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Winter Trio

To clean and sort all your hard-drives have at least one more positive factor - it's possible to dig up some never-submited arts :3
So let's add this almost white horses trio I painted last year to practice watercolors without lineart.
It's sad how low time I have to properly add things here... but after job, where all I do is sitting and working on computer, I simply enjoy to return home and let my own sleep and work on other life-things or relax without screen. 

used: graphite pencil, watercolors
paper: regular drawing
size: about A6
reference: used for pose, but I can't find it online again x.x if you met this, I would be happy to add it here
:iconworld-of-colderra: :iconlisqar-equine: 
mount points: 3 (portrait) + 3 (easy shading) + 2 (background) = 8
mount gems: 0,5 (portrait)

(c) characters (from left to right: StripeRosita, Farstar) belong to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2019
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=OoO= They are fantastic here! 50 shades of white was surely not easy to do in traditional!
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Thank you! Success is in layering many a little different very light shades all over the scene ^^
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OwwO Ice beauties :la:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Yup, exactly! :dummy:

možná bych se měla zamyslet nad poměrem světlých koní v mé sbírce... :D
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Great Work! I love it!
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Thank you, it's nice to hear! ^^
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These horses look unbelievably gorgeous! :love:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Aww, thank you ^^ 
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You're welcome! ^_^
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Aw, they look so cute!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
And cuddly, yeah, thank you! ^^
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I love the way you draw horses! They are so cute and pretty! I love the poses so very much! It's like they are snuggling together!
The winter landscape is really amazing and beautiful too! I really like the designs for each of them too! :>
Really awesome job on this one! :>
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I found out that painting from refernce could be really relaxing (compared to pictures where you need to imagine everything just in head, like dragons are) so I bet there will be more ^^
Thank you, Sav! ^^
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You're welcome, Sam! ^^
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