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WoC: Mount ID: Nexus Nightquill

Model  Nexus NightquillLocation  Colderra
Adopted 21. 6. 2017 with custom mount voucher I won at Dragon Winter Show 2016.

Mount ID registration card for my mount to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra:

Level: 1 Preferent (31 points) - next level at 61 points
Bonuses+ 1 EP (event points)
Name: Nexus Nightquill
Gender: male
Species: King's gryphon, eagle (day) line (reference sheet King's Gryphons - Breed Sheet )
Age: young adult
Current residence: near Larinne
Stables: (empty now)
Perks: no (info)
Transmogs: no (info)

Details about him:
Main coat color: black
Eyes color: blue
Markings colors: blue

Personality, discipline:
He enjoys long travelling, usually prefers regular day plans, needs to know what's coming next. He is doing his best all the time and expect the same from others. Because of this he may look like too strict and rough at others but after some time others usually realize that he has big heart.
He is big and strong guy, has great discipline and is great at air acrobacy and overall flying.


Breeding slots: (basic: 2, extra for leveling up: 0)
1) -
2) -

RiderLarinne Morningstar

Pictures with him (whole gallery folder):
*SOLD*For sale #254 (import image by Brissinge) (+ 1 point)
this registration (+ 5 points)
 (+ 9 points)
WoC: Reference: Nexus Nightquill (+ 16 points)

Mini-events joined: (points are listed in picture section)

Events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
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Absolutely gorgeous gryphon :love:
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Absolutelly! I'm curious how I will draw him :3
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Aww, tak na něho se moc těším ve tvém podání :3
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Taky jsem na sebe zvědavá :D Ale tenhle design mě dostal hned jak byl k mání poprvé... takže na druhý pokus jsem po něm prostě musela skočit, těžko bych si vymyslela sama lepší custom <3