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Raffle Prize: Sincen

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I felt like doing nothing today but I kicked my ass to sketch something at least. Well, yeah, it began like it, at first I though I'll give it some colors with watercolors but suddenly the sketch was just too filled with details and stronger lines... yup, finished it like full illustration in graphite xD
This another raffle prize I owe, :iconphoeline: Phoeline asked me to draw her cheetah Sincen who can control the fire. Hope you will like the result! :3

used: graphite pencils
paper: regular white drawing 120 g/m2
size: A6
time: ~ 2 hours? I was chatting with Dreit, maybe more :D
references: google for cheetahs but not any particular copied

(c) character belongs to Phoeline
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017
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That fire is what impressed me's so hard to emulate that kind of light source in traditional media but I think you nailed it!
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Thank you, you made me feel really proud I must say! :D Fire is incredible difficult element to catch, that's true, it's even worse than splashing water :D
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I hear you on that one...I have yet to get it right once XD
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Uiiiii La la la la 
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...takže spokojenost? :3
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Mela bys takovehle BW obrazky delat casteji ;)
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Jistou dobu jsem nekreslila jinak než tužkou, takže možná proto jich teď moc nedělám, asi nějaká přetrvávající skepse... nebo mi tam prostě chybí ty barvy :D
Každopádně děkuji, taková pobídka zrovna od Tebe, takového tužko-mástra, to moc potěší :3
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Ja samozrejme ocenuji i digitalni tvorbu, ale tohle se mi od tebe opravdu moc libi... Tak treba sem tam nejaky takovyhle maly obrazek tady pro me vlastni sobecke poteseni zverejnit :D
Jinak, ze ti tam chybi barvy chapu :) Ja jsem zase spis na to vyhrat si s kazdym odstinem pouze jedne barvy :D
Si rikam, ze bych se mohla profackovat a po dlouhy dobe taky neco vyplodit :D
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The details in this are just unbelievable!!  I am really amazed at everything about this sketch! The fur details, the paw, the fire, the hair, his face.  Everything looks amazing!! ^^
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You're welcome!
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