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StepByStep: ArtTrade: Bluerrion

Okay, I managed to save WIP jpegs during painting this for Allagar - except the sketch (first two frames) it's saved after 5 minutes (+/- something) of work.
If you are interested to know - to sketch I use basic round brush, for background and icy breath some old cloudy brush and for 90% time I was painting with Photoshop standard pointy dynamic brush.
Finished picture is here:
ArtTrade: Bluerrion by Samantha-dragon

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
size: 1400 × 1400 px
time: ~1,5 hours
filters: nope
references: Bluerrion- new reference sheet

(c) character belongs to Allagar
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017
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tenhle obrazek se ti neuveritelne povedl
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mockrát děkuju! ^^
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Love seeing that progress! :D
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That's nice to hear! :3 Maybe I will make more of them - but I forget to take photos / save WIPs all the time ^^;
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Amazing Heart Heart Heart 
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awww, thank you! ^^
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Thanks! :) Maybe it could help someone too.
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To je luxusně udělané :)
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Děkuji :3 Stejně největší kouzlo bylo asi v tom "ošidit sebe samu" trojnásobnou velikostí oproti potřebné pro výsledek :D
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Can I ask which is the photoshop standard pointy dynamic brush? Like maybe a screenshot of which one it is or the number it is in which row? 
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I'm not using the default ordered brush menu so number won't help probably :D But I found screenshot of somebody else:… - I was talking about that highligted, which is in original called "Round Point Stiff". I've only saved it with allowed "Transfer" - both Opacity and Flow set on Pen Presure.
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I've never used this brush before! Thank you so much, I'm going to give it a try!
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Give it a try, it can make nice textures similar to "raw paintings" but you must get used to it a little. I was fighting with it from the start but now I can't imagine painting without this :)
Funny is that I still didn't discover the magic in those others from same group :D
Good luck :3
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