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Muriell - anthro - lineart

and finally the last form to my CS :phew: i realized i have it ready to color for a while but not submited here... ^^;
long hair, can wear clothes or not, still missing all jewels but is here her favourite sword (i was thinking about giving her gun, but sword looked better) and leather trousers

edited pose and leather trousers along [link] hands (i really should make them bigger on final pic ^^;) along ~Valentine-FOV-Stock [link]§ion=&q=gothic+sword+2#/d1577po

used: black ink

so people write me for upload some linearts which they could color - so this is one of them :D
hope u will like it :)

download for full size!

(c) character and lineart by *Samantha-dragon

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:bulletblue: show me the result (so I can fave it and later feature it in my journal)
:bulletblue: credit me (ie : add "Lineart by *Samantha-dragon :iconsamantha-dragon:" in your description) - FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
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Can i credit this line art?
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Credit where? Or use for what?
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yeah, but for what purpose? Just personal, so no adoptables, commissions etc.?
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okay, use them :) and credit me there then please so I can see it, Im curious about result ;)
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Oh, that is very nice! The only thing not right with this is the breasts, they are too close together. Instead of this: ()() they should have a space inbetween them. On a person, boobs are about 2-.5 inches apart depending on size, for both females and males. Other wise, I Love the pose and the design of the sword.
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thx for ur nice critique :hug: - i know that breasts are not human like (haha, i do know how do they look like in real) just because she can wear "nothing" just her fur - and fighting without any bra or something would be really uncomfortable, so i drew them a bit changed (litlle bit like push-up :giggle:).
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