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SP1: At The Ashenvale

first week I tried to draw something with my new color pencils, lovely FaberCastell Polychromos (120 pieces set <3) which would be more about background... and somehow came to my mind another WoW fan-art. This zone is Ashenvale, near the town Astranaar (I think). I like the color scheme of this area quite a lot :3
for the next time... I think I should add more contrast to it ^^; 

used: color pencils, white acrylics maker, screenshot from WorldOfWarcraft
time: one full afternoon of work
size: a bit cropped A5

If you are interested in getting picture similar to this, visit please this journal:
  Cheap weekly sketchbook commissions - #2 - OPENHi,
so... since I'm quite slow with drawing (no matter if we talk about sketching, linearting or colouring) and I want to get better and learn how to be a bit quicker I'm going to open special type of commissions :] Or maybe trades or gifts, it depends on your interest :]
What is it about and why
I want to make myself work more and finish something often (I like that feeling when you finish something :3) than one or two ACEOs in a month... So I was playing with "Iron Artist Challenge" a bit and this is my version: My goal is going to be one finished picture per week for one year. It's not that much killing time (some people set the limit to one finished picture every day o.o) but it's not month (like I'm used to more now).
And to really make me finish it on time - it's going to be cheap commissions. They would be nice income to cover my bills on shipping ACEO trades at least :) I've already made a sketchbook with 60 sheets of paper (because of week
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Už nehraju dlouho, ale pohled na Ashenvale vždycky potěší. :D
Sam si tam pěkně hoví, docela jí závidím. :D Trochu kontrastu by mi taky nevadilo, ale aspoň je Ashenvale pro změnu víc snový než temný a tajemný. :D
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Díky! Taky už jsem nehrála pěkně dlouho, kreslila jsem jen podle google screenshotu :D
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It's like you captured the essence of pure imagination onto paper.
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So pretty, and fits so perfectly!
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That is beautiful! I can see that as an oil painting, framed in someone's home.
Well Done!
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oooh, even that? O.O thank you! :[ 
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You are welcome. :) (Smile) 
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Ooh yesh, I love the colors .o. <3 
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glad to hear that, thank you! ^^
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Lol, you're welcome x3
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This looks really nice. You did beautifull picture ^^
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