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Reference: Rasgar

Finally, registration :] I have a plan about way more complex reference sheets but it must way, I'm too busy to finish any reference sheets now :(
Official import picture (I won this in art auction with picture on the right):

Lisqar Foal Import 3 /SOLD by FlutterShouts  ArtBid: Crystal Bleeding by Samantha-dragon

(c) character comes from closed species :iconlisqar-equine:
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017

Registration of my horse to ARPG :iconlisqar-equine:

Gems: 2,7
Name: Rasgar
Gender: stallion (male)
Species: pureblood Lisqar
Age: (foal)
Owner/rider: Larinne Morningstar
Stables: (empty now)

Details about him:
Main coat color: sand with small dapples; Mane, tail, legs and nose are almost black.
Eyes: red
Wings: red
Markings: red, in shape of wounds and blood tears + stripe on back and on the edge of ears
May look like little devil but you will soon realize you must love him :)

Personality, discipline:
Foal, we will see at what he is good.


Pictures with him:
Lisqar Foal Import 3 /SOLD (+0,2 Gem)
ArtBid: Crystal Bleeding (+ 0,5 Gem)
this reference (+1+1 Gem)

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