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Request: Allpa portrait

Second finished piece with my art to Draci-info memory game - here you can see dragoness of Allpa. This one turned out a little bit more chibi than usual, heh :] but she liked the sketch so I hope she will like the result too! ^^ Enjoying some coffee :3 Coffeecup 
It was a little tricky to get this favourite color scheme from digital sketch into traditional watercolor painting... but I like the result still so let's hope it's okay for the game too :)

used: liners, watercolors, white gel pen
paper: slightly glittering warm white
size: 5×5 cm
references: just pictures of character

(c) character belongs to Allpa from Draci-info
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017
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A lovely dragon enjoying a hot beverage! I love it! Green Dragon  Heart 
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Hehe, yup, that was have-to-draw when I read she enjoys coffee :D Thank you :)
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Haha, that is most adorable! Would you not agree? XP
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Hehe, did my best in cuteness :3 Thanks ^^
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This is dragoness is really cute and I love that coffee and mug.  The coloring is really beautiful! <3
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Thank you! I found it complicated to color black dragons when I don't want to make them... well, just black. Some cool lighting is needed :D
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You're welcome! :D
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Looks like I might add all memory card as :+fav:. :D
This is the second one, right?
How many will there be, if I may ask?
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Hehe, thank you ^^ :]
Yeah, this is second one and I'll draw one (maybe double) or two (separated). 3 cards are maximum number for every member :D
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Pardon me, if you draw another double or two separated ones, then you have 4, not 3. hmm
I think I don't understand you.
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Ah, I forget to mention that one of those cards won't be signed into that project because there won't be dragon character on it :) But I'll draw it because it was doule piece art trade with me and Allagar.
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Ah, I see.
For a memory game 3 or 4 cards are not much though.

Why the restriction?
I guess if it would be combined with a commission you would do more.
Or is it a time issue? Or don't you simply have the desire to draw that many in a row?
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Well, it's community project and because in whole game there are 32 pieces, there is this rule so every member can join, not just those quick active ones :)
But nobody said I couldn't make my own memory game, that's true hehe :3
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Ah, I see, interesting!
Thank you for all your answers! :) :huggle:
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not a problem! ^^ :huggle:
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You're welcome. :D (Big Grin) 
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