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WoC: Reference: Ellesaraya

Finally another needed reference image is finished! It's difficult to find good constelation of time, will, energy and concentration to draw anything more than small quick sketches :(

I'm not much used to draw big horses so I hope this will be okay how it is now :)

Meet Ellesaraya, the Forest horse from forest line, she was my very first ARPG horse mount. Ironical, that her reference is done like almost last of all horses I have now... ^^; Probably because more difficult body build and challenging color combination - I was never into any kind of camouflage but reading about this breed of horses... it was asking for it. To add her more unique view I asked to add some stripes on her legs, and dapple/starry markings :)
All info and details about this girl can be found here in her registration card:  WoC: Mount ID: Ellesaraya by Samantha-dragon
Also, here is original import picture:  Custom Forester 22 by WoC-Brissinge

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
time: ~1,5 hours
brushes: standard round, cloudy for background
filters: nope
reference: for horse but not traced
5 (reference image) + 5 (fullbody mount) + 3 (simple shading) + 2 (background) = 15

(c) character belongs to me, Samantha-dragon
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017
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So beautiful <3 
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She's such a pretty horse! <3  I love the mane, cute ears, and face! <3
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It wasn't easy to draw this angle of view of the head, I'm glad you think it's nice! ^^
Thank you, I like this girl too :3
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You're welcome! :3
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