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WoC: Mount ID: Kuma

Location  Colderra
Mount ID registration card for my mount to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra: - I won this in raffle: *ENDED*Christmass customs raffle

Level: 5 Elite 1st class (373 points) - next level at 401 points
Bonuses+ 3 EP (event points)
Name: Kuma
Gender: female
Species: Shadowmoon bear, Baile (Chaser) (reference sheet Shadowmoon Bears - Reference sheet)
Age: young adult
Current residence: near Larinne
Stables: (empty now)
Perks: tail (Mammale) (info)
Transmogs: no (info)

Details about her:
Main coat color: gray (darker markings)
Markings: spotted (dark), racoon face and socks (midtone)

Personality, discipline:
She is playful, loves bing outside. She is not easy to scare.
She is though, good and fast runner. Can be used as mount or companion.

starter - pureblood Shadowmoon bear

Breeding slots: (basic: 1, extra for leveling up: 3)
1) -
2) -
3) -
4) -

RiderLarinne Morningstar

Pictures with her (whole gallery folder):
*SOLD*For sale #168 (import image by Brissinge) (+ 1 point)
this registration (+ 5 points)
WoC: Reference: Kuma (+ 15 points)
Contest/Mini-event: Summer Wild Run (+ 16 points + 1 level as reward for joining [= + 89 points])
Contest/Event: Pit Fight (+ 16 points)
[WoC] Fight! (by Tila-art) (+ 1 point)
Contest/Event: Kite flies a... dragon? (+ 10 points)

Mini-events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
Mini-event! Beer with bear joined with Contest/Mini-event: Summer Wild Run

Events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
:bulletgreen: Colderrian grandPrix 2019 joined with Contest/Event: Pit Fight

Extra level-ups:
Bullet; Green + 1 level from Colderrian grandPrix 2019 (Pit fight - defeated) (+ 89)
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