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WoC: Member ID: Larinne Morningstar

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Model  Larinne MorningstarLocation  Colderra
Member ID registration card for my rider to ARPG :iconworld-of-colderra:

Level: 88 - King's Chosen (no more titles)██░░░░░░░░ 20/100 XP to level-up
Bonuses: + 2 EP (event points)
Name: Larinne Morningstar
Gender: female
Age: 25 human years
Current residence: travels a lot
Stables: (empty now)

Details about her:
Race: Originaly she was my blood elf priest from WoW but for purposes here she's a bit modified 
Hair: long, ginger ; she can change her hairstyle, just keep them long please, but presence and lenght of fringe and styling is up to you ^^ I tend to draw her a bit modified each time as well :D (Big Grin)
Face: Heart shaped, small nose with a little raised tip, lot of small frecles all over her face but mainly under eyes and on nose
Eyes: fresh green - in normal state they are very similar to human, rounded with pupil ; in state of using strong magic powers the pupil is almost hidden and whole eye is filled up with green
Ears: long and a little curved, can move a little along mood of owner

Personality, job, interests:
Her regular work is herbalism, making of potions and inscription. Also can use healing magic so sometimes she is called as priest to help. When in danger, she can use shadow magic too.

Owned equipment:

Mounts: (+ 15 levels in total)
Custom dragon 13 with registration card here: Mount ID: Orion (+ 1 level)
Custom Forester 22 with registration card here: Mount ID: Ellesaraya (+ 1 level)
For Sale #236 with registration card here: Mount ID: Joker (+ 1 level)
Custom nagian 48 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Jelliet LureRod (+ 1 level)
Nagian foal 3 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Nereus (+ 1 level)
Tiger Thursday 8 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Stripe (+ 1 level)
For sale #20 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Skollis (+ 1 level)
For sale #168 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Kuma(+ 1 level)
For sale #241 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Cantar (+ 1 level)
For sale #254 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Nexus Nightquill (+ 1 level)
Wishlist gift 3 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Qulzet'loc (+ 1 level)
MYO custom 6 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Rosita (+ 1 level)
Winning ticket #14 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Celestial (Ishkiia) (+ 1 level)
For sale #230 with registration carrd here: WoC: Mount ID: Lunar (+ 1 level)
*SOLD*For sale #56 with registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: Kasper (+ 1 level)
*SOLD* Markhorse #48 - Custom 14 wtih registration card here: WoC: Mount ID: E'lynn (+ 1 level)

WoC: Reference: Pet - Rava
WoC: Reference: Pet - Whisp (elemental, +3 points to pictured mount)
WoC: Reference: Pet - Ox

Pictures with her:
InkTober - No. 17: Jump
Water and Moonshine (mature)
Contest/Event: Ruined Performance
Contest/Event: Dragon on Rope?
Contest/Event: The Arrival
Contest/Event: Dance for Stars
Contest/Event: Hit!
Contest/Event: Air Show
Contest/Mini-event: Summer Wild Run
YCH: Rampage doodles (YHH auction by Brissinge won by 170 points)
Contest/Mini-event: Ocean Parade
Contest/Mini-Event: The Patience
Contest/event: Fire costume
Ladies (20+ level reward by Brissinge)
Contest/Event: Muddy Jumps
Contest/Event: Shower Jump
Contest/Event: Why we couldn't use my wings?
Sketch: Why we couldn't use my wings?
YCH: Snow day doodle (solo here) (YHH comission for 350 points by Brissinge)
Really big swan! (by Azraelangelo)
Hey girls... LOOK AT MY VALASHKA! (by Azraelangelo)
Show prize: Lady Carneval (by Brissinge)
Jewels (+ 5*20 EXP for items first usage)
Orion swimming mini-story I.
Orion swimming mini-story III.
Orion swimming mini-story IV.
Contest/Event: Regal Bow
Contest/Event: Hunt
Team (+ 20 EXP for item first usage)
Contest/Event: Warm Welcome
Contest/Event: Rings
Lonely cloud (by Azraelangelo)
Contest/Event: I'm gonna help ya!
Contest/Event: Scared mare
Contest/Event: Shooting range
Contest/Event: Finally we can eat them!
Contest/Event: My rings!
Contest/Event: Peaceful ride at the end of day
Contest/Event: Fishy Carnival
Contest/Event: Sunbathing Mermaid
Contest/Event: Bottoms UP!
Muddy ride (by Azraelangelo)
On fire! (by Azraelangelo)
[WoC] Colderrian GrandPrix 2019 ~ Like on a Hunt (by BUGHS-22)
[Colderrian GP] Go go! (by SpiritWindcaper)
[WoC] Colderrian grandPrix (by Tila-art)
Contest/Event: Kite flies a... dragon?
Contest/Event: Muddy Race
Pitfight (by Azraelangelo)
Contest/Event: Furious Blizzard
Contest/Event: Fight for Life
[WoC] Dragon Hunters (by BUGHS-22)
WoC: Reference: Larinne Morningstar (rider)
Show prize: Larinne (by Brissinge )
InkTober #15: Outpost
--- (below starts new point system) ---
Mini-event: New Hope (redraw) 
Quest: Concept of Orion dress
Contest/Event: Herbalism at Talent Show
Junicorn #1: Shore

Events joined: (+ 45 levels in total)
:bulletblack: Night of the Hunters Event joined with Contest/Event: Night of the Hunters (0, not Colderrian)
:bulletgreen: Dragon winter show 2016 joined with Contest/Event: Ruined PerformanceContest/Event: Purple BeautyContest/Event: Dragon on Rope?Contest/Event: The ArrivalContest/Event: Dance for StarsContest/Event: Hit!Contest/Event: Air Show (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Azol'Amath Carnival 2018 joined with Contest/event: Fire costume (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Colderrian grand Prix 2018 joined with Contest/Event: Muddy JumpsContest/Event: Shower JumpContest/Event: Why we couldn't use my wings? (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Reptile winter show 2018 joined with Contest/Event: Regal Bow and Contest/Event: Hunt (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: FELKEN FAIR 2019 joined with Contest/Event: Warm WelcomeContest/Event: RingsContest/Event: I'm gonna help ya!Contest/Event: Scared mareContest/Event: Shooting rangeContest/Event: Finally we can eat them!Contest/Event: My rings!Contest/Event: Peaceful ride at the end of day (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Azol'Amath Carnival 2019 joined with Contest/Event: Fishy Carnival (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Colderrian grandPrix 2019 joined with Contest/Event: Bottoms UP!Contest/Event: Kite flies a... dragon?Contest/Event: Muddy Race (+ 5 levels)
:bulletgreen: Dragon winter show 2019 joined with Contest/Event: Furious Blizzard and Contest/Event: Fight for Life (+ 5 levels)
--- (below starts new point system) ---
:bulletgreen: Felken Fair 2021 joined with Contest/Event: Herbalism at Talent Show (+500 exp = + 5 levels)

Mini-events joined: (+ 19 levels in total)
:bulletblue: Mini-event! The Eclipse! joined with Contest/Mini-event: Eclipse (+ 3 levels)
:bulletblue: Mini-event! Wolf's run! joined with Contest/Mini-event: Run Run Run (+ 3 levels)
:bulletblue: Mini-event! Beer with bear joined with Contest/Mini-event: Summer Wild Run (+ 3 levels + 1 bonus level as reward for joining)
:bulletblue: Mini-event! CELEBRATE! joined with Contest/Mini-event: Ocean Parade (+ 3 levels)
:bulletblue: (Challenge) Transmog fun joined with Contest/Mini-Event: The Patience (+ 3 levels)
--- (below starts new point system) ---
:bulletblue: Mini-event: New Hope with Mini-event: New Hope (redraw) (+300 exp = + 3 levels)

Quests: (+ 2 levels in total)
--- (below starts new point system) ---
:bulletpurple: Quest: Seamstress in stress with Quest: Concept of Orion dress (+200 exp = +2 levels)

--- (below starts new point system) ---

Level rewards:
:bulletgreen: level over 20: portrait by Brissinge - Ladies (separated version is here Larinne)
:bulletgreen: level over 25: random magical equipment - UNUSED - double points reward for one event: Crafted - Sam pendant
:bulletred: level over 45: Fullbody pic of certain character by Brissinge in three different outfits of your choice - need to think up outfits and order it
:bulletred: level over 70: free collaborated picture from group admins featuring any my 3 mounts

Extra level-ups:
:bulletgreen: + 5 levels from 2nd part of Dragon winter show 2019

Ribbons and trophy collection:

Titles/other awards collection:
"Show hunter award" from Dragon winter show 2016
"Hard trier" from Dragon winter show 2019 - the one who tries hard to be badass, but is still just cute. (Percival's commentary: "She might be toxic, she might be brave and loyal, but despite her sharp teeth and tough horns, she still is a lady. Orion is the trophy girl among dragons, the catwalk model. Her shimmery scales, soft cat paws and galaxy starfield patters do not go well with fear.")
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It takes me forever to write about my characters too.  I really wish I had the time and inspiration to work on my backstories for my OCs.  Unfortunately work pretty much steals all my time and motivation. :(
Larrine is quite the pretty elf and I like her mounts too. :)  I like the eyes and her hair! :D
I'm hoping to see plenty of art of her :)