Big kiribans competition - lineart for winner

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EDIT9: Lineart for winner
... is ready :D hope u will like it :)
Sexy Fey-rine by Samantha-dragon Fey-rine :iconfey-rine:

EDIT8: Premium again :la:
wow, :woohoo: I got premium membership today! :dalove:
thank you very very much, you know :tighthug:

EDIT7: WINNER :woohoo:
here are generated numbers: 2 12 9 6 11 2 11 7 3 11 10 4 6
most repeated number is: 11 (3 times) > so the winner is Fey-rine :handshake:
:trophy: 1st place: 11 - Fey-rine
:trophy: 2nd place: 2 - jrtracey, 6 - SuzanneLaither
:trophy: 3rd place: 3 - Panthymaeus, 4 - jrtracey, 7 - Samantha-dragon, 9 - ShioraYuu, 10 - Samantha-dragon, 12 - ShadowWolfGara
others (potato trophy): 1 - yeyra, 5 - Syndraia, 8 - jrtracey
here is shot of my code… to get u sure about result

EDIT6: Final of big kiriban competition! and what will be now
thx to all of u who tried to catch one or all of them :hug: we have got totaly 12 finalists (numbered in brackets below) - now i have to choose one of them. and start i thought i would just point and say "this is winner" ^^; but it would be unfair :D so ive written small program to generate me 13 random numbers from 1 to 12 > i will look up most time repeated number. if there will be more than one number i will give those two or more finalists new numbers from 1 to X, edit program to generate numbers from 1 to X and find winner. here is unlikely posibility to get two deviants :D if the winner would be one of mine numbers (7 or 10) i will go through this procedure from start again
now im working on it and hope i will be able to tell u who is the winner very soon :)

EDIT5: Donate feature
thx for another points :) take time to look here on works i like :D
moved to this journal…

EDIT4: Great kiriban competition for all of u!
thx for over 10.000 pageviews :hug: and right now 150 watchers! :tighthug: so i prepare a kiriban catch competition.
how it will be? ive chosen 7 nice numbers in another thousand pageviews - here are them:
1. :bulletblue: 10309 - 20.1.2011 - yeyra (1) - shot -………
2. :bulletblue: 10532 - 28.1.2011 - jrtracey (2) - shot -
... :bulletblue: 10532 - 28.1.2011 - Panthymaeus (3) - shot -
3. :bulletblue: 10864 - 6.2.2011 - jrtracey (4) - shot -……
... :bulletblue: 10864 - 6.2.2011 - Syndraia (5) - shot -
4. :bulletblue: 10987 - 10.2.2011 - SuzanneLaither (6) - shot -
5. :bulletblue: 11001 - 10.2.2011 - Samantha-dragon (7) - shot
... :bulletblue: 11001 - 10.2.2011 - jrtracey (8) - shot -………
6. :bulletblue: 11011 - 10.2.2011 - ShioraYuu (9) - shot -
... :bulletblue: 11011 - 10.2.2011 - Samantha-dragon (10) - shot
7. :bulletblue: 11111 - 14.2.2011 - Fey-rine (11) - shot -
... :bulletblue: 11111 - 14.2.2011 - ShadowWolfGara (12) - shot -
u need to chatch only one of them to get into competition (if u catch more never mind, bigger ur chance to win). if any of them will not be caught, there will be less finalists :D
and what could u win? every catcher will get featured here next "his" number (llama, his or her name and links to 3 deviations - no thumbnails, my premium membership is over ^^;) AND when the last of kiriban will pass i choose one of all finalists and draw lineart like this of one character!* u can finish it with colors and i can present it as our colaboration ;P
i really dont mind what kind of character it will be, results u can see in my gallery :D i promise i will do my best.
Its getting closer! :la:
* winner get quality scan (as i do with art trades), original will not be send (shipping is quite expensive for me, sorry ^^;)

EDIT3: Kiriban wasnt caught
just for ur info, i caught myself kiriban ^^; nobody else was founded...
so maybe next time again :D what about 11.111?

EDIT2: Quick kiriban anyone? :D
yay, try to catch my 9.999 kiriban and u will get feature of 3 deviantions (links in my journal) and llama from me :) just for screen shot :)

EDIT: Solar Eclipse
hey, i hope u know that there was solar ecipse yesterday :D
i got some photos and submit them here for those who cant saw it. it was awesome!…
download for full size and enjoy!
and of course i wish u all the best in new year :hug:

Merry Xmas and happy new year to all of u!
yay, xmas is almost here and i still need to finish two picture presents :O :work: and im not talking about all school work i have to finish... no matter ;P
its all i wanted to say, just cleaning my profile from premium member things :D i hope i will change folders in gallery soon...
hey, and i remember some of u vote in my poll that u want to buy or add to wishlist some things from my gallery - i try to submit almost evering to prints to, so u can choose! :)

here are all those people from which i STILL dont get ACEO original although ive send mine... :yawn:
:bulletred: NecromantDrakontas
:bulletred: Queenofdragins for me…

anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart……… loyal-llama-trading.deviantart…
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jrtracey's avatar
Ja sem hrozna, ja vim ^^' [link]
Samantha-dragon's avatar
:D já ho taky viděla XD nj, tak další odkazy... ;P
Syndraia's avatar
Máááám ho, 10.864, jen mi děsně trvá nahrávání obrázků, hned tu bude :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
to snad ne :XD: další dvojnásobný :D tak jo, čekám :)
Syndraia's avatar
Na co? :D mmch mám tušení žes místo odkazu na chycený kiriban hodia odkaz na svůj journál u mě ;)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
ne, odkaz opraven - já se jen nestihla podívat do tvého scrabooku ;P
Samantha-dragon's avatar
... a ještě jeden :D
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yeyra's avatar
Mám ho, mám!!! [link] X)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
gratulace :D jsi hned první :)
btw, mohla bys ten screenshot nahrát sem do scrapbooku? přidala bych si ho do favů, k ostatním, abych to pak nehledala :)
yeyra's avatar
A provedeno [link]
Samantha-dragon's avatar
taky děkuju, už jsem ti tam dala odkázky :)
yeyra's avatar
já chci kiriban... kníííí... ale tímhle tempem padne někdy v noci a ponocovat se mi nechce...
Samantha-dragon's avatar
já myslím, že to bude až ráno ;P i když... no otázka je kolik američanů to zaujalo XD
yeyra's avatar
No právě... zákeřný časový posun... grr.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
it seems i catch my own kiriban [link] ^^;
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