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Reference: Farstar

Finally, registration :] I have a plan about way more complex reference sheets but it must way, I'm too busy to finish any reference sheets now :( (Sad)
Official import picture (I won this in art auction with picture on the right):


Thanks belongs to Kaarhai for giving her such a nice name at stream :3

(c) character comes from closed species :iconlisqar-equine:
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017

Registration of my horse to ARPG :iconlisqar-equine:

Gems: 4,1 Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 
Name: Farstar
Gender: mare (female)
Species: pureblood Lisqar, warmblood line
Age: (young adult)
Owner/rider: Larinne Morningstar
Stables: (empty now)

Details about her:
Main coat color: white with black faded head and legs, black and white spots; Mane and tail is long and dark faded from white to black. 
Eyes: blue
Wings: blue with lighter spots, partialy transparent
Markings: blue stripe on spine with 4 horns (above hind legs) and blue stripe on the edge of ears

Personality, discipline:
As water line of breed she loves water in all shapes - lakes to swim, seaside for running though waves on the beaches, streams to wash her legs and refresh, rain for overal cleaning and refreshing. As warmblood she prefers warmer weather but can handle cold for shorter time too. Loves playing at snow.


Breeding slots:
1) -
2) -
3) -

Pictures with her:
*SOLD*Lisqar warmblood import 7 (+0,2 Gem)
ArtBid: Magical Forest (+ 1 Gem)
Citizen (+ 0,2 Gem)
And the Lisqar jumped over the Moon (+ 0,2 Gem)

this reference (+1+1 Gem)
Winter Trio (+ 0,5 Gem)

Events joined:
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BlueLakeRanch's avatar
Wow i love here !!
Is she up for breeding ?
I would love to have a appaloosa lisqar :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you, I do really like this spotted beauty too! ^^
Well, to be honest, I've never went through breeding of ARPG character so I'm not sure what exactly should be done here and what is common to be done by who ^^;
BlueLakeRanch's avatar
Yeah its a really nice horse :3
I already found another horse but I can tell you how breeding works!
Most of the time the owner of the horse have a price to breed with the horse.
Like a breeding pic (parents of the foal together) or a headshot of the mare from the owner.
So you can say your own price then after the foal owner and the mare owner decide together who will design the foal ^^
Thats how it works :D
savrin330's avatar
Gorgeous Horse!! I love the wings, mane, and cute ears! ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you! :) I just hope I don't anoy my watchers with horse arts too much :blush:
savrin330's avatar
You're welcome! :) Nono I am sure they love your horse art just as I do! :heart:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I know at least about one who asked me if there is going to be more of reference pictures and he doesn't sound too much happy x3
Just will mix it together and maybe we can say that fantasy horses are just another type of "dragons" :D
savrin330's avatar
Don't listen to those people who complain about anything that is not a dragon :)  I love your horse art and I want to see it all :3  Don't become one of those artists that is afraid to post art because of what others think :)
Caterang8's avatar
You can count the art I did of her when I tried to bid :)…
Samantha-dragon's avatar
ah, you are right! I forgot! :D thanks for notice
Caterang8's avatar
I did keep it up for you ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
prte1's avatar
Oo, tak to snad vidím nejjemněji nakreslenou appaloosu! :o Vypadá nádherně :love:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Děkuji! Nějak jsem si tyhle "flekaté" krásky oblíbila - navíc mohou vycházet hrozně roztomilé vzory... :3
prte1's avatar
 jj, to máš pravdu, mohou mít krásné vzory :3
Já jsem taky vyfasovala (sice od jiného plemene) také appaloosí slečnu :meow: Akorát, že mně to zatím ještě tak nejde... Sweating a little... 
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Jen se nenech zastrašit a zkoušej to :) praxe je víc jak polovina úspěchu ^^
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vypadá suprově :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
děkuji :3 trošku jsem se obávala, ale nakonec je to lepší než jsem doufala :D
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