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WoC: Mount ID: Orion

Model  dragoness OrionLocation  Colderra
Mount ID registration card for my mount to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra:

Level: 10 Ultimate Champion (1083 points) maxed
Bonuses+ 6 EP (event points)
Name: Orion
Gender: female
Species: feathertaled dragon (reference sheet by YarroweyBoiFeathertaled dragons - Breed reference)
Age: young adult
Current residence: near Larinne
Stables: (empty now)
Perks: Paws (info), 1 free random avaiable from level-up-> Bird wings (unused)
Transmogs: no (info), 1 free custom avaiable from level-up

Details about her:
Golden parts: horns, mane, claws, base color of tail feathers
Main coat color: galaxy - base color is deep blue with purples and more colors. Galaxies and stars are slowly moving and changing on her body.
But she still can pretty good hide herself, it looks almost like she can hide deep in shadows.

Personality, discipline:
She is very calm and wise, a little loner but enjoys a lot being around with those she likes and trust.
Great at jumps on short or long distance.
Average flier and runner.

unknow - probably mix of toxic (main) and fire lines

Breeding slots (per year refils): (basic: 1, extra for leveling up: 8, extra from events: 2 (Dragon winter show 2016))
1) -
2) -
3) -
4) -
5) -
6) -
7) -
8) -

Rider: Larinne Morningstar

Owned equipment:
:bulletgreen: + 1 point at Colderrian events
Crafted: Dragon jewel set (head and chest part)

Pictures with her:
Custom dragon 13 (import image by Brissinge) (+ 1 point)
InkTober - No. 17: Jump (+ 10 points)
Orion, the galaxy dragoness (+ 10 points)
this registration (+ 5 points)
Contest/Mini-event: Eclipse (+ 16 points)
YCH ACEO/ATC offer [OPEN] (+ 9 points)
Contest/Event: Dragon on Rope? (+ 10 points)
Contest/Event: Purple Beauty (+ 19 points)
Contest/Event: The Arrival (+ 10 points)
Contest/Event: Dance for Stars (+ 18 points + 1 point for 3rd place)
Contest/Event: Hit! (+ 19 points + 1 point for 3rd place)
Contest/Event: Air Show (+ 19 points)
Elegant Orion (+ 12 points)
Really big swan! (by Azraelangelo) (+ 1 point)
Hey girls... LOOK AT MY VALASHKA! (by Azraelangelo) (+ 1 point)
Coloring book (+ 8 points)
Jewels (+ 10 points)
Orion swimming mini-story I. (+ 8 points)
Orion swimming mini-story II. (+ 8 points)
Orion swimming mini-story III. (+ 7 points)
Orion swimming mini-story IV. (+ 8 points)
Contest/Event: Regal Bow (+ 16 points + 2 points)
Contest/Event: Hunt (+ 15 points + 1 point)
DS *3rd place - Samantha-dragon* (by prte1) (+ 1 point)
Show prize: Orion (by Brissinge) (+ 1 point)
[WoC] RWS Prizes (solo here: (by Memuii) (+ 1 point)
Contest/Event: Furious Blizzard (+ 15 points)
Contest/Event: Fight for Life (+ 16 points)
[WoC] Dragon Hunters (by BUGHS-22) (+ 1 point)
WoC: Reference: Orion (registration image, + 15 points)
InkTober #1: Fish (Friendly Offer) (+ 6 points)
Reward: Yawn (by Brissinge as reward for reaching level 9) (+ 1 point)
--- (below starts new point system) ---
Mini-event: New Hope (redraw) (+ 16 points)
Quest: Concept of Orion dress (passive, no points)
Contest/Event: Herbalism at Talent Show (+ 20 points) (+ 1 point, 3rd place)

Mini-events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
Mini-event! The Eclipse! with Contest/Mini-event: Eclipse
--- (below starts new point system) ---
Mini-event: New Hope with Mini-event: New Hope (redraw)

Events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
Dragon winter show 2016 with multiple pictures (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6)
Reptile winter show 2018 with Contest/Event: Regal Bow (2nd place) and Contest/Event: Hunt (3rd place)
Dragon winter show 2019 with Contest/Event: Furious BlizzardContest/Event: Fight for Life
--- (below starts new point system) ---
Felken Fair 2021 joined with Contest/Event: Herbalism at Talent Show (3rd place)

Quests joined: (points are listed in picture section)
--- (below starts new point system) ---
Quest: Seamstress in stress with Quest: Concept of Orion dress (passive, no points)

Extra level-ups:
:bulletgreen: + 3 levels from Mini-event! The Eclipse! (+ 99 + 109 + 119 points)
:bulletgreen: + 1 level from Dragon winter show 2016 (Pet halter - 2nd place) (+ 129 points)
:bulletgreen: + 2 levels from 2nd part of Dragon winter show 2019 (+ 139 + 149 points)

Ribbons collection:

Titles/other awards collection:
"Show hunter award" from Dragon winter show 2016
"Hard trier" from Dragon winter show 2019 - the one who tries hard to be badass, but is still just cute. (Percival's commentary: "She might be toxic, she might be brave and loyal, but despite her sharp teeth and tough horns, she still is a lady. Orion is the trophy girl among dragons, the catwalk model. Her shimmery scales, soft cat paws and galaxy starfield patters do not go well with fear.")
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savrin330's avatar
I like the galaxy and star parts of her! :D  She's really beautiful xD
Samantha-dragon's avatar
that was reason why I've picked this color for her :3 thank you, she totally is ^^
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You're welcome! x3