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-WIP- Seph icon

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working on new icon for ~Sephiroth-dragon :iconsephiroth-dragon: - here is quick pencil sketch... i guess someone would find useful to see my step by step ;)
here is small mistake with his eyes, will fix it later

time of pencil sketch: 10 minutes
time of linearts: about half hour, training with paint tool sai and making this process bar ;)
time of coloring: bah cant say...

used: pencil (for sketch), paint tool sai + mouse and tablet (for lineart), photoshop + tablet (for colors)

character belongs to ~Sephiroth-dragon
art belongs to me *Samantha-dragon
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Looks incredible! ^.--.^ I love the pose and the expression. However, ears can be a little bit thinner in the middle but it is awesome nevertheless. Thank you
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im glad u like it ^^
ok, thinner in the middle, i will try to and update it here ;)
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Cuuute ^^

rabbit Dragon :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
just a little, need to know if those ears are too long ^^;
TheDragonDragoth's avatar
I like it :3

Is Cute ^^ :dummy:
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woow cool Nice Tranformation :D
TheDragonDragoth's avatar
hmm .. Photoshop is very cool *-*
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its Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop will come later. i still cant do those nice linearts in it so i use a bit different SAI ;) in PS i will work on colors, background and other efects :)
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