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WoC: Mount ID: Skollis

Another card... and finally with my own reference, but here you can check original import for maybe better view of dapples:
*SOLD*For sale #20 by WoC-Brissinge   WoC: Reference: Skollis by Samantha-dragon

Mount ID registration card for my mount to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra: - I won this in raffle: *ENDED*Christmass customs raffle

Level: 2 Excelent (97 points) - next level at 131 points
Bonuses+ 1 EP (event points)
Name: Skollis
Gender: mare (female)
Species: Forest horse, mountain line (reference sheet Forest horses - Breed reference )
Age: young adult
Current residence: near Larinne
Stables: (empty now)
Perks: no (info)
Transmogs: no (info)

Details about her:
Main coat color: gray
blanket, teardrop, socks
Great at hiding in mountains. Also has the nature form.

Personality, discipline:
She is very calm, loves to be outside, enjoys winter and cold weather. She sometimes even acts like stone.
She is strong, though, has great discipline. She is great at mountains.

unknow - pureblood forest horse

Breeding slots: (basic: 1, extra for leveling up: 1)
1) -
2) -

RiderLarinne Morningstar

Pictures with her (whole gallery folder):
*SOLD*For sale #20 (import image by Brissinge) (+ 1 point)
this registration (+ 5 points)
WoC: Reference: Skollis (+ 15 points)
Contest/Mini-Event: The Patience (+ 16 points)

Mini-events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
(Challenge) Transmog fun joined with Contest/Mini-Event: The Patience (+ 1 level for pictured mount = + 60 points)

Events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
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