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I'm sorry but I must officially say that I couldn't beat this challenge. Thanks to school combinated with work and one bigger set of commissions I'm trying to work at made situation at which I can't offer even these... I won't accept more commissions of this type. And I'm not sure about taking any more commissions at this time to be honest - I really don't want to be unfair and make you waint all the time, that is not nice. Only already taken slots are going to be finished, of course :)
I'm sure I'm going to try beat this challenge someday later - it looked as fun :] You can check my actual "to do list" here:… (color bullets means how far I'm with it). As you can see I have almost everything sketched - I can sketch at school and on my ways (haha, yeah, they are crappy :D) but I can't take watercolors to school XD Imagine that :D That's something I love about ACEOs - I can simply take it with me, grab and take some color pencils with me and work on it during breaks at school etc. The only thing I can do during school is probably replying to notes, comments and trade llamas...
Thank you for undestanding and for all your interest :aww:

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so... since I'm quite slow with drawing (no matter if we talk about sketching, linearting or colouring) and I want to get better and learn how to be a bit quicker I'm going to open special type of commissions :] Or maybe trades or gifts, it depends on your interest :]

What is it about and why

I want to make myself work more and finish something often (I like that feeling when you finish something :3) than one or two ACEOs in a month... So I was playing with "Iron Artist Challenge" a bit and this is my version: My goal is going to be one finished picture per week for one year. It's not that much killing time (some people set the limit to one finished picture every day o.o) but it's not month (like I'm used to more now).
And to really make me finish it on time - it's going to be cheap commissions. They would be nice income to cover my bills on shipping ACEO trades at least :) I've already made a sketchbook with 60 sheets of paper (because of weeks in a year). It's almost A5 sized - that's second challenge for me because I'm used to sketch to A6 notepad only ^^; 

How does it work

Each page cost $5 USD (to my PayPal before I start). If you are able to pay only with dA points :points: ask first please - but it's going to cost 400 :points:
It's going to be traditional, mixed media, mixed styles and mixed types (fullbody, half body, portrait, set of details; portrait or landscape).
Each week I offer page which belongs to the next week - on Monday I should have payment and references. If there will be too much people interested, each page is going to be sold in auciton. If there won't be enough people interested I will use it for drawing (not only) birthday gifts, simple trades or fan art.
You can give me references of anything you want to see by me - any species, any gender, humans, anthros, soft mature, ferals, machines, nature... anything :) But - it's on your own risc - no refunding. As always, artist has right to decline your request.
If you want me to ship the original to you, I'm open to it - you just going to need send me more cash for shipping - ask please. For $5 USD (so basic prize) you will get good scan.
This offer will be shared between dA and FA.
Edit: I'm quite slow right now, thanks to deadly combination of school and work plus some other commissioned works. 


To take one comment here or note me.
  1. week (December 29 - January 4): WoW fan art: SP1: At The Ashenvale
  2. week (January 5 - 11): double char AT with AishilaSP2: Have You Ever Really Loved
  3. week (January 12 - 18): commission for ShySheri (FA) (ilovex): SP3: A Bit Shy Beauty
  4. week (January 19 - 25): commission of double button design for DarkAfi4Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary
  5. week (January 26 - February 1): commission for savrin330Commission: Would you like to join?
  6. week (February 2 - 8): commission for Bhaal999
  7. week (February 9 - 15): commission for Phillipzu
  8. week (February 16 - 22): OPEN

Finished pages

Finished pages of SP (=sketchbook project) from the oldest to the newest:
SP1: At The Ashenvale by Samantha-dragon  SP2: Have You Ever Really Loved by Samantha-dragon  SP3: A Bit Shy Beauty by Samantha-dragon  Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Would you like to join? by Samantha-dragon

(here will be thumb of each page, now here are examples - pfff, almost all are sooooo old ^^; I'm sorry - as I wrote, I didn't do many pictures on A5 in easier way than illustration)
Give Me All Your Lovin' by Samantha-dragon  Au Pair by Samantha-dragon  Friendship by Samantha-dragon Arredie: Music by Samantha-dragon   Tron by Samantha-dragon  San -sketch- by Samantha-dragon -C- Jrtracey: Master Cheveyan by Samantha-dragon      Centrosaurus by Samantha-dragon

© 2014 - 2021 Samantha-dragon
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Phillipzu's avatar
So, it's five dollars for a coloured picture as well? ;o;
Samantha-dragon's avatar
the prize is still the same, techniques and style may vary along my mood, idea, wish - you can slightly tell me what you would rather see ;)
Phillipzu's avatar
Oh my!
That's very cheap! :D

I'll commission you! x3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
heh, yep, I offered cheap commissions to start them out a little bit :D And people usually don't feel much comfortable when they pay for something they don't exactly know how it's going to look at the end :D

Oh, okay :] I just have to warm you - I'm at the second part of university semester so teachers realized (all at the same time) they want something from us - I'm quite slow with art now :(
Phillipzu's avatar
That's my opinion! xD

Ooh, that's fine! ^^
Phillipzu's avatar
Well, let's discuss some art, shall we? ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
of course, so... you have some idea?
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Little-BluBlu's avatar
A nejde to dát i na český money? tak trochu nemám dolárky a ani nesmím platit přes paypal(a taky to nefunguje) 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
stačí projevit zájem a domluvit by se to určitě dalo :) bankovní účet by vyhovoval?
Little-BluBlu's avatar
tak zájem by byl stopro, protože s talentovaným čechem se domluvím líp než třeba s němcem(maj ingliš) a mít od tebe něco doma by bylo super.
jo ten by snad šel(stačí překecat zázračnou kasičku co mi dluží) jenom prosím ceník, abych věděla co si můžu dovolit. 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
jo, tak to souhlasím :D 
mnu, to bude trochu problém, protože ceník tak úplně stanovený stále ještě nemám ^^; ono když mi každý obrázek trvá jinak dlouho... pošli mi note a určitě to nějak můžeme domluvit, mám teď ještě pár dalších obrázků (už zaplacených) a docela fofr ve škole... když tak si zkus projít galerku, najdi něco, co bys tak měla představu, že by bylo to ono, rozmysli kolik bys za to dala a uvidíme, co se s tím dá udělat :)
Draithen's avatar
Hello there!

May I ask, what is your opinion about sci-fi? Spaceships to be precise, a quite plain, simple one. (I saw you mentioned machines) I really loved the prev picture I got from you (although it was fantasy, about dragons), and I was toying with the tought of another commission (so far I don't know when)
Samantha-dragon's avatar

Well, I think everything should be tried and because in real life I enjoyed movie Gravity in 3D I think it would be fun. But I have never try it before :[
Hmmm, I'm not sure which picture you mean? ^^; 
It's okay since I'm holding this type of very cheap commissions through whole year 2015 :D
Draithen's avatar
Which? This!…
Well, I can only claim the 20% of it but still! :) (Smile) I could ask with big big wet eyes "did you forget me already?" Or maybe not! :P (Lick)
Also, Gravity was awesome indeed. I am used to 3D but that part when (SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT SEE IT YET) the space station was falling apart in the barrage of space junk, and she was spinning tangled in the chute lines, now that was a bit much :) (Smile)

edit: hidden comment is mine, I misplaced it, damn! :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
eh, but that picture is not by me ^^;
Yep, few places of movie were a bit too much but the rest, mainly the deep deep views were awesome!
Draithen's avatar
Oh my. OH damn I was so stoopid. Sorry. My bad. I messed it up! I got confused. I just want to hide in a corner and disappear :D (Big Grin)
Well, at least it is another reason to get a pic from you, just to compensate for this awkward situation :D (Big Grin) I shall see what my monthly budget allows and may contact you soon!

ps: Sorry again. My mind went full retard :D (Big Grin)
edit: aaaaand misplaced again. What's wrong with me?? :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
heh, that's okay! :D I though I wouldn't forget name of one of my few commissioners :D :D

There is enought time, stay calm ;) I only going to need some references, maybe it would be easier then to show me pictures that would be in some way okay for you? :]

ahahaha, maybe you are clicking and typing faster than you think all things to their end? :D Never mind, nothing wrong happened! :hug:
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