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Muriell - werewolf- lineart

second lineart to character sheet of werewolf Muriell - this is her werewolf form

used: black ink and sooo many pics from Anthro here :dalove:

so people write me for upload some linearts which they could color - so this is one of them :D
hope u will like it :)

download for full size!

(c) character and lineart by Samantha-dragon

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AzrimWolf's avatar…

Look, I'm not usually one to jump on someone for something, but your werewolf line-art looks like Golden Wolf's image here. The resemblance is nearly identical, except the pose is completely different, but it is the exact same style. I don't believe you directly copied it, but your image is heavily influenced. I know for a fact when she was on this website she had an image that was JUST like your picture. She left this site because people kept stealing her art. The link there is to her personal website. If you referenced this, then you really need to give credit.
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well, I know art of GoldenWolf (she didn't left dA, it's still alive and with new pictures:…) and she was one of first werewolf-artists I was watching here. I won't be hiding that I'm strongly influenced with her style (mainly so long ago, it's like 5,5 years from this picture, and it was one of first were-art :D), which I founded to be good-fitting for werewolves. But I really DID NOT COPY anything. I probably just remember how she is doing things. When I was making reference images for my character in all forms (human, anthro, were, wolf), I was fighting with it and probably just my head poped out style and helped me a little with it. 
Because I honestly didn't traced anything, didn't steal anything and I didn't even use anything purposely I don't think it's needed to give credit. To what should I give credit? Because few years ago I was finding my own style and way and it was easy to get influenced by many amazing artists here? That's probably not possible. Just let me point out your own words "the pose is completely different". Golden wolf is not the only one, many more wolf artists are out of here.
And about website... I don't visit website galleries of artsits who has dA-gallery. Here I can comment and fav things and that's not possible on personal websites.

I'm giving credits to things where I used something by purpose. Just feel free to check the rest of my pictures, I sometimes use reference photos and give links to them.
Hope I wrote it clearly, sometimes I fight a little with writing down my thoughs ^^;
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Thanks for writing back to me. I didn't wanna jump down your throat or anything. That's not the kind of person I am. I just look out for fellow artists and what not. I reference art to and I am sure to give credit for poses or references. :)
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Ah, that's okay, I just hope things are clear now - for others reading this comment-thread with similar feeling like you had too :)
I was just a bit aback that you are second one who wrote similar this - hidden comment under yours openly accused me from stealing without any proove :( It makes me sad... I'm just glad this is not happening to newer pictures too...
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I do apologize for being hasty. Your art is lovely.
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You mean I did WHAT? O.o of course I didn't, I drew it.
And if you really want to blame me from stealing art then you should be able to show others at lease the original piece which you think I've stolen...
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for some reason i cant see it there? O.o
Illilex0DarkFire's avatar…
sorry, it was the wrong link. I had so many tabs open at once, I must have posted the wrong link.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thanks ;) i know that problem too :D
can you just please edit that link to me - it seems broken ^^;
Samantha-dragon's avatar
this link works (ive written it unclear, im sorry ^^;) but under the picture there is broken link to me - that :icon Samantha-dragon: ^^; 
Illilex0DarkFire's avatar
Oh, I just realized that's what you meant. Sorry. I think I fixed it, but I had to do it a different way.
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thanks for letting me know :)
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can this be used for adoptables?
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im sorry but not - its my character in lineart.
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thank you for respecting it :]
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i colored it ^-^ [link]
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