order private, same as photos of the results. I’m trying to be open, friendly and it makes me happy to make commissions for others, so there is no need to feel bad or stressed. Don’t be shy to ask, I'm happy to answer all your questions :]


To make this a little more interesting, there are few examples of already finished buttons:
 Commission: Button for Malware365 by Samantha-dragon Commission: set of buttons for Mikiseek by Samantha-dragon Commission: Set of buttons for CraftyMaelyss by Samantha-dragon  Commisison: AzureParagon button by Samantha-dragon Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Button of halloween Samantha by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Buttons of Evening Nava by Samantha-dragon
All submited photos can be found here in gallery subfolder:…

Prices and sizes

I primary offer buttons with pin on the back, but we can talk about mirrors, magnets, earrings - just Note me. Right now I have two diameters (37 and 58 mm) in stock so I primary offer those, but I can offer more when you are interested - just Note me, I can offer both smaller and bigger diameters.
  • pin at back - diameter 37 mm (~ 1.46"): $ 1.5 USD / 1,3 € / 35 CZK
  • pin at back - diameter 58 mm (~ 2.29"): $ 1.5 USD / 1,3 € / 35 CZK
  • glass mirror at back - diameter 56 mm (~ 2.21"): $ 2.2 USD / 2 € / 55 CZK
Size of pictures for buttons:
  • 70 mm (~ 827 px) picture => 58 mm (~ 685 px) button
  • 50 mm (~ 591 px) picture => 37 mm (~ 437 px) button

This prices cover making one button from already existing data. If you want more than one button, simply multiply the price by number of pieces you want. Shipping price is counted separately, for details please sroll down and you’ll find it.
I can make any count of buttons, from one to almost unlimited.
I accept Paypal (rather in USD) and real money (cash or bank account) in CZK. Primary, I do not accept dA points - if you happen to be interested only in points payment, Note me and we can talk about it.

It's my right to do not accept commission without any specified reason.
If you want/need to get button faster then please Note and we can talk about what is possible (shipping is the longest part of process) - maybe there will be some "rush fee".


I can refund you if you want, but only before I start to work on button - if you wish to stop and be refund while buttons are made, you will probably get back only shipping part of payment. If this happens and I will see that I have some problems, I will contact you through Notes and offer you solutions.

How does it run

  1. talking about your commission, answering questions
  2. sending me pictures you want to use
  3. making PDF preview of buttons for you + checking if they are okay for making the buttons (mainly their size)
  4. doing editions along your wish if it's needed
  5. if you accept, I'll wait until I recieve full payment
  6. making the button, usually takes me about a week
  7. sending you photo of finished buttons
  8. if you accept and everything is okay, give me your shipping address
  9. I'll pack and ship everything to you during two work days
  10. I'll submit the photo of finished buttons to my button gallery subfolder (if you don't want to allow me that, simply ask me at the start)
  11. depending on your country you will recieve your order safely
  12. ...everybody is happy! :3


Each button will be packed like this example:
example of packing of buttons by Samantha-dragon example of packing of buttons - back by Samantha-dragon

Safely pinned on thick paper and put into transparent bag, all safely wrapped to cover all those accidents during posting. It never happened to me that the package would arrived damaged. Plus is that buttons are quite waterproof - rain and these things are okay, but diving and taking showers with it are not recomended. With every ordered shippment you will get my visiting card with direct contacts to me.


I ship to all the countries my national post office allows (that means almost anywhere). All the shipping prices are counted for international registered mail. When sent, I'll give you international tracking number so you can keep any eye of package (at most of the countries it really works).
If it happens and letter would arrive damaged or would get completely lost, the post office would pay me insurance high enough for making you new (set of) button(s) and ship it this way to you again. If you would like me to ship it via regular mail (it's a bit cheaper), I have no problem with that, but I can't take any warranty about it's delivery.
From May 1st 2016 there are updated prices of shipping because of price change of post office.

  • Czech Republic
    • 46 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • 48 CZK - for more buttons
  • Europe
    • $ 5 USD / 4 € / 94 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • $ 6 USD / 5 € / 129 CZK - for more buttons
  • Other
    • $ 5 USD / 4 € / 100 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • $ 7 USD / 6 € / 145 CZK - for more buttons
Shipping prices in $ and € covers Paypal fees too.
If you plan order a lot more buttons I'll calculate final shipping price along number of ordered buttons - shipping price depends on weight of final package.

Copyright note

I can't take accountability of copyrights and author rights of any given picture. This accountability is only on my customer, because button is made for his private needs and not for any other sell. I won't accept making a ton of buttons from one picture without question to customer if hehas permission of author/owner.

© 2015 - 2021 Samantha-dragon
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Question: If I had a had a commission that a person drew for me would it be possible for you to put that exact picture on a button?
Samantha-dragon's avatar
sure ^^ I make buttons from pictures I get from customers too :) The only limitation is things required directly from button making - such as enought big picture and enough space around for the button edges. But both of this I can check for you - and even make you PDF preview of final crop too :)
malware365's avatar
ok then I send you a commission note
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thanks, just replied :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hmmm, sounds like it catched your eye a little =P I'll be happy to answer your questions ^^
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počkat takže se mám řídit tímhle? protože když si to vše spočítám, tak mi vychází maximum 200 nikoliv 500.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
nenene, my jsme se domluvily jinak - navíc ty to máš s kreslením obrázků, což tohle není. My máme domluveno a za těchto podmínek se vše dodělá, k žádným změnám nedochází.
Little-BluBlu's avatar
oki dokie. Pak to chápu
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možná jsem to tam mohla napsat taky :blush: omlouvám se za šok
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