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WoC: Mount ID: Joker

Model  horse Joker
Finally, registration card :] and finally submited, it takes me ages to write anything (even short) about characters :(

My own registration picture is finished here:
WoC: Reference: Joker by Samantha-dragon

Mount ID registration card for my mount to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra:

Level: 1 Preferent (39 points) - next level at 61 points
Bonuses+ 0 EP (event points)
Name: Joker
Gender: stallion (male)
Species: Markhorse, Markhor line (reference sheet BRAND NEW Markhorse Refference )
Age: young adult
Current residence: near Larinne
Stables: (empty now)
Perks: no (info)
Transmogs: no (info)

Details about him:
Main coat color: black
Markhorses can change their horns and markings color to match their current mood. But because Joker is jealous almost always about something...
Eyes color: black, usually
Markings colors: combination of golden-orange and purple

Personality, discipline:
He loves to be right in the center point of every group of other creatures (not necessary of horses), loves to get their attention and be the leader.
When something of this is missing or he feels like there is not enough submission... can become angry easily. Simply, jealous. All the time :D


Breeding slots: (basic: 2, extra for leveling up: 0)
1) -
2) -

Rider: Larinne Morningstar

Pictures with him (whole gallery folder):
* SOLD * For Sale #236 (import image by Jasper-19) (+ 1 point)
this registration (+ 5 points)
Icon of Joker (+ 8 points)
WoC: Reference: Joker (+ 15 points)
Desert Joker (+ 11 points)

Mini-events joined: (points are listed in picture section)

Events joined: (points are listed in picture section)
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:D a fitting name :D 
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Oooo! Very snazzy!
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I think so! :3 Personality is not probably my favourite but he looked too good x3