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WoC: Reference: Larinne Morningstar (rider)

Hooray for more finished things from "to do list" :D I though that my ARPG rider might need to finally get uniform fullbody reference picture, it's been about 4 years I drew her first references... To stick to uniform look of my references she is naked and without any accesories, same as the horses and other animals are pictured at references. Also, I want to others who might draw her, to come with their own ideas for clothing etc. :) Also, she can change her hairstyle, just keep them long please, but presence and lenght of fringe and styling is up to you ^^ I tend to draw her a bit modified each time as well :D

All info and details about this young lady can be found here in her registration card: 
WoC: Member ID: Larinne Morningstar by Samantha-dragon

used: photoshop, Wacom intuos 3 + iPad, Autodesk Sketchbook
reference: nope

(c) character belongs to me, Samantha-dragon
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2020
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She's VERY good looking and I love her hair and many other things! x'D

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Thank you! ^^ At least all the practice of human anathomy is for something :D

She is simple character but I like to work with her :)

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You're welcolme! ^^

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