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It was long time quiet here...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2018, 5:45 AM
It's been pretty long quiet here from me but I hope things will get better again. I haven't stopped creating - to be honest I draw even more than I was few years before. But I focused more on practicing so I get many sketches of boring things or not so well turned out that I'm not sure if they should be seen online connected to my name! :D
Maybe you know that few years ago I started creating completely customizable diaries (but still only for czech speaking customers). Every season is even more hectic that the one before was and this end of year wasn't different. This how exactly my last months were looking like:

Correspondence by Samantha-dragon

Was your end of year so hectic too?

But back to actual things :)
I wanted to join another contest/event from :iconworld-of-colderra::
*JUDGED*Colderrian grand Prix 2018HERE ARE RESULTS!

CZ/SK popis

Bodování sem nepřekládala, kdyby někdo nerozuměl, napiště mi po journal, a dopřeložím.
Colderska velka cena 2018
Last year we skipped this, but this year, it's here again.
(Also other equines breeds, Shedu cats, Tokotas or other wolf/cat/bear riding animals are ALLOWED TO JOIN, but please let me know what creture you want to join, if it's not from Colderra.)
Everyone is welcome to join, not only members of World-of-Colderra

CGPX 2018 registered participants

RACES: Steeplechase pentatlon, night path of elements
Held: Zoltar race area in Colderra
Deadline: 30th november 2018 midn

Feel free to join, it would be fun, but not too much time left :D I have prepared two pictures and sketch for third so let's hope I'll finish it too.
So there will be new pictures today/tommorrow! :3

Also, I wanted to wish you all merry Christmas and happy new year! 

Quick horse pixelart icon commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2016, 10:26 AM
All slots from previous batches are sold and finished, so let's open another batch of 3 slots after some time! :3

Using base I made myself I'll make simply animated icon of your horse.
Background color is set along colors of character (or along your wish).
Adding simple details like horns, mane or markings is in price.
You can choose direction of head.
Only picture references please to keep things quick and simple.


Icon of Joker by Samantha-dragon   Commission: Icon of Noire by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of griffin horseized by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Umber And Carbon by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Alban by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Aries by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Locmuine's spirit of fire by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Naesicre by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Nyah Joy by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Merah of Winter's Fall by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Larimar by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Aillo by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Ishvan by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Captain by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Luna by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icon of Hazel by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Icons of Percival by Samantha-dragon


100 :points:
If you are interested more in PayPal, let me know.
If you would like to pay with art, ask please.
Payment in advance please.


You will get static PNG image (50×50 px) with transparent background and animated GIF image (50×50 px).
Both will be send though Notes as link to my or as e-mail message attachment.
This type is quick so one week is max. deadline to finish these. Counted from the moment I'll get payment and proper reference image and will agree with it.


If you need icon in different size, such as 100×100 px, I can change it but only if you will stick to sizes which are multiples of 50 (because of picture quality).
Finished product will be submited here and added as an example.
I'm not open to custom pixel art icons now, this offer is only for this base. But if the shape of head fits to your dragon or other species go on, I'll be happy to make you icon too! Small changes are okay but always matter of discuss.
I can reject commission without reasons.


Comment to get one! ^^ In case of more interested people I might open more slots after these will be finished :)
  1. :bulletgreen: [finished] Perim-Master - turn griffin baby into horse: perim-master Griffin Baby =>  Commission: Icon of griffin horseized by Samantha-dragon
  2. :bulletgreen: [finished] baddestbayUmber And Carbon =>  Commission: Icon of Umber And Carbon by Samantha-dragon
  3. :bulletgreen: [finished] VocemIgnis3962 | Foal Design =>  Commission: Icon of Alban by Samantha-dragon
  4. :bulletgreen: [finished] VocemIgnis - Aries Adopt Me Aries By Artistic Pineapple-d90o3qu =>  Commission: Icon of Aries by Samantha-dragon
  5. :bulletgreen: [finished] originalsoundtrackLocmuine's Spirit of Fire =>  Commission: Icon of Locmuine's spirit of fire by Samantha-dragon
  6. :bulletgreen: [finished] LunameyzaNaesicre =>  Commission: Icon of Naesicre by Samantha-dragon
  7. :bulletgreen: [finished] MinthiyNyah Joy =>  Commission: Icon of Nyah Joy by Samantha-dragon
  8. :bulletgreen: [finished] LunameyzaMerah of Winter's Fall =>  Commission: Icon of Merah of Winter's Fall by Samantha-dragon
  9. :bulletgreen: [finished] Pinear - Larimar: =>  Commission: Icon of Larimar by Samantha-dragon
  10.  :bulletgreen: [finished] Jahpan - Aillo =>  Commission: Icon of Aillo by Samantha-dragon
  11. :bulletgreen: [finished] DivinityEclipse - Ishvan =>  Commission: Icon of Ishvan by Samantha-dragon
  12. :bulletgreen: [finished] IcyBeatCaptain =>  Commission: Icon of Captain by Samantha-dragon
  13. :bulletgreen: [finished] DivinityEclipse - Luna =>  Commission: Icon of Luna by Samantha-dragon
  14. :bulletgreen: [finished] prte1525 Hazel =>  Commission: Icon of Hazel by Samantha-dragon
  15. :bulletgreen: [finished] xxspritePercival (want both types of mane) =>  Commission: Icons of Percival by Samantha-dragon
  16. :bulletwhite: [open]

Thank you for attention and interest!   

Canceled or too long reservations without info:
:bulletred: [reserved] Noirramoss -… - waiting for more info

Update: Winners of raffle! :3 Winner of kiriban!

Flag of Czech Republic Stručná česká mutace připojena na konec =P Flag of Czech Republic 

Wow, just wow! Wow! I'm pretty close to reach this milestone and I feel so proud! You are awesome! Yes, YOU, this all is thanks to you, who supports me! :huggle: I've never think I can reach that high and it still seems that new people come and like my works... I'm so happy, it's so heart-warming! :love: I've also get more than 2.000 watchers, wow. And... I realized that I held my last raffle when I reached exactly the half of pageviews and watchers count... :D I guess that's great occasion to celebrate it a little :3
So... let's celebrate it by offering some art for you by me! Gift for You I made poll to know your preferences as an inspiration... And because I wasn't sure what offer would be best... let's combinate it so everybody can find something suitable for them ^^
So...Let's get it started! :happybounce:

Pixel: Gift Gifts Pixel: Gift

Free and suprise art for my kind watchers! I'm going to pick few of them (let's say 5 or maybe more, we will see) and draw something for them. I'm not sure what type of art they will get, probably some icons, portraits, sketchies...? We will see, it's going to be surprise, right? =P I will submit them during "party time".

(I will place thumbs of submited pieces here)
Gift: Rainbow Feather by Samantha-dragon Gift: Vertigo by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Galaxis by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Silly Coon by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Cold As Ice by Samantha-dragon

Pixel: Gift Show us your panties, finally! Pixel: Gift

Maybe somebody missed why this option appeared in "party poll" :D It started as joke of my love - he made me to ask you, if you want me to draw mature art too... and because options "yes!", "no...", "maayybeee...?" are so boring he came up with option "Show me your panties!" - and he didn't belive me that I'd really place it there, for public voting! xD I did, the poll is here and this "panties" option came out pretty popular. Wow, you are just so curious =P But... I have a plan, muhehe, let's be suprised ;) Result will be submited after I finish it and 100k will pass.

(Link to finished plan here later ;))

Pixel: Gift Raffle Pixel: Gift [CLOSED]

Flag of Czech Republic Tombola


Raffle is for people who watched me before I announced this. (So no watching only to get free art x.x) Play fair, I will check it >:3. I have opened this at July 1 (almost) midnight.
There is no need to fav this journal since there is limit for participants ;) (Wink)
This raffle will be closed on July 31 midnight (last second before turning into August). Coundown is here.

How to join

Read the rules.
Follow them.
Comment this journal (even comment "me please" is fine).
In reply you will get a number.
After closing raffle I will pick 5 (or maybe more, depends on my time) winners using

Results, prizes

Prizes will be pictures similar to those I draw as gifts, so you can look forward to some portraits, icons, sketches etc. :) And of course, any kind of reference is fine, challenges are great for me to move myself forward :)

Raffle-winners by Samantha-dragon

So, first set of winners are:
:bulletgreen: 13 = fluorescent-lobster ... finished!  Raffle prize: First snow by Samantha-dragon
:bulletwhite: 5 = MarcinMurach
:bulletgreen: 15 = Tygriess ... finished!  Raffle prize: Tygriess by Samantha-dragon
:bulletgreen: 18 = TheNullwalker ... finished!  Raffle prize: Happy Myra by Samantha-dragon
:bulletgreen: 29 = Phoeline ... finished!  Raffle Prize: Sincen by Samantha-dragon

Pixel: Gift Kiriban 100.000 pageviews Pixel: Gift [CLOSED]

Prize: Passionate Aria by Samantha-dragon
Update: Winner is :iconsavrin330: savrin330 - congratulations! Cheerleader 
And thank you all for joining the hunt :)

I love hunting for kiribans but it happens that people manipulate their screenshots and fake winning. 
As an artist, I trust kiribans no more :/ 

Because of my love to them, let's open one this time. 

Play FAIR. If not, I'm going to haunt you. Better to be nice guys, 'kay? Sherlock Holmes

Anybody who will send me screenshot of 100.000 will win something by me. 
I'm still not sure what it will be, it may vary from sketch to... flat color? We will see, it depends on my free time and on references.


  • this offer is open for everybody, no need to be my watcher (but it'd be more fair)
  • FULL screenshot - there should be visible my profile with anounced amount of pageviewsyou logged in dAyour time
  • submit it to your please: 
  • only one winner - if there are again more people who catched it, I will choose winner along this rules:
    • who send me NOTE with link to screenshot first will win
    • if I have some doubts about verity of screenshot I can send you few questions, for example ask you to send me screenshot of Properties of screenshot where is visible date and time of creation
  • if you break some rules I can't count you as winner (even if you are first)
  • this time I'm open for any kind of refenrece (dragon, feral, anthro, human, nature, architerture, technic, anything :) (Smile) ), you can add me some wish about what would you like to see
  • if it happens and nobody will catch exactly 100.000 I will take as winner the next one person who will screenshot the closest number over 100.000 

Pixel: Gift YCHs and preposed commission offers starting very cheap Pixel: Gift

You can expect some later, just announcing them asap :3 More info about will appear here probably. First YCH (your character here) auction one is here! ^^
All YCHs and preposed offers are placed here, in one gallery folder:…
Commissions will be announced later, as I need to finish my price list and TOS document first :D

YCH auction: Bookmark - 20 x 8 cm [SOLD] by Samantha-dragon =>  Finished YCH: Flight at Evening by Samantha-dragon

Note: If you will be choosen or win in more than one cathegory it's upon artist if you will get more prizes/gifts or if the chance will be rather given to others.

Flag of Czech Republic Česká verze (zkráceno) Flag of Czech Republic 

Opravdu se mi nechce všechno překládat do češtiny :blush: Takže... jde o to, že se mi blíží krásných kulatých 100.000 zobrazení + více než 2.000 sledujících tvorů. Jako odměnu pro vás (protože to opravdu zdaleka není jen má zásluha) jsem se rozhodla uspořádat menší párty - a dárky budou připraveny pro vás! :) Bohužel nezvládnu udělat nějaký pro každého, takže tohle je popis, jak se k nějakému "nachomítnout" :)

Pixel: Gift Dárky Pixel: Gift 

Budu kreslit sadu menších dárků pro některé ze sledujících. Výběr bude čistě podle toho, jaká jména si pamatuju jako častá, přátelská nebo u koho najdu charakter, který se mi bude dobře kreslit. Nahrávat budu průběžně, můžete očekávat skici, portréty, ikonky apod.

Pixel: Gift "Show us your panties, finally" Pixel: Gift 

Aneb "Ukaž nám kalhotky, konečně" - vzniklo to dávno a jako takový hec mého přítele Dreita :D Posílala jsem anketku o názoru na "mature art", obrázky pro velký - ve smyslu různých pin-up, aktů apod. Odpovědi "ano prosím" a "radši ne" mi přišly dost nudné, Dreit nadhodil třetí možnost "ukaž nám kalhotky" a... no, nevěřil mi, že bych to tam fakt dala k veřejnýmu hlasování :D Dala a poměrně velká část (rozhodně nad moje očekávání) vybírala právě tuto možnost :D Takže... až padne 100.000 zobrazení a budu mít plán připravený, tak zveřejním =P Víc je to překvapení.

Pixel: Gift Tombola Pixel: Gift 

Aneb cesta jak 5 z vás může získat obrázek, zadarmo, všechno co pro přihlášení stačí udělat, je přidat komentář k tomuto journalu (a být mým sledujícím už z dob před vyhlášením této akce). Každému z komentujících přidělím číslo, 1. srpna pak pomocí generátoru náhodných čísel vyberu 5 tvorů, kteří dostanou nějakou cenu. Ještě nevím co to bude, očekávat můžete opět něco jako byly dárky výše - portréty, skici, ikonky atd. Hodně záleží jak mi sedne charakter a kolik budu mít času.

Pixel: Gift Kiriban Pixel: Gift 

Kiribany jsou hrozně nedůvěryhodné. Lidi je ve snaze získat obrázky zadarmo falšují. Vyhrává jediný člověk, který sedí na mém profilu a obnovuje a obnovuje. Vyhrávají členové, kteří s vámi nemají vůbec co do činění, jsou to pouze "lovci kiribanů" cíleně bloudící po deviantu. Jenže já kiribany lovím ráda. A byla by škoda mých prvních sto tisíc minout. 


  • chytat může kdokoliv, nemusí být mým sledujícím
  • PLNÝ snímek obrazovky - měl by být vidět můj profil s inzerovaným počtem zobrazení, tvoje jméno v přihlášení do dAtvůj čas
  • nahrávejte do svého prosím: 
  • pouze jeden vítěz - pokud se mi opět ozve víc lidí, budu vybírat výherce podle následujících pravidel:
    • kdo mi pošle NOTE (soukromou zprávu) s odkazem na snímek první
    • pokud budu mít nějaké pochybnosti o pravosti snímku, mohu poslat pár dotazů - například žádost o poslání snímku Vlastností daného souboru
  • pokud porušíš pravidla, nemohu tě počítat jako vítěze (i kdybys byl/a první)
  • můžete si vymyslet libovolný požadavek, udělám co bude v mých silách :)
  • pokud se stane, že nikdo nechytne přesně 100.000, budu brát jako vítěze toho, kdo mi pošle snímek nejbližšího vyššího počtu zobrazení než 100.000 

Pixel: Gift YCH a levné "před-pózované" zakázky Pixel: Gift 

YCH (your-character-here = tvůj charakter zde) jsou aukce, kde je nabízena skica, která bude upravena podle charakteru/přání vítěze aukce. Detaily aukce jsou popsány přímo v detailu nahrané skici.
"Před-pózovené" zakázky jsou vlastně nabídnutím mých skic ke koupi a rozpracování s vaším charakterem do zadané kvality (za příslušnou cenu) - bez aukce. Zveřejnění takových bude asi ještě chvíli trvat, potřebuji dokončit ceník a pravidla pro zakázky :blush:

Quick traditional portrait commission [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2016, 6:49 AM
I have quite big taste to draw something so... I wanted to try offer one quick slot of this commission type, picture should be completed today:
*is so curious how quick will be your interest :D*


Omega by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Freyja by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Seductive look by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Simply glowing portrait by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Bestie by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Norbu by Samantha-dragon  Comission: Jeremiah by Samantha-dragon

Traditional sketch, mainly as headshot, portrait or smaller part of character without any special background.
technique: graphite pencil / one color pencil
original size: ~ A6
time: ~ 1 hour
price: $4 (there may be additional an extra cost $1-2 for more complicated character)
surcharge: $1 for one/two extra color for small parts (last three examples)
shipping: $5 (worldwide registered mail)

I'm fine with drawing traditionall art without shipping - that means you will get "only" original print-sized scan.

Info about you

Sent here or to notes, depends on you :)
  • Your name/nickname I can call you with - this name/nick will be mentioned later in submissions too as customer, if not specified differently (or want to stay anonnymous)
  • Your e-mail where I can contact you - if not whole conversation wiil be there I can use it at least when the site where we were communicating is down etc.
  • Commission type - along Price list
  • Character(s) included - picture references strontly prefered (as english is not my native it may happen some missunderstading in too complicated description only), try to keep they number low or give me one main and others just for info. It's not able to draw along more then two references as there are usually too big differences between them.
  • Your wish - try to write me what you expect from me, link pictures similar type you like most etc.


... full price through PayPal before I start drawing. Just please wait until I accept your commission.


  1. savrin330 - thank you! Cheerleader - finished and here to see:  Comission: Jeremiah by Samantha-dragon

Commission info: Badge-Button price list

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 2:51 AM
My actual status about commissions/trades/etc. is on my profile page (right side, in the middle). If you are interested in craft trade simply Note me please and we can talk about it (even when art trades are closed).

If you would get lost at all the informations or want to know something I didn't write here, feel free to Note me with your questions :)

What can I offer

I primary offer making of button from given data. That means you already have some picture you want to use on button, send it to me, get the preview PDF and pay. I make the button and send it to you. Sometimes I'll open special type of commissions when you can order picture drawn by me especially for your button + making (one or more) button with that picture at the same time.

Why me?

I hate making advertisement on myself but without it bussiness simply doesn't work. So here we go. I can offer you personal approach, help with choosing right picture and some simple editions of that picture. If you are really interested in ordering button from me, I can make you PDF with preview of cut out visible on the badge for free, tell you if given picture is useable - such as image size, resolution, if there is enough space for some overlap of picture around the sides of button…

I'm detailist so I always do my best to get the highest quality - in button making it's colors on button the most similar to colors on monitor and cut out similar as much as possible to the one I gave you as preview. I can promise you I won't give your data to anybody else and that I won't sell any other button from data you gave me. So you can have the one unique button that nobody else can have! Isn’t it great?
It's okay for me to keep your order private, same as photos of the results. I’m trying to be open, friendly and it makes me happy to make commissions for others, so there is no need to feel bad or stressed. Don’t be shy to ask, I'm happy to answer all your questions :]


To make this a little more interesting, there are few examples of already finished buttons:
 Commission: Button for Malware365 by Samantha-dragon Commission: set of buttons for Mikiseek by Samantha-dragon Commission: Set of buttons for CraftyMaelyss by Samantha-dragon  Commisison: AzureParagon button by Samantha-dragon Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Button of halloween Samantha by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Buttons of Evening Nava by Samantha-dragon
All submited photos can be found here in gallery subfolder:…

Prices and sizes

I primary offer buttons with pin on the back, but we can talk about mirrors, magnets, earrings - just Note me. Right now I have two diameters (37 and 58 mm) in stock so I primary offer those, but I can offer more when you are interested - just Note me, I can offer both smaller and bigger diameters.
  • pin at back - diameter 37 mm (~ 1.46"): $ 1.5 USD / 1,3 € / 35 CZK
  • pin at back - diameter 58 mm (~ 2.29"): $ 1.5 USD / 1,3 € / 35 CZK
  • glass mirror at back - diameter 56 mm (~ 2.21"): $ 2.2 USD / 2 € / 55 CZK
Size of pictures for buttons:
  • 70 mm (~ 827 px) picture => 58 mm (~ 685 px) button
  • 50 mm (~ 591 px) picture => 37 mm (~ 437 px) button

This prices cover making one button from already existing data. If you want more than one button, simply multiply the price by number of pieces you want. Shipping price is counted separately, for details please sroll down and you’ll find it.
I can make any count of buttons, from one to almost unlimited.
I accept Paypal (rather in USD) and real money (cash or bank account) in CZK. Primary, I do not accept dA points - if you happen to be interested only in points payment, Note me and we can talk about it.

It's my right to do not accept commission without any specified reason.
If you want/need to get button faster then please Note and we can talk about what is possible (shipping is the longest part of process) - maybe there will be some "rush fee".


I can refund you if you want, but only before I start to work on button - if you wish to stop and be refund while buttons are made, you will probably get back only shipping part of payment. If this happens and I will see that I have some problems, I will contact you through Notes and offer you solutions.

How does it run

  1. talking about your commission, answering questions
  2. sending me pictures you want to use
  3. making PDF preview of buttons for you + checking if they are okay for making the buttons (mainly their size)
  4. doing editions along your wish if it's needed
  5. if you accept, I'll wait until I recieve full payment
  6. making the button, usually takes me about a week
  7. sending you photo of finished buttons
  8. if you accept and everything is okay, give me your shipping address
  9. I'll pack and ship everything to you during two work days
  10. I'll submit the photo of finished buttons to my button gallery subfolder (if you don't want to allow me that, simply ask me at the start)
  11. depending on your country you will recieve your order safely
  12. ...everybody is happy! :3


Each button will be packed like this example:
example of packing of buttons by Samantha-dragon example of packing of buttons - back by Samantha-dragon

Safely pinned on thick paper and put into transparent bag, all safely wrapped to cover all those accidents during posting. It never happened to me that the package would arrived damaged. Plus is that buttons are quite waterproof - rain and these things are okay, but diving and taking showers with it are not recomended. With every ordered shippment you will get my visiting card with direct contacts to me.


I ship to all the countries my national post office allows (that means almost anywhere). All the shipping prices are counted for international registered mail. When sent, I'll give you international tracking number so you can keep any eye of package (at most of the countries it really works).
If it happens and letter would arrive damaged or would get completely lost, the post office would pay me insurance high enough for making you new (set of) button(s) and ship it this way to you again. If you would like me to ship it via regular mail (it's a bit cheaper), I have no problem with that, but I can't take any warranty about it's delivery.
From May 1st 2016 there are updated prices of shipping because of price change of post office.

  • Czech Republic
    • 46 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • 48 CZK - for more buttons
  • Europe
    • $ 5 USD / 4 € / 94 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • $ 6 USD / 5 € / 129 CZK - for more buttons
  • Other
    • $ 5 USD / 4 € / 100 CZK - fits to shipping of max: 3 small pin buttons / 2 bigger pin buttons / 2 mirror buttons
    • $ 7 USD / 6 € / 145 CZK - for more buttons
Shipping prices in $ and € covers Paypal fees too.
If you plan order a lot more buttons I'll calculate final shipping price along number of ordered buttons - shipping price depends on weight of final package.

Copyright note

I can't take accountability of copyrights and author rights of any given picture. This accountability is only on my customer, because button is made for his private needs and not for any other sell. I won't accept making a ton of buttons from one picture without question to customer if hehas permission of author/owner.

Featured artist: Kayrea (is BACK!)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 13, 2015, 8:11 AM
edit of edit! :3 Kay is shiny back here and almost allright - go and welcome her here at her journal about these things which had happened: Dafak woman?! I didn't even know that deactivated account can be activated back again O.o but it really nice to see her back :aww:

edit: She deactivated her account here today because of her personal problems. I'm in touch with her and I hope she will return here too - for now... ejoy this feature for the last time before it disappears due to the deactivated account. Farewell, dear Kay, at least with this username, we all hope! :huggle:
If you are interested in leting her some cheerfull note just hit me and I can sent her link or copy paste :)

It'a first time I'm doing this thing but... dear watchers, I think you should know my friend and great (and still growing) artist Kaarhai! :dummy: I'm going to tell you something about her but mainly, scroll down and check some of her pictures I picked for you :3

Who is Kaarhai

Quoted part is stolen right from her profile.
"Known as a crazy one, familiar with mistakes and lazy all the time! Sometimes way too forgerful and moody (once hyperactive, once booored..), the creature which loves languages (knows basics of many, none really), art of every kind (metaaaaaalmusic, pictures, books), traveling, doing and talking nonsense and of course.. Dragons!"
Kayrea is 17 years old female who comes from and lives at Czech Republic (the heart of Europe). I know her as almost always funny person, sometimes a bit sarcastic but chatting with her is always nice. Kay is openminded so if you feel like contact her, leave her comment or note :)
She also have very lovely character:

Art of Kayrea

Kayrea is drawing traditionally and digitally too, mainly dragons but sometimes other things too - here some pictures I pick from her gallery as I like them most :aww:


Contact and more info

She is into trading little pieces called ACEOs, doing art trades, doing (real money) commissions and sometimes she holds kiribans too - for actual info check her profile.
link to her gallery:…
link to FurAffinity account:… (not much active here)

Cheap weekly sketchbook commissions - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 8:40 AM
I'm sorry but I must officially say that I couldn't beat this challenge. Thanks to school combinated with work and one bigger set of commissions I'm trying to work at made situation at which I can't offer even these... I won't accept more commissions of this type. And I'm not sure about taking any more commissions at this time to be honest - I really don't want to be unfair and make you waint all the time, that is not nice. Only already taken slots are going to be finished, of course :)
I'm sure I'm going to try beat this challenge someday later - it looked as fun :] You can check my actual "to do list" here:… (color bullets means how far I'm with it). As you can see I have almost everything sketched - I can sketch at school and on my ways (haha, yeah, they are crappy :D) but I can't take watercolors to school XD Imagine that :D That's something I love about ACEOs - I can simply take it with me, grab and take some color pencils with me and work on it during breaks at school etc. The only thing I can do during school is probably replying to notes, comments and trade llamas...
Thank you for undestanding and for all your interest :aww:

dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins  Paypal Accepted Stamp by dalmins 
so... since I'm quite slow with drawing (no matter if we talk about sketching, linearting or colouring) and I want to get better and learn how to be a bit quicker I'm going to open special type of commissions :] Or maybe trades or gifts, it depends on your interest :]

What is it about and why

I want to make myself work more and finish something often (I like that feeling when you finish something :3) than one or two ACEOs in a month... So I was playing with "Iron Artist Challenge" a bit and this is my version: My goal is going to be one finished picture per week for one year. It's not that much killing time (some people set the limit to one finished picture every day o.o) but it's not month (like I'm used to more now).
And to really make me finish it on time - it's going to be cheap commissions. They would be nice income to cover my bills on shipping ACEO trades at least :) I've already made a sketchbook with 60 sheets of paper (because of weeks in a year). It's almost A5 sized - that's second challenge for me because I'm used to sketch to A6 notepad only ^^; 

How does it work

Each page cost $5 USD (to my PayPal before I start). If you are able to pay only with dA points :points: ask first please - but it's going to cost 400 :points:
It's going to be traditional, mixed media, mixed styles and mixed types (fullbody, half body, portrait, set of details; portrait or landscape).
Each week I offer page which belongs to the next week - on Monday I should have payment and references. If there will be too much people interested, each page is going to be sold in auciton. If there won't be enough people interested I will use it for drawing (not only) birthday gifts, simple trades or fan art.
You can give me references of anything you want to see by me - any species, any gender, humans, anthros, soft mature, ferals, machines, nature... anything :) But - it's on your own risc - no refunding. As always, artist has right to decline your request.
If you want me to ship the original to you, I'm open to it - you just going to need send me more cash for shipping - ask please. For $5 USD (so basic prize) you will get good scan.
This offer will be shared between dA and FA.
Edit: I'm quite slow right now, thanks to deadly combination of school and work plus some other commissioned works. 


To take one comment here or note me.
  1. week (December 29 - January 4): WoW fan art: SP1: At The Ashenvale
  2. week (January 5 - 11): double char AT with AishilaSP2: Have You Ever Really Loved
  3. week (January 12 - 18): commission for ShySheri (FA) (ilovex): SP3: A Bit Shy Beauty
  4. week (January 19 - 25): commission of double button design for DarkAfi4Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary
  5. week (January 26 - February 1): commission for savrin330Commission: Would you like to join?
  6. week (February 2 - 8): commission for Bhaal999
  7. week (February 9 - 15): commission for Phillipzu
  8. week (February 16 - 22): OPEN

Finished pages

Finished pages of SP (=sketchbook project) from the oldest to the newest:
SP1: At The Ashenvale by Samantha-dragon  SP2: Have You Ever Really Loved by Samantha-dragon  SP3: A Bit Shy Beauty by Samantha-dragon  Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary by Samantha-dragon  Commission: Would you like to join? by Samantha-dragon

(here will be thumb of each page, now here are examples - pfff, almost all are sooooo old ^^; I'm sorry - as I wrote, I didn't do many pictures on A5 in easier way than illustration)
Give Me All Your Lovin' by Samantha-dragon  Au Pair by Samantha-dragon  Friendship by Samantha-dragon Arredie: Music by Samantha-dragon   Tron by Samantha-dragon  San -sketch- by Samantha-dragon -C- Jrtracey: Master Cheveyan by Samantha-dragon      Centrosaurus by Samantha-dragon

oh well, I got tagged few times with this... thing. I like the idea and... okay, here is mine one :] Sadly, there's not many things others can help me with.
I love to get pictures in any stadium (sketches, doodles, quickies, speedpaints too!) but sadly I can't promise you one picture back ^^; Let's look at it like it's presents, no not-that-secret-Santa-trade, okay? ^^; Of course I'm going to fill you up with thanks and put you on my "list" of buddies I should do something for in future :]

1. my characters: dragoness Samantha, anthro cat Omega, werewolf girl Muriell
2. character of my beloved dragon Dreit
3. anything loving, carring, cuddling, sweet... with us, me and Dreit :heart:
4. pictures for my friends: Kaarhai (her wishlist) tomcio199214 (his wishlist) Nachiii Augala (her wishlist) ... and more :)
and those you probably can't help me with:
5. to finish all the promised things
6. to fulfill some wishes of my friends :)
7. more tiiiime to spend with Dreit :love:
8. to finish sending of all trades 
9. to complete all trades which are waiting for others...…

my presents for others :aww:
Gift: Paparazzi (in colors) by Samantha-dragon  Gift: Lost at Storm Peaks by Samantha-dragon
here you can go through more wishlists and if you feel like you can make some wishes come true! :aww:
Kayrea: Chrismas wishlist
Draggy-Night-Dragon: Christmas Wishlist
Christmas Wishlist

(CZ) Prizpusobitelny diar - commissions - OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 10:11 AM
Letos znovu mám otevřené commissions na přizpůsobitelné diáře na příští (a nejen ten) rok 2015. 
Je to nejen prostředek, jak na nic nezapomenout, ale také originální způsob osobní prezentace coby autora - nebo prostě jen můžete mít diář s jakýkoliv oblíbeným obrázkem. Je úplně jedno jestli to bude nějaké vaše dílo nebo oblíbená fotka z dovolené, či firemní reklamní :] Nebo se také může jednat o zcela jistě užitečný a zajímavý dárek, který určitě obdarovaný od nikoho jiného nedostane.
Jakékoliv dotazy ráda zodpovím, stačí napsat.

:new: Letos nově je základní podoba diáře mírně odlišná od předešlého roku - prosím, pozorně si přečtěte informace o diářích a cenách níže.
:new: Letos nově jsem také přidala další typ a formát diářů, více informací níže.


Následují fotky s ukázkami již realizovaných diářů v různých formátech a přizpůsobeních obsahu (níže potom i detailní info):

Diary 2012 by Samantha-dragon Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon  Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon  Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon Commission: chid0 diary by Samantha-dragon  Allpa by Samantha-dragon  Shareaza by Samantha-dragon  Lelix by Samantha-dragon 

Veškeré zveřejněné fotky diářů mám v galerii, případně se můžete podívat i na fotky včetně podobně vyráběných bloků a skicářů.


Diáře si zhotovuji sama prostřednictvím vybavení naší rodinné firmy, vše na profesionální úrovni - od přípravy dat k tisku, přes tisk, řezání, laminaci desek, zakulacení rohů, vysekání dírek, sešití drátěnou vazbou až po finální přišití záložkové stuhy. Materiály jsou kvalitní, diáře vyrobené touto technologií používám již pátým rokem - a ten rok používání vydrží bez výraznějšího odrbání nebo dokonce rozpadnutí se. [důkazové foto po roce ve školním batohu mohu samozřejmě dodat]


  • formát strany diáře: 
    • A5 (~ 148 x 210 mm)
    • A6 (~ 105 x 148 mm)
    • B6 (~ 125 x 176 mm) :new:
  • vzhled kalendária: 
    • pro formáty A5/A6: sloupcový 3+4 dni s hodinami
    • pro formát B6: řádkový 4+3 dni + místo na poznámky :new:
  • kalendárium v různém rozsahu (napište si prosím které):
    • školní / akademický rok - od začátku září do konce srpna následujícího roku
    • klasické - od začátku ledna do konce prosince
    • jiné? pište, domluvíme se : )
  • obsahuje:
    • podrobné české svátky (jmenné i státní)
    • měsíční fáze (pouze typ sloupcový)
    • čísla týdnů
    • počet dní od začátku roku a počet dní do konce roku (pouze typ řádkový) :new:
    • změny času na letní/zimní
    • kompaktní přehledové kalendárium pro daný měsíc  (pouze typ sloupcový)
    • na přání mohu přidat přehledové kalendárium pro celé období diáře :new:
    • na přání mohu přidat na začátek diáře stranu s informacemi o vlastníkovi (užitečné v případě ztráty a snahy o navrácení) :new:
    • pár volných stran na konci na poznámky
  • vzhled diáře a použité materiály:
    • desky (přední i zadní) jsou podle přání vytištěny na profesionální laserové tiskárně a dále celoplošně zataveny do lesklého lamina (celková síla jedné desky je 0,5 mm: 0,25 mm folie + síla papíru + 0,25 mm folie)
    • zadní desky z tvrdé knihařské lepenky (z obou stran je šedá, probarvená, síla 1-2 mm) :new:
    • vnitřní strany desek i zadní desky zvenku jsou obvykle bílé (ale není problém se domluvit na potištěných)
    • uvnitř je použit papír 80 g/m2, na který se příjemně píše tužkou, propiskou i plnícím perem a zvýrazňovač nebo fixa není okamžitě prosáklá i z druhé strany
    • vazba je drátěná obvykle v černé nebo bílé barvě (podle stavu skladu, to se můžeme domluvit)
    • stuha (v barvě podle domluvy) je vzadu ručně přišita k prvním kroužkům vazby
    • guma na stažení diáře (v barvě podle nabídky: černá, bílá, svítivě žlutá, svítivě zelená, svítivě oranžová) ručně sešitá do obruče :new:
  • pokud byste z nějakého důvodu chtěli cokoliv v diáři změnit (použitý font, změnit jazyk, svátky, jeho celkový formát atd.) stačí napsat a domluvíme se : )
  • všechny diáře by měly být hotové tak, aby do Vánoc už byly u vás - ale čím dříve se domluvíme, tím dříve je budete mít : ) co nejdříve (cca týden)
  • u obrázků si za práva k jejich použití ručíte sami, já pouze použiji dodaná data
  • je možné, že se i přes veškerou snahu během zpracování mírně změní očekávaná barevnost obrázku - dolaďovat barvy obrázku podle monitoru na tisku se sice snažím, tiskárna kalibrovaná je, ale stejné to být nemusí - navíc barvy mírně mění i lamino
 Nahled stran: Stencil by Samantha-dragon Nahled stran: Calibri by Samantha-dragon  Nahled-stran-vodorovny-calibri by Samantha-dragon Nahled-strany-prehledove Kalendaria by Samantha-dragon Nahled strany: Komu patrim by Samantha-dragon

Cena, platba

A6 - základní podoba

Diář má (zde jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "a zároveň"):
  • přední desku - laminovaný jednostranný barevný tisk (= uvnitř deska bílá)
  • diárium - standardní z výběru, černobílé
  • zadní desku - karton
  • kulaté rohy
Cena takového diáře je 150 Kč + poštovné.

A6 - příplatkové možnosti

Diář může mít:
  • navíc záložkovou stuhu: + 10 Kč
  • navíc gumu na stažení: + 10 Kč
  • strana s informacemi o vlastníkovi na začátku: + 0 Kč
  • strany s přehledovým kalendáriem (zařazené před samotným diáriem): + 0 Kč
  • výměnu kartonu za (následující jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "nebo"):
    • zadní strana - bílý laminovaný papír: + 15 Kč
    • zadní strana - laminovaný jednostranný tisk (= vnitřní strana bílá): +20 Kč
    • přední i zadní strana potištěné z obou stran (z vnější i vnitřní strany desek), laminované: + 50 Kč

A5 - základní podoba

Diář má (zde jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "a zároveň"):
  • přední desku - laminovaný jednostranný barevný tisk (= uvnitř deska bílá)
  • diárium - standardní z výběru, černobílé
  • zadní desku - karton
  • kulaté rohy
Cena takového diáře je 175 Kč + poštovné.

A5 - příplatkové možnosti

Diář může mít:
  • navíc záložkovou stuhu: + 10 Kč
  • navíc gumu na stažení: + 10 Kč
  • strana s informacemi o vlastníkovi na začátku: + 0 Kč
  • strany s přehledovým kalendáriem (zařazené před samotným diáriem): + 0 Kč
  • výměnu kartonu za (následující jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "nebo"):
    • zadní strana - bílý laminovaný papír: + 20 Kč
    • zadní strana - laminovaný jednostranný tisk (= vnitřní strana bílá): +25 Kč
    • přední i zadní strana potištěné z obou stran (z vnější i vnitřní strany desek), laminované: + 55 Kč

B6 - základní podoba

Diář má (zde jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "a zároveň"):
  • přední desku - laminovaný jednostranný barevný tisk (= uvnitř deska bílá)
  • diárium - standardní z výběru, černobílé
  • zadní desku - karton
  • kulaté rohy
Cena takového diáře je 170 Kč + poštovné.

B6 - příplatkové možnosti

Diář může mít:
  • navíc záložkovou stuhu: + 10 Kč
  • navíc gumu na stažení: + 10 Kč
  • strana s informacemi o vlastníkovi na začátku: + 0 Kč
  • strany s přehledovým kalendáriem (zařazené před samotným diáriem): + 0 Kč
  • výměnu kartonu za (následující jednotlivé odrážky ve významu "nebo"):
    • zadní strana - bílý laminovaný papír: + 15 Kč
    • zadní strana - laminovaný jednostranný tisk (= vnitřní strana bílá): +20 Kč
    • přední i zadní strana potištěné z obou stran (z vnější i vnitřní strany desek), laminované: + 50 Kč
V případě úprav obsahu a dalších změn zde nepopsaných se domluvíme osobně - závisí to na ceně použitých materiálů.
Platba buď osobně nebo bankovním převodem na účet po objednání (= před výrobou) - pokud by někdo chtěl mít jistotu, že "nesbalím prachy a neuteču", tak jsem ochotna po domluvě platbu i rozpůlit - polovina po objednání, polovina po dokončení. Platba osobně při předání letos už pouze pro již ověřené zákazníky z minulých běhů - bohužel se našli tací, kteří si diář objednají, nechají vyrobit a pak se k němu nehlásí.
Poštovné a balné vychází na 40 Kč (do této kategorie se vejde i poslání dvou diářů A5 v jednom balíčku).


Objednání je závazné a po zahájení výroby ho již nelze stornovat - každý kus diáře vyrábím na zakázku.
Dotazy nebo objednávky prosím pište sem do komentářů, soukromě mně do Notes nebo na e-mail či můj Pokud by byl někdo zmatený z možností, měl nápad na něco ještě úplně jiného, kontaktujte mě prosím stejným způsobem.
Po objednání počkám na váš titulní obrázek/obrázky, připravím vám pdf s náhledem, jak přibližně bude na titulní straně umístěn, ujasníme si všechny možnosti a po zaplacení začnu diář vyrábět. V jakém stavu se váš diář momentálně nachází můžete vidět zde v přehledu (rychlejší, snažím se ho aktualizovat) nebo mi napište (pomalejší).


Po domluvě je možno předat osobně v Praze (nebo i jinde, pište) nebo poslat jako doporučené psaní poštou (40 Kč).

Kiriban 44.444 CLOSED + giveaways

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 3:21 PM
another giveaway:  3500 POINT GIVEAWAY! CLOSED!Thank you for so many entries!! Results will be posted shortly...!
Were celebrating 6 months in service for our group donations account! We have been doing weekly features for 6 months now and have done 27 of them so far! <3 Thank you to everyone who has donated or simply browsed our features! We here at Commission-Share can't thank you enough! So we will be giving away 3,500:points: to celebrate! <3
If you would like to be featured please go to :iconcommshare-donate: CommShare-Donate and read the terms before donating! ouo Prices range from 30-160:points: and go towards future giveaways! <3

:bulletorange: You must be a member of the group to participate! We will be checking!~
:bulletyellow: Favorite this journal
:bulletorange: Make a journal or poll to advertise this giveaway!
:bulletyellow: Comment bellow with your journal/poll to receive your entry!
:bulletorange: Include the words "6 months service" in your comment so I know you read the ru

edit: wow, so this was quite quick Wow!  winner is Orzel

Because 44.444 is nice number lets open one kiriban slot for it :)

Anybody (you dont have to be my watcher) who will send me screenshot of 44.444 will win something by me.

Im still not sure what it will be, it may vary from sketch to... icon? lineart? flat color? we will see, it depends on my free time and on references


  • FULL screenshot - there should be visible my profile with anounced amount of pageviewsyou logged in dAyour time
  • submit it to your please: 
  • only one winner - if there will be again more people catched it i will choose winner along this rules:
    • who send me NOTE with link to screenshot first will win
    • if i have some doubts about verity of screenshot i can send you few questions, for example ask you to send me screenshot of Properties of screenshot where is visible date and time of creation
  • if you break some rules i cant count you as winner (even you would be first)
  • this time im open for any kind of refenrece (dragon, feral, anthro, human, nature, architerture, technic, anything :) ), you can add me some wish about what would you like to see

yeah, and here you have link to one talented girl rosepeonie - she holds giveaway on points and even on dragon sculpture too:

Birthday wishes, presents and feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 6:18 AM
I wanted to say huge thank you for you all who have left nice words on my profile :aww: for all those kind wishes - and i even got some presents :love: points, cake badges and 3 month premium membership too! its my first time here when i got that big reaction of you, my dear watchers and friends so i only smile like idiot and cant believe my eyes :] so at least i uploaded 3 pictures today and i will share with you something from my favourites :]
thank you!
I finished choosing things to featurea bit later, so now i have even answered almost all messages and... now i have to thanks for gifts :] enjoy


thank you again for your gift :huggle: here, i made a little feature for you back at least :]
<da:thumb id="424080958"/> <da:thumb id="181099590"/> (okay okay, i know! XD but others follow, i just cant help myself ;))
<da:thumb id="429956301"/> <da:thumb id="133346419"/> <da:thumb id="407891988"/>  <da:thumb id="138762694"/><da:thumb id="435265638"/> <da:thumb id="418884752"/> <da:thumb id="413305060"/>
and be sure to check her Scraps too - she calls it "uncreative part" but... look yourself:
 <da:thumb id="411951715"/>  <da:thumb id="406474484"/>

Random artists

and here is some feature for you, the art i picked from my inspiration folder :)
Yet Another Avatar RevolutionThe Avatar Revolution Contest is now closed, and a few deviants will be helping me select the winners. Feel free to change your icon back to its original or to keep your flat color icon if you so prefer. :D
Thanks to all who participated, and I hope you all had fun taking part in this very glorious revolution. :giggle: Until next time, comrades. :salute:
This time inspired by the absolutely amazing, moving, and brilliant icon displayed below:
"A flat colour as an icon is the way to go!" - PhoenixDestruction

If you'd like to join in the Avatar Revolution, just pick your favorite color and set it as your icon. If we gain enough participants, perhaps we'll be able to put together a nice pixel artwork with each icon representing a pixel of color. :lol:
Check out the new contest as well as the pixel creations made from this revolution:

Comment below if you've changed your avatar, and I'll add you on to the list. :eager:
 <---- cool idea, browse comments to see what people made with avatars!
and now... simply enjoy and feel free to browse owners galleries ^^
The Green and The Blue by CD-STOCK The song of the surf by jrtracey Tulips Island by Ellysiumn 
Temple by megillakitty Desert City by ARTek92 Planet Bridge by dustycrosley Peaks by TylerThullCreations 
Liwa Desert by Ananyana Envy by Alyphoto Fishing Up My Dream by YanasPrecursor Live Fire (FINISHED!) by ABrickman 
Liquid Rock by JourneyHorse The Screaming Mountain by Rob-Joseph Neon by Charlie-Bowater Not the right way, but it is my way - Timelapse by Grypwolf 
Stoick the Vast by TsaoShin Puzzles of Imagination by IngridTan Shield of Itarilde - Full Variation by beadg1rl NINA by superschool48 
ACEO samantha-dragon by soulwithin465 Charakterdesign Remake 2014_Felina by Felina-Colibra Fukurou T-Shirt by camilladerrico Monarch Butterfly Dress by Crazy-Lola Rainbow Zebra - Ode to Fruit Stipes by Olechka01 
featured artists: CD-STOCK, jrtracey, Ellysiumn, megillakitty, ARTek92, dustycrosley, TylerThullCreations, Ananyana, Alyphoto, YanasPrecursor, ABrickman, JourneyHorse, Rob-Joseph, Charlie-Bowater, Grypwolf, TsaoShin, IngridTan, beadg1rl, superschool48, soulwithin465, Felina-Colibra, camilladerrico, Crazy-Lola, Olechka01

Kiriban 40.000 (less than 100 views away :))

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 11:22 PM
Well, I didnt post any journal lately and any kiriban too - and because 40.000 is nice round number lets open one for it :)

Anybody (you dont have to be my watcher) who will send me screenshot of 40.000 will win something by me.

Im still not sure what it will be, it may vary from sketch to... icon? lineart? flat color? we will see, it depends on my free time and on references


  • only one winner - quicker wins - i think this shouldnt be a big problem now, dA did some changes about this
  • send me note or comment this journal with full screenshot (you can submit it to your scrapbook or and references
  • this time im open for any kind of refenrece (dragon, feral, anthro, human, nature, architerture, technic, anything :) ), you can add me some wish about what would you like to see

Rules for next rounds of kiribans:
  • FULL screenshot - there should be visible my profile with anounced amount of pageviews, you logged in dA, your time
  • submit it to your please: 
  • only one winner - if there will be again more people catched it i will choose winner along this rules:
    • who send me NOTE with link to screenshot first will win
    • if i have some doubts about verity of screenshot i can send you few questions, for example ask you to send me screenshot of Properties of screenshot where is visible date and time of creation
  • if you break some rules i cant count you as winner (even you would be first)
  • this time im open for any kind of refenrece (dragon, feral, anthro, human, nature, architerture, technic, anything :) ), you can add me some wish about what would you like to see

Free art for my watchers - OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 31, 2013, 10:59 AM
Update: I'm way more busy these days - you know, life of graduated adult and job-things. I don't want to completely close these but getting one will be pretty rare (just to be warned before). Also, updated info a little, check it please :)

Passed days I didn't have much taste to draw although after long I have free time enough :( but I'm not laying on my back and wathcing ceiling, I make more artisan now. I know I know, trades and commissions are waiting but I'm affraid of continue to work on them because I feel like destroying everything what is done now. ^^; Artisan I mean what I wanted to try for a long time, making more jewellery for sale too, sculp from polymer clay and making my own plushie :3 you will see when I will feel to be done with it.
But back to main title - I want to open few slots for practising "freebes" (or maybe trades). Here I will try to put down everything about:

Why is it called practising?
Because I feel I really need to practise more anathomy for better anthros and humans. And there is probably no other way how to make me to draw some easy poses and make them better and better... I can't be surprised now that difficult poses have wrong/bad anathomy or I don't draw it well from mind without reference photo. So I wanted to try " to kill two flies with one hit" and practise anathomy and digital drawing/painting.

Rules & Facts

:bulletgreen: one character, feral, humanoid or anthro (furry) - but you can grab more slots for you, your character -</s>groups allowed now - just please warn me if the character/s is/are only anthro/furry/feral
:bulletgreen: will be done in digital way with my Wacom Intuos3 and Photoshop (bitmap), Ilustrator (vectors) or Paint Tool SAI</s> no more fixed just to digital, let's there be some experiments!
:bulletgreen: avaiable for mature content (nudity only) or for fan-art too
:bulletgreen: everything will be drawn in my "style" so not like Disney, Sonic, kind of manga, anime etc. (but I might try to, if I like it)
:bulletgreen: humans (mainly human faces) are on your own risk - I will do my best but I'm not human-artist
:bulletgreen: I need at least one fullbody reference picture (I don't like drawing along description because I still ask about something then) and some info about character such as what they like, something about their story, life, etc. (even something like "she loves to wear really short shorts" can help me) - just keep it simple please!
:bulletgreen: for some reason I enjoy to draw "soft" pin-ups (no mature) so if you/your chacter don't like it, tell it before I start
:bulletgreen: info I will get after I start is only additional I don't have to care about it (status about each one picture I need to draw is on my main profile, right side above comments, with color bullets legend)
:bulletgreen: if I accept to trade with you, your part will have to be finished first
:bulletgreen: I will draw along reference photos, probably
:bulletgreen: poses will be easy "peasy" because of training, same for backgrounds
:bulletgreen: it's up to me if it will be half-body, two-thirds-body or full-body picture
:bulletgreen: it's up to me if it will be rought sketch, detailed sketch, lineart or even flat colored picture (only trades will be choosen before start)
:bulletgreen: if we don't agree different I'm authrorized to submit it here on dA and on FurAffinity, on my website, give it later as example picture and add it to my portfolio
:bulletgreen: please, if you are interested and/or want to know more just write comment here or send me private note ^.^
:bulletgreen: this is about free art and training so there is no time limit for me to draw something (but trades have), or even to draw for everybody who comments - i will pick randomly, random amount (until i feel like to do) of charas - you can check my Art list on profile time from time, i write here everything about art for others
:bulletgreen: send me here as comment all info and i will pick randomly someone :3
:bulletgreen: only for my watchers - and if you fav this journal or/and send your own with link here there is a bit higher chance i will choose you =P
:bulletgreen: and last thing - you will have to agree with rules & facts before I will start - so please copy paste into comment/note: "I agree with Rules&Facts."

Reserved slots for most active watchers i can remember ;)

here is complet line of pictures i have done in this challenge for me :3
  1. ManicMindsStudio -
    Freebie: ManicMindsStudio by Samantha-dragon
  2.  (still submited on FA only)
  3. tomcio199214 -
    Freebie: Teansi wants more attention by Samantha-dragon
  4. Lowrider-Girl -
    Freebie: Stretching by Samantha-dragon

Edit: I will hide comments with requests I have finished so I can easy track unfinished :]

Kiriban 24.680 caught

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 12:37 PM

... for more info click to this thumb:
Kiriban 24.680 by Samantha-dragon
congrats to winner ElorenLeianor - shot is here:…

The hell already freezes over...(+dragon tutorial)

Mon Jun 25, 2012, 9:37 PM

... why? look (read) with me:
:bulletblack: another mine kiriban is less than 600 views away
:bulletblack: although i promised something different my art list is getting longer and not ending ^^;
:bulletblack: im affraid about my super-crazy-punk-friend cause now he acts like his age matters
:bulletred: ive never feel so great as now! :love:

:bulletblue: with Dreit we are working on some stock photos - i was asked to do some dragon legs/paws/wings tutorial and i think that one picture can say more that whole sentence - and yay for more languages :D some time ago i said u will never see more from me than my favourite shoes XD now maybe hands will be.
BUT - seriously now - i wanted to ask u if u think it would be useful?
i was thinking about making some photos of poses than draw sketch along it and show how u can help with fantasy anathomy with ur own hands and body. at start nothing big to see if it works as we wanted. later maybe more :D my own dragons anathomy is not ideal... but i was asked ;)

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I'm back (kiriban at 24.680, journal skin)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2012, 10:36 AM

... in black! :D lol, just fun, I discovered some of forgotten music in iTunes
I'm back in black by Samantha-dragon
ok, my university exam time is almost on its end, only one last test and one project is waiting for me ^^ although it sounds great now, practicaly I was fired from my faculty (IT - web specialization) and I had to give request to go to different faculty (IT and automatization) so I can after year there go back to this and finish it (as I hope). hehe, university school system is not easy to understand... but it's not to much interesting to you, my dear watchers.
so to the main thing I wanted, I'm here again and I hope I will finish (finally) all that waiting things and one day you will see my Art list empty 8D I can't wait for it, cause then I can ask for new trades and make (not only) my ACEO collection bigger and greater! ^^ in time I had when I almost wasn't here I tried to practise a bit and drawn sketches ^^ lots of anthro Sam for fun with Dreit to relax from school routine, some full form dragons (yeah, guess which two dragons were it? XD) and some humans and nature speedpaints! maybe I upload something, can't say now ;)
but - next thing I wanted, I was suprised I got some favs and even watchs when I hadn't submited anything O.o so now I have 340 watchers - thank you :hug: i'd never though I will have one day so many :aww: and I should start next kiriban at 24.680 (nice numbers, isn't it?) - for more info click here:
Kiriban 24.680 by Samantha-dragon
what next? I feel great (ok ok, it seems I'm deep in love :icondragonshy2:), even when school is absolutely not good now, but i'm looking forward holidays - more reading books, more traditional/digital drawing/painting, practicing anathomy, more to see with Dreit I hope ^^ maybe even some new trips and geocaches :D ok, work and some studying too... but it will be less hectic :)
i hope u all feel good too ;)

PS: I did journal skin for me :aww: yeah, its that simply to fit right on profile page :XD: as i wanted :D some small bugs are still here - the main headline font is still not the same as other titles, damn, but let it be, one day i will fix it XD

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Kiriban 23.456 passed - winner

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 3:24 AM

for more info click to this thumb:
Kiriban 23.456 by Samantha-dragon
congratulations to the winer... Nachiii - shot is here:

Kiriban 22.222 caught

Fri Apr 20, 2012, 9:02 PM

Kiriban 22.222 by Samantha-dragon
winners: Dreit and Dragea

Away for few weeks (months?)

Thu Apr 5, 2012, 8:20 AM

im so sorry, all my watchers, traders and commissioners, but maybe u saw passed days i was not so active as usualy i am :( i know, i owe u so many things, i promise not to forget on something (as u can check in my Art List down here on my profile).
and why? because i must (really must) work to school all the time - if i wont they will kick me away >.> in the morning get up, go to school, return home at evening, do some work on projects, go sleep and next day again. im really tired... and maybe a bit depresed. in few days i will submit last thing for some time (Aceo pro Natoli), which is ready now... i will some days check messages, return llamas (thx for Amall its quick) and go.
thx for understanding :hug:

Training skills

Thu Mar 1, 2012, 1:24 PM

these days i have those stupid feelings (again) about my drawing skills... i would love to know how do U train ur skills? tons of sketchs? along photos? along living model? tell me, i would like to try it :_)
ive founded (and tried) 30 seconds sketching… - its damn difficult, not only because its human drawing. but somewhere i heard that if u can draw human u can draw almost anything. and my human anathomy si terrible >.> ok, not only human.... heh and one another funny thing - ive have never realized so much that im right handed and cannot draw even dragon head looking to the right O.o body is okay but head always looks terrible. do u have same problem? :D

and another thing - i wanted to do something about me vs background. ive great book about colors, shapes, eye catching etc. but now i cant have it... do u know about some tutorial?

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Kiribans 20k and 20.002
anyone interested? catch it (= send me a screenshot with ur username and kiriban) and i will draw something small for u similar to these:
Myst - headshot by Samantha-dragon Eloren kiriban prize by Samantha-dragon Fruki by Samantha-dragon Muriell - human form by Samantha-dragon R4mira - speedpaint by Samantha-dragon Sad -but alive- by Samantha-dragon

anyway, if anyone is wondering where am i, im a bit sad because school and exams are not going good now. i have no time to do anything than just maths but it isnt enough. may be because i have no desire to work... i feel so small compared to huge university :giggle: i know, nothing to smile on it but i feel like going a bit crazy from it :D big irony of fate is that im happy in all other ways! having no art block, have TONS of ideas what to draw and make, have my dear Dreit - what should i want more? :aww:

lololol :D so many winners? :D ok, here are all of them:
:bulletblack: 20.000
... Dreit… - prize for him:
Sam in dress by Samantha-dragon
... (Zorgren) Akilla-Looil… wants male sergal along… with little dimar along…

:bulletwhite: 20.001 and 20.003 for all that was not so lucky... maybe some little surprise cus i feel like draw for others :D
... AlexiaMoonshine - surprise for her:
Exiiinka - kiriban surprise by Samantha-dragon
... sysierius… along… - surprise for him:
Sysierius kiriban by Samantha-dragon

:bulletblack: 20.002
... GreyCatFelis… wants winged cat with snail…
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  • Drinking: *looks into cup* no maths here :D
hello there :)
it has been while ago when ive writen some journal... hehe, in an old year! so i wish to all of u great new year!
but i wanted something different - although i really need to study (have an exam time now at university) AND i really should finish all that long timed trades ive promised i got "new" project idea yestersday - almost every one tried some day/week/month chalenge or something similar... i cant do that :D but what is great chalenge for me is filling sketchbook! i found some a bit older nice light beige A5 sketchbook with 25 sheets and said to myself "lets fill it with mythical creatures!" its not first time ive thinked about drawing along fairytales, legends or races. so i have to choose 25 legendary mythical creatures and try to sketch them - maybe some regular art will come from it :D

edit: i got really cool link to Monstropedia :D

meaning of bullets down here:
... :bulletblack: (0% - not started yet)
... :bulletyellow: (founded something about)
... :bulletorange: (got ideas what to catch on it)
... :bulletred: (started sketching!)
... :bulletpink: (still sketching...)
... :bulletpurple: (doing lineart from sketch i liked)
... :bulletblue: (wow, coloring some of that sketch?)
... :bulletwhite: (eer, some problem or it is not good enought)
... :bulletgreen: (100% ready page!)

:bulletblack: 01. western and easter dragon - dont say "OMG, again!" i can hear ya =P i wanted to draw dragon in some... rougher way then i draw now. some battle? or fighting?
:bulletblack: 02. sphinx - lovely but aint easy, always wanted to try her (him? maybe :D)
:bulletblack: 03. gryphon - i really like them but i cant catch their bird parts >.>
:bulletblack: 04. pegasus - another favourite!
:bulletblack: 05. unicorn - myabe i will add it to pegasus but... ok, lets do some new unicorn!
:bulletblack: 06. werewolf - my favourited race, even one of my char, i should be shame i dont draw her more
:bulletblack: 07. vampire - uf, not easy, blood, beautifull and deadly
:bulletblack: 08. draenei - sorry, i know, its fan-art but i really like design of this race
:bulletblack: 09. elf - hehe, again maybe fan-art maybe something my own - but it IS chalenge for me! anything humanoind is not easy for me
:bulletblack: 10. elementar - no, not fan-art now, just wanted to catch each element
:bulletblack: 11. mummy/zombie/undead - that will be SUPER funny, never even tried them :D
:bulletblack: 12. phoenix - eek, bird again...
:bulletblack: 13. demon - something cute? deadly? magical? but absolutely DARK
:bulletblack: 14. harpy/siren - humanoid again...
:bulletblack: 15. centaur and taur from different animals - like them but that human part of them -__-
:bulletblack: 16. angels - yay! ^^ but still human part
:bulletblack: 17. mermaid - maybe i will remove her...
:bulletblack: 18. -
:bulletblack: 19. -
:bulletblack: 20. -
:bulletblack: 21. -
:bulletblack: 22. -
:bulletblack: 23. -
:bulletblack: 24. -
:bulletblack: 25. -

If u want to see another race from me just comment plz! C:
i will choose another later...
and one thing - i will submit each page when finished, but probably to my scrabbook so be sure u are watching it too ;)
and last thing - i know i wont be drawing in this order, dont be angry :D
plz, :+fav: this journal if u want to show me ur support (or give me nice comment :))
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hi again,
first of all sorry for almost nothing saying journal - but the last one was almost all about old passed things......
i had been home more those days because i got my wisdom tooth out (check wikipedia for more (; ) and hadnt felt good. so i finished all sketched ACEOs, done them linearts and given colors. and i gave them lots of time... almost all of them (totally done 3 in one day) have quite difficult lineart and mainly, are colored with watercolors! i love those effects i can do with them on backgrounds etc. but they are not easy to work with... ok, some of them i finished with color pencils to give some details i was scared to try to paint with watercolors :D i hope u will like to see them... and i cant wait to show them to their new owners... and get some new nice cards for me, hehe.
here is first of them: and i just cannot belive i get over one thousand messages about it just overnight! O.O thank u for all that comments and faves i get!

but i cant promise if i will finish all others so quick too... my academic semester is almost at it end, everyone wants us finish  their things first so i need to have ready all school work from semester in two weeks... and write all those stupid difficult tests... cant wait for xmas holiday although i have only 2 presents...

but i try to be positive :D so here are thumbs of that ACEO ive thx above (WIP and ready) - enjoy and thank u so much again!
My art is... by Samantha-dragon > ACEO/ATC: Deep Blue by Samantha-dragon

and here is second and third ive drawn:
Where are u? by Samantha-dragon Warpaint by Samantha-dragon
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  • Playing: with watercolors :3

Feature for points (from 1 point) II

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 10:18 PM
second part of journal - first is here:…

1 - 4 :points: = my visit, llama, featured you and one your deviation in my journal, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:
5 - 9 :points: = my visit, llama, featured you and two your deviations in my journal, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:
10 and more :points: = my visit, llama, featured you and three your deviations in my journal, maybe some :+fav: or even :+devwatch:

if you want to feature pictures you choose just send me comment with links to them
you can also pay for featuring someone else, just comment please


all featured grouped here from now - dont hesitate and browse through their great galleries :la:

Black-Silverstar  Ingriam Mirabilis, battleform by Black-Silverstar  Disciple Zoalord Bastet - full view by Black-Silverstar  Imakarum and Son by Black-Silverstar
Keyotea  Headband, belt and weightvest on by Keyotea  Cake is a lie by Keyotea  Not The N Word by Keyotea
WhiteWolf155  Zara Lionsdale and Sebastian by WhiteWolf155  Sorrinna Seji (Request) by WhiteWolf155
Matonoke  Ezio Auditore da Firenze Drawing (HD) by Matonoke
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OoPygmalion <da:thumb id="515104784"/>
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Bhaal999  Bhaal by Bhaal999  Klopsi on a Klopsi by Bhaal999  Bookdragon by Bhaal999
Insacove X X X
GoldenNove  The cutest dragon in the world by GoldenNove  Xenomorph (Digital) by GoldenNove  The Rotten Bunny by GoldenNove
GoldenGriffiness  Blood Moon by GoldenGriffiness  Giant Alpha Toothless Plush with Removabale Tack by GoldenGriffiness  Safe and Sound (Part One)
    This story is dedicated to Nikki, the little old lady of a cat who made my world brighter and who was put to sleep in my arms with what was probably the hardest, most painful decision I have yet faced. I love you, girl, I will always love you.Thank you for the hardships you have helped me overcome, and all the things you have taught me about responsibility, love, and making the decision to face loss on your own terms to save another living being from needless pain. It hurt and it always will, but having you was worth it a thousand times over.
    I search here in the night
    With not a star to wish upon
    In the past you were my light
    But now where have you gone?
    Whatever form you happen to take
    Or however y

Doodlehudson  The Cat by Doodlehudson